The following are state and local chapters of Saving Our Sons and The INTACT Network. To become involved as a local Director, drop an email of interest to theINTACTnetwork@gmail.com or PM your chapter's page to volunteer. To support local and global efforts, expos, and events, become an SOS Sponsor here: SavingSons.org/p/sponsor-son-waiting-list.html

Directors are responsible for three primary roles:

1) Provide current, research-based information and captivating material to visitors at the public chapter page, with a primary audience of expecting and new parents.
2) Provide leadership, momentum, collaboration and community building among advocates in-state within the chapter's private discussion group; with a primary audience of fellow genital autonomy advocates and those raising intact sons in-state.
3) Attend local maternity and baby expos, fairs, host informational booths and tabling events, and/or organize local gatherings and education based demonstrations.

Together we plant seeds and change lives locally; thereby globally impacting the world forever, one baby at a time. We are One Body. We have One Mission: genital autonomy for all. 

Chapter Public Pages + State Discussion Groups, Alphabetically
Chapters are public and open to all; State discussion groups are open to in-state advocates of genital autonomy


Alabama -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactAL
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactAL

Alaska -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactAK
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactAK

Arizona -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactAZ
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactAZ

Arkansas -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactAR
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactAR

California -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactCalifornia
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactCA

Colorado -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactCO
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactCO

Connecticut -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactCT
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactCT

Delaware -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactDE
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactDE

Florida -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactFL
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactFL

Georgia -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactGA
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactGA

Hawaii -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactHI
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactHI
Oahu: FB.com/IntactOahu
Maui: FB.com/IntactMaui

Idaho -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactID
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactID

Illinois -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactIL
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactIL
Chicago: FB.com/IntactChicago

Indiana -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactIN
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactIN

Iowa -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactIowa
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactIowa
Quad Cities: FB.com/IntactQC
Fort Dodge: FB.com/IntactFortDodge
Des Moines: FB.com/IntactDesMoines
Cedar Falls/Waterloo: FB.com/IntactCF
Ames: FB.com/IntactAmes
Iowa City: FB.com/IntactIC

Kansas -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactKS
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactKS
Wichita: FB.com/IntactWichita

Kentucky -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactKY
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactKY

Louisiana -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactLA
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactLA

Maine -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactME
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactME

Maryland -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactMD
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactMD

Massachusetts -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactMA
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactMA

Michigan -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactMI
Group: FB/groups/IntactMI/
Kalamazoo - FB.com/IntactKalamazoo
The Thumb - FB.com/IntactMITheThumb 
The Tip of the Mitt - FB.com/IntactMiTip 
Great Lakes Bay - FB.com/IntactGLB  
Detroit - FB.com/IntactDetroit 
Flint - FB.com/IntactFlint 

Minnesota -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactMN
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactMN

Mississippi -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactMS
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactMS

Missouri -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactMO
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactMO

Montana -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactMT
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactMT

Nebraska -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactNE
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNE
Omaha: FB.com/IntactOmaha
Grand Island: FB.com/IntactGrIsland
Lincoln: FB.com/IntactLincoln

Nevada -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactNV
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNV

New Hampshire -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactNH
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNH

New Jersey -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactNJ
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNJ

New Mexico -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactNM
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNM

New York -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactNY
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNY

North Carolina -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactNC
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactNC
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill - FB.com/IntactRDU
Asheville - FB.com/IntactAshevilleNC
Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point - FB.com/IntactGreensboro
Charlotte - FB.com/IntactCharlotte
Fayetteville - FB.com/IntactFayetteville
Outer Banks - FB.com/IntactOBX
Wilmington - FB.com/IntactWilmington

North Dakota -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactND
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactND

Ohio -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactOH
Cleveland: FB.com/IntactClevelandOH
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactOH

Oklahoma -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactOK
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactOK

Oregon -

Chapter: FB.com/OregonIntact
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactOR
Portland: FB.com/IntactPortland

Pennsylvania -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactPA
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactPA

Rhode Island -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactRI
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactRI

South Carolina -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactSC
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactSC

South Dakota -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactSD
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactSD

Tennessee -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactTN
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactTN
Knoxville: FB.com/IntactKnoxville
Memphis: FB.com/IntactMemphis
Nashville: FB.com/IntactNashville
Tri-Cities: FB.com/IntactTriCitiesTN
Clarksville / Ft. Campbell: FB.com/IntactClarksville

Texas -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactTX
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactTX
Houston: FB.com/IntactHouston
Beaumont: FB.com/IntactBeaumont
Wichita Falls: FB.com/IntactWichitaFalls
Austin: FB.com/IntactAustin
Dallas: FB.com/IntactDallas
Corpus Christi: FB.com/IntactCC

Utah -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactUT
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactUT

Vermont -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactVT
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactVT

Virginia -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactVA
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactVA/
Tidewater: FB.com/IntactTidewater
Charlottesville: FB.com/IntactCharlottesville
NoVa: FB.com/NoVaIntact

Washington -
Chapter: FB.com/IntactWA
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactWA
Seattle: FB.com/IntactSeattle

West Virginia -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactWV
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactWV

Wisconsin -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactWI
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactWI

Wyoming -

Chapter: FB.com/IntactWY
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactWY


Intact Canada - FB.com/IntactCanada
International Intactivists Discussion Group: FB.com/groups/Intactivists

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island


Intact Australia 
Chapter: FB.com/IntactAUS
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactAUS


Intact South Korea
Chapter: FB.com/IntactSouthKorea

for all Spanish speaking families and advocates

Intact Latino Network Chapter - FB.com/IntactLatino
Intact Latino Group: FB.com/groups/IntactLatino
Mexico Intacto Group: FB.com/groups/MexicoIntacto

Puerto Rico 
Chapter: Facebook.com/IntactPR


Chapter: FB.com/IntactUK
Group: FB.com/groups/IntactUK


Intact Africa: FB.com/IntactAfrica

Intact South Africa: FB.com/IntactSouthAfrica

Intact Kenya: FB.com/IntactKenya

Intact Malawi: FB.com/IntactMalawi

Discussion group for all across Africa: FB.com/groups/IntactAfrica

Communities of Special Interest: 

For discussions on topics beyond genital autonomy: 

Exploring Peaceful Parenting Group: FB.com/groups/ExplorePeacefulParenting

Peaceful Parenting Public Page: FB.com/PeacefulParenting

State PPN Groups and local chapters: PeacefulParentingNetwork.org 

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