Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision

New to the subject of infant circumcision and the benefits of the prepuce (foreskin)? The following are resources many families have found useful when looking at the subject for the first time. They are meant to be a starting point into deeper investigation and further research that is widely available today. If you only have a short period of time to spend on this topic, a blue star marks films with physicians in practice today, and materials based on peer-reviewed research.

Functions of the Foreskin:

Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis: 

Why did circumcision start as we now know it in the U.S.? Hear from some original doctors on the matter:

Faith Considerations on Circumcision (resources by/for Jews, Christians, and Muslims):

Peer reviewed research (studies published in medical journals):

Are there medical benefits to circumcision? Read national medical statements from around the world:

Physicians' thoughts within the medical field today:

Well researched books written on the subject:

Dr. Ryan McAllister's Georgetown University video lecture, Elephant in the Hospital (also included on DVD in the info pack below):

Dr. Christopher Guest's video, Circumcision: The Whole Story:

Whose Body, Whose Rights? Award-winning circumcision documentary:

The Real Reason You're Circumcised from College Humor:

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t Circumcision Episode:

Intact Care:
Circumcision Care:

The two most common forms of circumcision in North American today: 


Plastibell: [Note that the Plastibell is the type of circumcision most often referred to as a 'no-cutting' or 'no-blood' method.]

Outcome Statistics (Circumcised vs. Intact):

Men speak:

Over 250,000 men are restoring some of what was lost to circumcision. It improves sex in a wide variety of ways. Google 'foreskin restoration' and check out any of these resources:

8 articles published at Psychology Today:

For those with older sons who were circumcised: 
Public Page: 
Discussion Group:
Related items from others with circumcised sons: 

What does this have to do with WOMEN?
Book by same title:

How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life:

Women's Health and Male Circumcision Resource List:

HIV/AIDS and the African Trials: and the HIV resource page:

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone: 

The Info Pack (includes a DVD with several videos and full length articles); the smaller Expecting Pack; Postcards for friends; or have a professional exchange online correspondence:

Informational items (cards, stickers, bracelets, etc.): or at Etsy:

Please feel free to email at any time. Several clinicians volunteer time to field questions, and if we're not able to answer, we'll seek out a place to go for further information.

If you find these resources to be of use, please help support Saving Our Sons and work we do. We continue solely by volunteers' time and generosity. See current needs at: or give directly:


Finding My Voice: No Questions Left Unanswered

By Brian Brown © 2017

Shortly after I graduated high school, I met my first love. He came from a strict family. My family was different - my parents were newly divorced, and I found my rebellion by piercing various parts of my face and bleaching my hair blond. We were literally from different sides of the world - but together we seemed to work.

One difference that I was unprepared for was the most private part of our bodies. He had something that I did not. In my youthful naivety, I sincerely believed that this was merely because he was a different race. I legitimately assumed that this 'extra' thing that he had was just something that Asians had and White Americans did not. During this time, I passed health class in high school but was still none the wiser, because this was never addressed.

Alex went off to college and we eventually parted ways. It was years later that I learned the truth about his body; and it was an ugly truth about my own.

We were not different at all - I had this part also at one point, but it had been taken away from me.

I knew without question that his body was normal - not mine.

I briefly found solace in pretending I was normal. I used to hang out in internet chat rooms and pretend that I was intact. To lie to these strangers whom I would never meet absolved me of ever dealing with my own reality.

It was years later that my next door neighbor was having a baby boy. She and I were very close at the time and she reached out for advice. She was the first person that I ever shared my story with -- in its entirety -- with very personal, intimate details. Her response, after I confided everything to her, is one that I will never forget: "We are doing it, no questions asked." It was that point that I realized my own personal experiences would never truly matter until her husband was willing to deal with his own issues.

I needed the courage to continue to speak up, to press on, to educate, to make real change. This is something I am so thankful to have found in Intact Rhode Island. They empowered me in this way so that there are no longer any "No questions asked..." statements. I am providing the answers to these questions -- whether they are asked or not.

