Jewish Father, Nev Schulman, of MTV's Catfish Keeping Son Intact

Jewish father and MTV celeb, Nev Schulman of "Catfish: The TV Show" shares why his son, born last week, is going to remain intact on Failing Upwards:

Full Podcast at: Minute 14:50-17:05. Note: Adult Language and content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

J&L = podcast hosts Jimmy and Larry 

Nev: Does anyone still have their thin layer of penis?
J&L: You mean Foreskin.

Nev: I'm about to have a son any day. My wife could be going into labor right now...

J&L: So here's the question: are you going to cut your son's d*ck?
Nev: That's the thing - I just assumed yes, because I thought that's what everyone does. There's now a trend --
J&L: An anti-circumcision movement
Nev: YES. A very real thing. People are saying there's no real reason for it. It's genital mutilation. It's traumatic. However, I have heard that circumcision somewhat, or maybe greatly, decreases sensitivity. Which to me would be a great reason for circumcision, because I cannot imagine being more sensitive down there than I already am.
J&L: My cut d*ck feels pretty great. As a man whose had sex before, it feels pretty great...

Nev: Can you imagine if it felt even better, how hard it would be to not orgasm. But I'm basically letting my wife make the call and it looks like we're going to go UNcircumcised [intact]
J&L: Interesting. Bucking the trend. Well, that IS the trend...
Nev: Right.
J&L: So is your son going to see his father's penis... "What's wrong with my wee-wee, Papa?" That's obviously going to be his first d*ck reference - is your penis. And he's going to look at his and think that he's a f*cking freak.
Nev: I'll have to come up with something. Well, this is just what happened - that skin shriveled up, I got old...
J&L: "I'm the freak!"
Nev: Yeah...

Nev: I recently watched BirdBox. Have you guys watched that?
J&L: I only like the memes.
Nev: Right. Well, I only watched it because I'm in it for a second. My wife and I are in a painting... so Sandra Bullock's character is an artist. At the beginning of the movie she is working on a big painting, with a bunch of people in it, and me and my wife are in the painting.
J&L: Is that something you'd like to hang...
Nev: No, no...

• Restoration Resources
• Saving Our Sons Community
• Functions of the Foreskin 
• Foreskin and its 16+ Functions (not 'just skin')
• Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis

End note: Being intact and having all one was meant to have through adulthood does increase pleasure, however, it also increases control and ability to self-regulate sexual experience and pleasure for both a man himself, and his partner. It does not lead to premature ejaculation or inability to control oneself - just the opposite. And later in life, post-40s/50s, having the prepuce intact and all that a man is meant to 'bring to the table' allows him to avoid the ubiquitous erectile dysfunctions seen in the United States.

Rosemary Romberg

Rosemary Romberg
02.27.1947 - 02.07.2020

It is with deeply heavy and grieving hearts that we pass along this note from Rosemary Romberg's husband, Steve. 💕

Rosemary has always been a steadfast comrade for the cause, supporter of Peaceful Parenting, Saving Our Sons, all The Intact Network chapters and leaders across the nation, and, more importantly, a kindred friend.

She is a 'regret parent' herself, who spoke compassionately with families about Keeping Future Sons Intact, and always shared her testimony authentically and honestly.

Rosemary remained steadfast in her faith, though storms would brew, and poured her heart into the Whole Christian Network's mission of reaching parents who otherwise thought they had to circumcise "because it's in the Bible."

Her book, "Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma" was one of the first of its kind, geared to parents in hopes of exposing the myths, lies, and misconceptions surrounding #circumcision and paving the way to an intact future. In recent years, she placed her book online for all to read freely:

Rosemary purchased the 1981 images from the Saturday Evening Post article on circumcision so they would never be buried and remain publicly seen for the realities of what circumcision is. In 2008, Rosemary shared these with SOS, and they remain a poignant part of genital autonomy history:

In recent years, Rosemary traveled to DC to participate in Genital Integrity Awareness Week and other events we've co-hosted at the nation's capitol, and even when she was unable to attend, she steadfastly supported #GIAW and its mission. One year she sent a box of handmade bibs and ornaments (put together with love in Alaska) to share with Saving Our Sons families. She had several stampers with intact messages, that she used to plant messages everywhere she went - often between Alaska and Hawaii. 💜

There is so very much more to share and say about this beautiful, amazing, strong, compassionate and wise woman, but for now, tonight, our hearts and love and prayers go out to her dear family. Thank you so very much for sharing Rosemary with us over all these years. Our lives are forever blessed because of her.
“Our generation (I was born in 1947) grew up seeing the adult world as 'the enemy.' We were spanked if we did wrong. We were bawled out and told that we had no right to be frightened and reluctant if we were scared about going to the doctor or dentist. We grew up bullied, so thought that was what parenting was all about. It has taken us a lot of re-thinking and undoing to learn not to be as hard-hearted as our parents, teachers, and others had been to us. A child's feelings should never be invalidated." -Rosemary Romberg on peaceful parenting

Rosemary Romberg - snuggling Lindsey and Adam's sweet baby during a break in Saving Our Sons street education days during the American Academy of Pediatrics conference.
Also by Rosemary Romberg:

• Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma:

• From Peaceful Birth to Circumcision Trauma:

• Saturday Evening Post 1981 Circumcision Publication:

• What About Local Anesthesia?

