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The following items are by and for men on the topic of genital cutting and restoration.

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My Story of Ritual Abuse:

My emasculation at the age of 8:

Foreskin is Better: From a Man Who Has Experienced Both:

Why Me?

To the Happily Circumcised American Man:

The Circumcision Secret:

Coming Out Twice:

A Father's Regret:

Men Ask 'Why was I circumcised?':

Mum, why was I circumcised? (video documentary)

Stop Using the Latin Word for Genital Mutilation:

Genital Mutilation Isn't Only Done to Females:

I will not assume:

Birth of an Activist: Reflections from David Wilson of Stop Infant Circumcision

Realization of Circumcision

I don't want to be an intactivist...

Finding My Voice: No Questions Left Unanswered:

Circumcision: Our Bodies, Our Choices:

It was done to me: grocery store awareness raising:

Bearing silent witness in Boston:

Whose Body, Whose Rights? Documentary (film):

This is who I am:

Men Do Complain (site):

The Lost List (What is lost to circumcision for adult men):

Global Survey of Circumcision Harm:

Real Men Protect Babies - Fathers Breaking the Cycle photo album: https\://

Circumcision Class Action Lawsuit: http\://

Circumcised - Sues and Wins (video clip): http\://

Vulnerability of Men: http\://
If link does not work, email SavingSons(at) or visit the Saving Our Sons Community or find a pdf at The Vulnerability of Men by Vincent Bach - Colorado NOCIRC

Removing Pleasure: Male Genital Mutilation

Circumcision: Will you make the cut?

Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference [Photos by men for this article; composed by female scholar in the field of human sexuality]:

★ Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller on Circumcision and 'Matching Penises'

★ Dr. Ryan McAllister's Georgetown University lecture "Elephant in the Hospital":

★ Dr. Christopher Guest's video "Circumcision: The Whole Story" http\://

★ Whose Body, Whose Rights? Video documentary on genital cutting:

★ The Real Reason You're Circumcised from College Humor:

Puerto Rico: Study finds circumcised men more likely to have sexually transmitted infections than intact men:

Foreskin Restoration Resources:

Beginner's Guide to Restoring Foreskin:

How to put a condom on an intact penis:

"I still PROFOUNDLY resent that my human right to a whole body, to choose how I express my religion, and to choose how I experience sex for the rest of my life, was ripped away with the flesh of my genitals, when I was helpless to do anything in protest but scream! Stop Routine Infant Circumcision!" -Garrett Wolfe

"The only voice I had during my circumcision was my screams of pain." -Travis Wisdom

"What happened to me, and millions and millions of other men, and is still happening to baby boys at this very moment, is male genital mutilation. When you call it by the name of a surgical procedure you are disregarding what they are actually doing to a man's body. My human rights were violated because of my culture's faith in medicine, and the misguided understanding that a doctor wouldn't recommend a surgery that wasn't necessary. Male genital mutilation is what people need to hear. Wake up! Stop pandering to a misguided cultural understanding and a lie, and start calling it what it is and always has been -- male genital mutilation." -Michael Dulin, Intact D.C.

Join Dulin and others annually in D.C. at Genital Integrity Awareness Week

"I am full of regret. I am a father, and I allowed my son to go through the same trauma I experienced. I had a natural and loving hesitation; I asked the doctor, 'Does it have to be done?' His answer should have been 'NO!' but it was an explanation of how it was 'simple, painless, and healthy.' I consented and saw the raw, bleeding, open wound. Our son had adhesions for many years that would tear, bleed, and get infected. He almost constantly had pain, discomfort, and infections..." -Ryan B.

Become informed. Break the cycle. Fathers today keep their sons INTACT.

Mario Lopez - an intact celebrity who is always speaking up!

"I endured [circumcision] when I was a little over 3 years of age. It is brutal, painful and barbaric. Please don't do this to your sons." -Andy

"[My mom] expressed sadness while recalling how she saw me being tortured and cut against my will..." -Chad

Nickolas K. - Circumcised at 18:

Eddy's powerful montage with the phrases "I didn't consent" and "Intact Genitals are a Human Right."

"That first betrayal hurt the most... I'd rather be intact." -Garrett Wolfe, who says he does not wish to be an 'intactivist' and explains further:

Genitals should not have unnecessary scars.

