Intact Info Stampers

All items can be found at the Info Cards tab at the top of this site: If you are seeking a phrase not already available, email to have one custom made.

all stampers available in black, blue or red ink
custom made upon order

*All stampers available in BLACKBLUE, or RED self-inking*

Intact Info Stamper lasts 2-3 years with normal use. Self-inking mechanism. Available in BLACKBLUE or RED ink. Standard black will ship unless you request otherwise. Include a note with your stamp phrase choice (number #1-9) and ink color via PayPal or email to
$12.99 (includes U.S. shipping) 

By email with credit card to:

By Mail:
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach VA 23451

NOTE: Stampers can be used for a variety of paper items, including paper bills, but will not stick to new plastic bills in some nations (including Canada's plastic bills).



  1. These are excellent. I am going to start ordering for intactivists as gifts. One for myself of course.

  2. Here in the UK, most people would not know what it was. Genital cutting went out of fashion 50-60 years ago, except among ignorant religionists.


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