I am Intact Connecticut and despite widely spread efforts to hide the truth, I am not afraid of misconceptions about the male body anymore.

Read more from Brian at

If you are local to another area, find locals who are speaking up near you:

Fathers - if you are expecting a son, join in discussions, ask questions, find answers: 


Men Speak

The following items are by and for men on the topic of genital cutting and restoration.

SOS Men Speak album on Facebook: https\://

My Story of Ritual Abuse:

Foreskin is Better: From a Man Who Has Experienced Both:

Men Ask 'Why was I circumcised?':

Mum, why was I circumcised? (video documentary)

Circumcision: Our Bodies, Our Choices:

The Circumcision Secret:

This is who I am:

To the Happily Circumcised American Man:

Men Do Complain (site):

The Lost List (What is lost to circumcision for adult men):

Global Survey of Circumcision Harm:

Real Men Protect Babies - Fathers Breaking the Cycle photo album: https\://

Circumcision Class Action Lawsuit: http\://

Circumcised - Sues and Wins (video clip): http\://

Vulnerability of Men: http\://
If link does not work, email or pdf at The Vulnerability of Men by Vincent Bach - Colorado NOCIRC

Birth of an Activist: Reflections from David Wilson of Stop Infant Circumcision

Realization of Circumcision

I don't want to be an intactivist...

Removing Pleasure: Male Genital Mutilation

Circumcision: Will you make the cut?

Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference [Photos by men for this article; composed by female scholar in the field of human sexuality]:

★ Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller on Circumcision and 'Matching Penises'

★ Dr. Ryan McAllister's Georgetown lecture "Elephant in the Hospital":

★ Dr. Christopher Guest's video "Circumcision: The Whole Story" http\://

★ The Real Reason You're Circumcised from College Humor:

Foreskin Restoration Resources:

Beginner's Guide to Restoring Foreskin:

"I still PROFOUNDLY resent that my human right to a whole body, to choose how I express my religion, and to choose how I experience sex for the rest of my life, was ripped away with the flesh of my genitals, when I was helpless to do anything in protest but scream! Stop Routine Infant Circumcision!" -Garrett Wolfe

"The only voice I had during my circumcision was my screams of pain." -Travis Wisdom

Mario Lopez - an intact celebrity who is always speaking up!

"I endured [circumcision] when I was a little over 3 years of age. It is brutal, painful and barbaric. Please don't do this to your sons." -Andy

Nickolas K. - Circumcised at 18:

"I only date circumcised women. It just looks better." Supporting male genital mutilation is sexist. T-shirt from Made By Momma's intact advocacy collection.

★ Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2017 ★

Registration and Sponsorship also at:

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2017 takes place March 27-April 2 this year and we need YOUR help to make this year's 7-day event power-packed! As advocates travel to D.C. to participate, and floods of tourists the world over gather in Washington D.C. for the height of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, it is important that everyone in attendance has easy to access materials on hand. Items that parents and professionals, young and old, from all backgrounds and locations in life will want to take home with them for further review. Making this happen takes a significant amount of planning and organization on the part of many people, and it also takes financial support.

If you have never been to GIAW in D.C., here's a quick snapshot of a day's event:

You are standing with half a dozen others in front of the U.S. Capitol, and a group of 200 senior high students come up, interested in what you have to share. Teachers shuffle students along for group photos in front of the Capitol, and we have mere minutes to plant seeds of information and get interesting materials into hands of these future parents. Provided they are items students desire to take home with them, they grab things to take back on the bus, and look up on their phone they are on their way... This happens every single hour. Multiple times an hour. Sun-up to sun-down. The need is great. The impact is monumental. And we need your support in this important effort.

We will also be hosting two booths with free materials on the West Lawn:

The Men's Health table, that includes a variety of restoration devices for men to hold, learn about and explore their options, information on adult sexual health, and the impact that genital cutting and restoration has on adult men and their partners.

