From Peaceful Birth to Circumcision Trauma

By Rosemary Romberg,
author of Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma

In his book, Birth Without Violence, Frédérick Leboyer M.D., highlighted for a 1970s nation just how calm and at peace babies can be when they are handled gently at birth and beyond. 

After the beautiful, peaceful home birth of my 3rd son in 1977:

In the days that follow, my baby sleeps and nurses peacefully and never leaves my side. I had always thought that newborn babies were squalling little bundles of appetite and nerves that did not become cute or enjoyable until they were about two to three months old. But this little baby evokes an ethereal tranquility that I have never seen before. He drifts between sleep and wakefulness and makes little smiles just like the pictures in Dr. Leboyer’s book -- totally happy and trusting of this world.

After his circumcision one week later:

My baby’s screams fill the entire building!

The nurse leads us back into the room.

My baby is lying on the table. A diaper is half around him. The end of his penis is bright red!

There is blood on the diaper!

He is crying pitifully -- a high-pitched wail that I have never heard out of him before.

I pick him up, and embrace his tiny body close to mine. “Oh, no! Don’t hold him like that!” the doctor warns me. I shouldn’t put pressure on his wound. So I cradle him in my arms as the doctor leads us into another room. As soon as we sit down I start to nurse him.

Weeks later, my baby was to start cooing and smiling, like all normal, healthy babies. But I was never to see those beautiful, mystic, Leboyer newborn-baby smiles again. He was past his pain, but my own heart was to ache about this for a long time.

Again and again I was to ask myself, “Why?” Why did I have the courage and resolve to go outside the medical system and have a homebirth, but was unable to question this?

Why was it so important to me to have his birth be totally peaceful in so many ways, with dim lights, soft voices, and no silver nitrate, and then turn around and do this?

Why, when I had been a childbirth educator for several years, when I have gone out of my way to educate and inform myself about so many things concerning birth and babies, when I am probably more knowledgeable about most of these matters than 99% of all parents, did I still know virtually nothing about circumcision...?

Research the functions of foreskin - the reason all babies on earth are born with this organ - and the realities of circumcision.

• Functions of the Foreskin:

• Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis:

• Foreskin and its 16+ Functions (not 'just skin'):

Hear from more parents who share their circumcision regret and the aftermath of its impact on their babies:

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In addition, on May 20th, between 1-5pm, the workshop titled, "Elective Newborn Circumcision: Skills for Nurse Midwives" will be presented to teach nurse-midwives how to become involved in infant genital cutting using Gomco and Mogen clamps. Organizer, Michelle Drew, writes, "The purpose of this session is to provide didactic education and hands on simulation on the risks benefits and alternatives to male circumcision; how to provide informed consent and practice on performing the procedure for newborn male circumcision using both the Gomco and Mogen clamps." View workshop:

We were offered the option to host a booth inside the convention center during this event ($2600/week), however, as with health expositions in the past, we know from experience that the ability exists to reach *far more* people outside the venue, on public grounds, than inside, and for half the cost. By establishing a professional intact booth outside, we are able to speak with all nurse-midwives coming and going from the convention, as well as organizers and attendees for other exhibitions taking place this week, speak with news media, and have the added power-packed benefit of reaching the masses of commuters walking and driving by the convention center each day.

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