Rosemary has materials at Keeping Future Sons Intact, the Whole Christian Network, Saving Our Sons, The Intact Network, and Saving Our Sons' Alaska and Hawaii chapters - all areas she helped with.

"The seeds of intactivism have been nourished and watered with the tears of regret parents." -Rosemary Romberg
Rosemary Romberg

Rosemary Romberg with fellow intactivists and friends.

"Be sure to tell people that's my wrist!" -Rosemary Romberg joked as the photo was snapped by Soleil Life photography.
Rosemary Romberg with friends and fellow educators.
One of the 3 stampers Rosemary had Saving Our Sons make for her that she took everywhere, stamping cash and post-its, and planting seeds along the way. She would send us reports of how many "seeds" she planted between Alaska and Hawaii whenever she made the venture.

Rosemary Romberg with fellow advocates - Washington D.C.
Rosemary and Danelle first met in 2005 while Danelle was authoring graduate research on genital autonomy. Over the years they regularly exchanged notes on peaceful parenting and how to most effectively reach new and expecting families.
Rosemary Romberg to those who belittle and attack 'regret parents.'

Rosemary Romberg and her dear husband, Steve Wiener.
Medical Professionals for Genital Autonomy materials were shared at a sidewalk stand for passing pediatricians. One AAP board member took materials into the conference hall and presented them to his colleagues after he had met with us for an hour. He recorded his presentation sharing MedPro materials with fellow physicians, and came back out to share the video and feedback with us. Most pediatricians are NOT in favor of infant circumcision.
Rosemary Romberg showing off her (intact!) David sculpture socks. Her shirt reads: Circumcision: the biggest lie in medical history. Socks photos by James Loewen.
Rosemary Romberg's intact Statue of David socks!
"Since babies have no words, we must speak for them. Their screams must be heard." -Rosemary Romberg

Karen (from Canada) and Rosemary Romberg (from Alaska) traveled the furthest to assist with this Saving Our Sons event.
Rosemary Romberg in response to men who say, "I was circumcised, and I'm fine!"
To the Happily Circumcised American Man:
Equal Rights for ALL Sexes - girls, boys, and intersex. Rosemary Romberg was a champion for genital autonomy of all human beings, and the genital integrity of minors. There truly is "No Medical Excuse for Genital Abuse."
In November 2015, Rosemary Romberg was able to meet Penn and Teller in person, and thank Penn Jillette for his continued outspoken advocacy for the genital autonomy of babies and children. She asked Saving Our Sons to add their names to this photo, and be sure to keep the message they BOTH share going forward. Penn & Teller's episode on circumcision aired in 2005 on "Bullshit" (Season 3, Episode 1). It is available to purchase for $1.99 here:
Rosemary Romberg: I stand against ALL male, female, and intersex genital mutilation.

Rosemary Romberg and Danelle Day

Rosemary Romberg on the gentle post-birth time she wished she had with her babies.

Rosemary Romberg's t-shirt sports the well known quote: "Well behaved women seldom make history." Here with James Loewen, whose videos and photos touch countless lives. Watch his interview with Rosemary here:

"There is a growing acceptance of the fact that the body is designed correctly, as it normally comes into the world, and does not need to be surgically made different." -Rosemary Romberg

Whole Christian Network cards Rosemary chose to add her Peaceful Beginnings with Rosemary site to, in order to pass them out to everyone she met along her paths.

Are babies and children mere property, from which their parents can slice off pieces on a whim? Or are they human beings with rights, needs, and feelings of their own? -Rosemary Romberg

"In any other context, if someone were to forcibly restrain an infant or child, and do something to hurt their genitals, we would not hesitate to call this child abuse. What mystical, irrational, nonsense has caused us to consider this acceptable?" -Rosemary Romberg

"Only after learning facts piled upon facts did I fully realize the wrongness and absurdity of cutting the genitals of helpless, sensitive infants. It is a painful awareness, but one that so many of us, who at one time felt brainwashed to perceive circumcision as 'the norm,' have now awakened to the blatant reality of." -Rosemary Romberg

What we do in life, echoes in eternity. You've made a real, lasting difference, Rosemary!