The Baby Health table, which includes instruments used in infant circumcision, information on the purposes of the foreskin, intact care materials, and resources for parents to pass on to friends and their home care provider.

Business Sponsors: Please include a note with your GIAW contribution of $75 or more. Include your organization name/URL. If you'd like an image, logo, or coupon code shared with advocates at large, email this to Your business will be featured below, as well as at, and with social media circles of Peaceful ParentingSaving Our Sons, The Intact Network, and GIAW, and be permanently linked at Genital Integrity Awareness Week.

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On behalf of the next generation of babies to be born, and the adults they will become -
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Intact Care and Circumcision Info Pack

In order to make a fully informed decision, having easy access to valid, research-based information is key. Working hand in hand with clinicians who volunteer with Saving Our Sons, we deliver accurate prepuce ('foreskin'), intact care, and circumcision information to any expecting parent or clients of intact conscious practitioners. There are 7 options below for getting material to your expecting friends and family members.

The Full Info Pack

The full SOS info pack includes:  
  • 80 pages of articles and research. This material broaches a wide range of sub-categories within intact literature, and responds to all major myths regarding the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision today. 
  • Complimentary videos on DVD full of helpful, research-based information on the prepuce, its care, and the circumcision decision parents in the U.S. and Canada are allowed to make today.
  • A proper intact care card and sticker for use at a physician's office, daycare, nursery or with a babysitter. We are happy to send along additional intact care cards or stickers at your request. These are 2-sided, full color, glossy, and made with heavy card stock so they can be reused (or laminated and kept handy with your baby's diaper bag). 
  • A National Medical Organizations Statements on Circumcision chart that highlights positions on infant circumcision from a variety of respected groups around the world including those in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Finland, India and others. 
  • A Keeping Future Sons Intact card especially for parents who may already have a son who was circumcised. This does not mean future sons cannot remain intact. Many families are raising both circumcised and intact sons, and we hope to support parents in this change of heart. 
  • A "Did You Know?" card full of quick facts about the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision in the U.S. and Canada. 
  • A "Babyface" postcard that contains quick facts on the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision, as well as a full list of websites by subject for doing additional research on the topics of circumcision, intact care, and restoration. 
  • An "Expecting a Boy?" postcard that contains quick go-to resources on the front; circumcision and intact care points on the back.
  • A "Trust His Body" postcard that serves as an encouragement to parents of the perfection with which their son arrives. The back has the functions of the foreskin and intact care information.
  • An "Intact vs. Circumcised Outcome Statistics" postcard that highlights the difference between an intact and circumcised newborn baby; shows a photo of what a circumcised infant looks like both from Plastibell and Gomco clamp, and lists statistics and risk factors both for keeping babies intact, and circumcising.
  • An "Intact vs. Circumcised Adult" postcard that specifies the way the glans must change from being an internal to external organ when circumcision is carried out. This card is also includes restoration information for men who may want to look further into this option. 
  • A "Lost/Found" card that has quick-facts on the functions of the foreskin on one side (things that are lost to circumcision) and the things found with restoration on the back. This card is especially for fathers who may feel their son should 'match' them.
  • A "Restoration" card that has go-to resources for men who may have been circumcised at birth, as well as the large variety of restoration devices available to men today. 
  • A "Breastfeeding/Circumcision" info card that points out the many ways that circumcision can hamper a successful breastfeeding relationship. 
  • A "Congratulations!" card with a wide variety of discussion groups on various topics parents may be interested in (everything from pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, gentle discipline, raising girls or boys, etc.). 
  • An "Elephant in the Hospital" sticker. Dr. McAllister's entire Georgetown University lecture is included on the DVD with this pack; the sticker is added as an extra encouragement to spark interest and move parents to check things out. 
  • [Optional] Added faith-based information that is relevant to families who are devoutly Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Mormon, or Catholic. Please include a note when ordering or email for faith-based items to be added. 
  • [Optional] An "HIV/AIDS and Circumcision" card stressing facts that relate to the 2006 HIV trials in Africa, and the myths that have surfaced from those trials in U.S. media. 
  • Calmoseptine samples: This ointment is the top recommended for use on developing skin. It does not interfere with a baby's natural pH or healthy (protective) microflora, and is perfect for use on babies during diaper days, when irritation or redness is common. It is the most recommended cream by pediatricians volunteering their time with Saving Our Sons, and is the cream we use when leading intact care classes. Calmoseptine can be purchased at most pharmacies around the world, or on Amazon
  • Contact information for Saving Our Sons and The INTACT Network volunteers, and follow-up with families who may have additional questions, or wish to talk with an intact friendly physician, educator, or other parents in their local area.
Each of the items in the SOS info pack has been specially selected by a board of individuals who have served in the professional fields of pediatrics, human sexuality, development, birth and education over the past 35 years. Our pack serves to empower parents in making a fully informed decision for their son before birth, and equipping parents with necessary resources for proper intact care after birth. The SOS info pack is perfect to share with friends, family and parents (or parents-to-be), as well as for birth and baby educators, midwives, doulas, and medical professionals to lend to expecting clients.

