Do Not Retract Information Pack

Retraction Packet:

If you or your loved one has found yourself subjected to the malpractice that is forced retraction, you may request that an information pack be sent to the retracting clinician here. Packs are sent by professionals in health care who volunteer time with Saving Our Sons and cost approximately $4 in printed materials and shipping. You may include a note with your donation toward this cost, or email with details of what occurred. Please be sure to include the retracting physician or nurse's name, practice, and mailing address, whenever available.

Prevention Packet:

If you are sending materials to a physician before your baby's birth, to ensure they have proper intact care items on hand, please note this. A peer-to-peer physician pack of this nature - to ensure a doctor has up to date pediatric literature ahead of time - is slightly different than when forced retraction has already occurred.

If you are not able to cover the cost for materials, please email with your request. To help in covering 'Don't Retract' packs that others request and are unable to fund, you may do so here or by mail to the address below. Our goal is to correspond directly with all physicians and nursing staff who are known to be forcibly retracting their young clients. However, SOS operates exclusively by volunteers and donation, and requests often exceed funding.

In the past we have received a number of responses from physicians and nursing staff, thanking us for this material, for its respectful delivery, and including notations that a change in their practice has been made. Often, retraction is occurring simply because this is what was taught in medical or nursing school, or because a health care professional picked up the practice from someone they were apprenticing under. It is typically a problem of training, not willful damage. 

Items in the clinician's packs include:

1) A cover letter encouraging the physician to review current protocol for the sake of his/her patients, and a note about the retraction epidemic.

2) The current American Academy of Pediatrics, Royal Children's Hospital (Australia), Canadian Paediatric Society, and Paediatric Society of New Zealand's statements on intact care.

3) Citations to practicing physicians' work - those who have composed further articles on the subject matter.

4) An oversized intact care card with bullet points for review.

5) An oversized medical organizations statement card with circumcision positions from around the world.

6) Functions of the foreskin, and reasons that fellow clinicians encourage their peers to not participate in forced retraction or non-consentual genital cutting of minors.

7) An invitation to join fellow clinicians at Medical Professionals for Genital Autonomy.

8) Contact information for local leaders, as well as Saving Our Sons, should there be questions, critique, or desire for further correspondence.


All of these items are those that parents can obtain online or compose as well. If you are writing your own letter and would like to include the cards listed above, they are available for $3 in the "Hospital Stay" pack at Etsy.

• AAP statement on intact care:

• RCH statement on intact care:

• CPS statement on intact care:

• PSNZ statement on intact care:

The AAP, RCH and CPS statements are also currently linked at SOS here:

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Forced Retraction? What to do now:

Do NOT Circumcise / Do NOT Retract 
Baby sized leg bands.

These are soft, recycled silicone and stretchy - will fit a baby's leg throughout his first few years of life (thigh, calf, ankle depending on baby's size). They are *not* meant to be left on a baby when not being cared for/watched.
Baby bands are primarily designed for hospital and clinical visits.

Each baby band comes with intact care cards and stickers.
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  1. how do i order a pack for a doctor?

    1. There is a request tab above if you are able to chip in the $4 it costs for materials and shipping. Simply include a note via PayPal or email Hope that we can help.

  2. Hi... Do these packs include info about forced retraction for catheter?? I lost it at the nurse who retracted my baby a LOT for catheter, and she and the other nurse present thought I was bonkers telling them they didn't need to do it at all (another hospital cathetered him no problems with no retraction at all, just moving foreskin without pullback). I have been left traumatized, especially as they kept saying they "had to do it" to place it. I know it's not true and I worry how many other boys they've harmed. Thanks


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