"Last night I flipped through the Dec '12 issue of Playgirl, wondering where all the intact men were, and came across an article with the title '25 Must-Try Sex Moves.' The very first point reads: 'Honor The Foreskin: If your man is lucky enough to still have one, he's got a pleasure center at the tip of his penis that circumcised guys can only imagine. Take full advantage of it. He'll be glad you did.' I thought it was really awesome to see the truth being shared! Every little bit helps!" -M.

"When I see a circumcision video, I see myself being strapped down to a cold board. When I hear a baby shrieking in pain, I imagine that I must have shrieked the same way while someone's hands ran a blade across my genitals. And each time, I am reminded that this was an intentional wound. A wound that was discussed, planned, bought and sold. And yet I am forced to face the reality that there will never be justice for victims such as I." -Jonathon Conte, during the one and only time he 'suited up' in bloodstain to bring an idea to the U.S. that was carried out in artistic performance in Berlin.  Photo by Cynthia, Intact Louisiana.

Go Intact - and don't look back! via the men at

"This is me and my husband with Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller). We went to his Las Vegas show this week and brought a sign with his quote 'Put down the knife, step away from the baby and do no harm!' for him to autograph. He loved it! Told me it was beautiful and then wanted to hold it for the photo." -Melynda Petersen

Hear more from Penn on the subject of circumcision:

Imagine this exam was answered in such a way by a woman who was a survivor of genital cutting... it is unlikely she would be deemed 'paranoid' and 'delusional' for seeing circumcision as trauma inflicted upon her body. Why are men denied the same processing of what was done to them? Make no doubt, it is another form of sexism - one we often do not recognize as a society when we deny men the ability to express and work through what was done to them, and their varied responses to such assault.

"Another year has passed and still my foreskin hasn't tried to kill me." -Jeremy K.

One gentleman wrote today to ask that his reflections and experiences be shared anonymously. The belittling of men's experiences of sexual assault and the aftermath of such things is never okay on any level. Just as we would afford a woman who lived through circumcision and its impact on her body/life a voice to express herself in whatever fashion suited her, so also are men deserving of the same. "The Lost List"

Author and journalist, Bill Coles, writes, "Of all the ludicrous pieces of claptrap that I have heard spouted about Prince George, there is nothing quite so bonkers - so utterly fantastical - as this idea that the boy is going to be circumcised. Where has this nutso idea come from? I know exactly where: the United States.

Over in the US, it is quite common for wee boys to be circumcised, whatever their religion. Well good for them. But because circumcision is rife in the US, some doltish royal commentators have got it into their heads that it's happening all over the world. I can just imagine the newsroom conversation: "Hey! American boys get circumcised - so when's this Prince Georgie going to be done? Who's gonna do it? What will happen to the royal foreskin? Find out - now! The public has a right to know!"

Ahemmm! Do I need to spell it out? Circumcision is a rarity in the UK - and is generally only done for religious or medical reasons. To think that Prince William and Kate are even considering having their boy circumcised is just crackers. [...] You might as well speculate that Wills is going to have George's name tattooed onto his bicep..."

"I still remember my circumcision agony. I was 5 years old, four adults held me down while another sliced my foreskin, I was still awake and the pain was unbearable. I still cry when I think about it sometimes. What angered me even more was learning that circumcision was not going to give me any real benefits, and that the procedure could have killed me. I will never forgive my parents for putting me through that. I'm very happy to see that there are people who are speaking out against this atrocity. No child should have to suffer what I suffered. That was in Pakistan, I live in New Zealand now where male circumcision is less than 7% and nearly all doctors here refuse to do it. I will certainly not be circumcising any of my children. Long live intactness." -Mohammed

More men are speaking up each and every day to abolish the outlandish myths that surround the intact male body in North American culture. It is no surprise that the vast majority of those who have retained their full genitals for a lifetime have *never* experienced the 'problems' that fairytales of a cutting culture invent. Functions of the Foreskin:

One truth about today's men who were circumcised as infants is this: they did not consent to having a part of their genitals permanently removed from their body. Here, Eddy reminds us of this fact in photographic representation. Please allow your son to grow into a man who maintains full agency over his body and his genitals.

"I only date circumcised women. It just looks better." Supporting male genital mutilation is sexist. T-shirt from Made By Momma's intact advocacy collection.

Genital mutilation isn't only forced on females.

A Father's Regret

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