Information packs are $16 total (no profit is made on these items). $12 goes to printing, materials, and supplies; $4 to ship (U.S.), $7 (Canada), $8 shipping to other international locations by weight. If you donate more than $16, the remainder will go to help other families.

Be certain that your name and mailing address are correct when requesting via PayPal, or email separately with mailing information.

If you are able to sponsor an info pack for another family, or help us attend the next maternity expo, please visit the sponsor page.


By Mail:

 Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
*include email so we can send shipping notice

Credit Card by Email:

On Etsy Here

Info Pack Replacement Sets
(for those lending the info pack to clients)

Especially for Educators & Birth Practitioners
Info Pack Replacement Sets
NOTE: Info packs have been updated. New items will be included in the replacement sets.
View each closely on the info cards page.
*International postage more by weight

To U.S. Addresses:
4 Sets = $8 (approximately 60-70 card/postcards total)
6 Sets = $11 (approximately 90-110 cards/postcards total)
10 Sets = $20 (approximately 150-170 cards/postcards total)
20 Sets = $40 (approximately 200-240 cards/postcards total)

Credit card by email:

Check by Mail:
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Expecting? Combo Pack

The Expecting? combo packet of informational items is significantly smaller than the full circumcision info pack (no DVDs or full articles), but is perfect for sending to any and all expecting friends/family. Materials are professionally made and serve to plant seeds of information on each of the following topics: circumcision, intact care, breastfeeding, babywearing and healthy baby sleep (i.e. no 'cry it out'). These items are mailed directly from Peaceful Parenting and include a thorough amount of material on circumcision and intact care, while at the same time covering other parenting topics that will impact a baby's life. 'Keeping future sons intact' themed info is included to ensure those who may already have circumcised boys find they have community and can be empowered to make a different decision the next time around. The Expecting? pack can be mailed anonymously - simply include an individual's name and address for shipping, or email with this information. Indicate if you would like additional Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon or Catholic items added to the pack.
$5 (materials/postage)

Via email for credit card to

By Mail: 
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Don't Retract Info Packs

For clinicians may be requested here: or by clicking the Don't Retract Pack tab at the top of this website.

Quick Request
($4 to cover materials/postage)
Include your physician's name/mailing address

Breastfeeding Mom's Pack

The Breastfeeding Mom's Info Pack was created to send to an expecting mother who plans to nurse her baby, in situations where you'd like to give her something to meet her needs, plant seeds of intact info, and encourage her in the gentle care of her baby on the way. 

