Personalize your checks with a little intact love!

In today's day people do not tend to write many checks, but when we do, it may as well be with a little #i2 love! Intact Michigan Director, Erin, had her checks made at Artistic Checks with the rainbow leaves template below. You are welcome to borrow her design, or create something of your own. Should you wish to use the SOS logo with, you are also invited to do so. Take from the image below, or email and ask for the logo in any color that you need. Search around online for coupon codes before you order your custom checks - there are many to be found.

Thank you for planting seeds and saving babies!

Further ideas for seed-planting:

The following SOS logos are those you are welcome to use on personal items like checks, diapers, covers, longies, t-shirts, pens, and other custom seed-planting materials, provided the logo remains intact and is not used in an aggressive or attacking manner.

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