Stamping Cash, Planting Seeds, Saving Babies

Stampers can be used on any paper item that absorbs ink -- US cash is something that is readily seen and not thrown away. 😉 Photos on this page are those that have been shared with Saving Our Sons over the years. To add yours to this album, upload into the Saving Our Sons Community, post at Telegram (, MeWe (, or email 

YES, it is legal to stamp cash ( Stampers can also be used to stamp sticky notes to leave places (inexpensive way to 'card'). 

Further information and intactivist stampers:

At Etsy:

Kindergarten stamper art. 😅

Photos pictured here have been shared with Saving Our Sons. To include yours drop them in the Saving Our Sons Community, message via Telegram to,, or email

Silent Survivors Stand

⭐️⭐️ PLEASE HELP ⭐️⭐️ 

We have the opportunity to purchase 3 (used) circumstraints for use with the Silent Survivors Stand. New circumstraints retail at a hefty $560, and we do not wish to support the manufacture of these devices to grow the powerful SSS. However, a clinic is ceasing their practice of circumcision, and selling their 3 for $175 each. Please help us raise these funds so that 3 additional survivors of genital cutting can take part in the deeply moving Silent Survivors Stand at Genital Integrity Awareness Week this year (and beyond), and get them out of circulation -- using them instead for GOOD!

To Give: or by mail to:

Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

We will update in the comments below and on Facebook with our progress toward needed funds to make this purchase, and publicly thank donors at the GIAW Sponsors page (first name only for privacy, or group/business link).

THANK YOU for helping us get these, and to educate and raise awareness year round!!

Note: If you have a business or group you'd like cited as a sponsor of #GIAW this year, please include this information in your PayPal notes or email

2019 GIAW Sponsors:

#MenSpeak #SSS #SOSSSS #SilentSurvivorsStand #i2

⭐️ THANK YOU to Robert J. (pictured below) for his gift of funding one full (used) circumstraint for these awareness raising efforts! We have been honored to work with you, Robert, over the past decade at educational efforts in D.C. and value your contribution to the cause!

⭐️ THANK YOU to Kirk C. for his generous gift of funding one full (used) circumstraint for the Silent Survivors Stand! Kirk has been an instrumental part of getting GIAW off the ground this year, assisting with 20% of GIAW needs overall as well. The lives we will impact and the numbers we will reach this year will be incredible! 

THANK YOU also to the following individuals for helping to cover the 3rd (used) circumstraint: 

⭐️ Christina H. 

⭐️ Michelle P. 

⭐️ Adrienne C. 

⭐️ Charles W.

⭐️ Noelle L., of Intact Tennessee / Intact Tennessee group for those in-state

⭐️ Gini M., of Intact Nebraska / Intact Nebraska group for those in-state

⭐️ Amber C., of Intact Houston / Intact Texas group for those in-state

⭐️ Gingi Freeman Photography in Visalia, CA: 

⭐️ Graham R. 

⭐️ Eli S. 

Robert J. who funded the addition of one circumstraint toward the Silent Survivors Stand

Silent Survivors Stand at GIAW 2019:

There will be an SSS for those survivors who wish to participate at the U.S. Capitol 30 minutes before we pack up each evening of GIAW; and 30 minutes after arriving to the White House on Saturday of the GIAW March.

We currently have 10 circumstraints for use in the SSS, and are striving to raise funds for 3 additional. If you have a circumstraint you'd like to donate toward the SSS, or sell to GIAW for a reasonable amount, please message the GIAW FB page or email

The SSS is a very powerful performance art piece that greatly moves those looking on. There are no spoken words or movements. Survivors of genital cutting each hold a circumstraint above their head, and/or in front of their chest, dressed casually in their everyday attire, for a moment of silence in deep honor and authentic recognition. Reflecting on this display, one gentleman, Michael, observed, "Silence, used in the right context, is DEAFENING. This can have a profound effect when used properly, and this is certainly one of those instances."

During the SSS, materials are shared quietly and gently with those looking on so that they know what they are observing, and have a place to go for further information. Onlookers tend to gravitate toward this piece, with open eyes and inquisitive minds. Respectful outreach and compassionate connection is possible, and lives are changed for the better.

The Silent Survivors Stand began in 2011 when our beloved friend and fellow advocate, Van Lewis, left this earth, and his wife, Mary Alda, donated his educational circumstraint to Danelle Day of Saving Our Sons.

The first year, three survivors each separately took a stand with our single circumstraint - John B., Jonathon Conte, and David Wilson - in Washington D.C. in honor of Van, and all others impacted by genital cutting.

We have made attempts to add at least one used circumstraint to the SSS in the years since, so that more survivors may participate collectively during public events. Saving Our Sons is exclusively run by volunteers and donation, and we thank you for being a part of this important effort in any way that fits you.

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