These packs include:
  • 1 'peace love momma milk' bracelet (small or standard size)
  • 5 lanolin samples
  • $5 in Lansinoh coupons
  • 1 Calmoseptine sample
  • 1 'wean me gently' poem and natural weaning facts postcard
  • 2 'thank you for breastfeeding' cards
  • 1 Latch-On card
  • 1 'new parent?' card that specifically has links for those expecting boys
  • 1 feeding-on-cue (no 'cry it out') card
  • 1 breastfeeding/circumcision informational card
  • 1 breastfeeding mini journal, 'how big is a baby's stomach' chart, and helpful tips booklet
  • 1 Expecting a Boy? postcard with quick go-to links on the front and intact/circumcision care on the back
The bracelets are dearly loved by nursing moms everywhere and come in regular adult size, or small size for those with smaller wrists. The lanolin samples and coupons are heartily used and appreciated by new nursing moms. The poem is a favorite (read here) and the informational cards have been useful in leading mothers to more information for many years - saving countless babies along the way. You can view all cards in detail here. Materials/postage: $8

(for narrow/small wrists)

Wondering what breastfeeding has to do with circumcision? View this article with statements from LLLI:

Church Blessing Pack
The Church Blessing Pack was created to have items for expecting, new, and nursing mothers in Christian churches. These items are designed to steer people back to intact information, in a way that is welcomed by most churches. The nursing items can be left in your church nursing room, the calmoseptine samples and 'Congratulations' cards can be left by changing tables. Some churches have business card sharing areas for congregation members, that the 'Congratulations' cards are perfect for. The Whole Christian cards and stickers may or may not fit with your church, depending on size and how welcoming it is of information. Some members may be able to plant things anonymously, while others would be known, or need to get permission to share. If these do not work with your church, 'carding' with them at a local Christian bookstore, the Christian books section at Barnes & Noble, or at Target is another great idea.

Church Blessing Pack ($6) includes:
• 10 Lanolin samples
• 10 coupons for $1 off Lansinoh
• 5 Latch on cards
• 15 Congratulations cards
• 5 Whole Christian cards
• 10 Whole Christian stickers
• 8 Calmoseptine packets (good for 2-3 diaper changes each) with stickers
• 2 extra postcards (to give to an expecting friend, or post around town)

Purchase ($6 per pack)

Church Blessing Mini ($4) includes: 
• 5 Lanolin samples
• 5 coupons for $1 off Lansinoh
• 4 Calmoseptine packets (good for 2-3 diaper changes each) with stickers
• 15 Congratulations cards
• 2 extra postcards (to give to an expecting friend, or post around town)

Purchase ($4 per pack)

Postcard by Mail

The Expecting a Boy? postcard (with care information on the reverse) and Babyface postcard (with quick facts and resources on the reverse) are sent in a blue envelope to your expecting friend/family member. Your friend will have our contact information for further questions/dialog, but this will be anonymous of who requested (unless you wish to be named, or include a note with the postcards). 

Be certain your friend's name/address is included in a note, or email with this information.
$1+ donation to help cover postage.

Credit card by email: 

By Mail:
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Email or Facebook

Information is almost always best received by professional materials in-hands. This sparks further curiosity in a way that leads people to investigate more deeply. The next best thing if you cannot get materials into someone's hands is to email or message them yourself with 1-2 quality links that lead to more information. The resource page at SOS is an effective starting point that has saved many babies: It is also the landing page if you only share the SOS website ( If you're unable or do not wish to email or message on Facebook yourself, email and we will respectfully message your friend, anonymous of who requested.

We send one copy of the Expecting a Boy? postcard via email (pictured above), as well as 1-3 quality links that will lead the reader to further information, and are specific to that individual's family/faith/location. Saving Our Sons messages are professional, courteous, and we will get information to your friend/family member and answer any corresponding questions. We will not pester, harass or otherwise bombard your friend. 

Please include the following information when requesting that items be emailed/messaged: 
  • Name
  • Email or Facebook URL
  • Faith-based information (is this person Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, etc.?)
  • Past child information (does this person already have a son who was circumcised?)
  • State or country that this individual lives in (so that we can connect them with a local leader/group for further dialog and connection if they wish) 


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