Child taken on holiday to be circumcised

It is not only girls who are taken out on "holiday" to be circumcised; in many parts of the globe boys also travel out of town with family to have their genitals cut. This publicly celebrated (and publicly shared) event occurred in Turkey. 

Forced genital cutting at any age is unethical and damaging for a lifetime. Research the benefits of keeping ALL children intact.

• Should I circumcise my son?

• History of female genital cutting in the United States:


End Note: At Saving Our Sons we work tirelessly to end violence and aggression against ALL children and babies. This was originally shared at the Saving Our Sons FB page, and was removed by Facebook the same day after it was viewed over 1 million times, though the original (public) post is still live with many additional photos. It appears that these things can be done to children, but the questionable ethics cannot be discussed.

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Arguments in Favor of FGM

The following materials are those that were published in support of female genital cutting. They are being shared here for awareness raising. Saving Our Sons takes a strong and solid stand in favor of genital autonomy for all human beings, regardless of sex. We believe all children should remain intact unless there is dire and real medical need to perform surgery.

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Adult Intact Penis Care

By Adam Kelling © 2015

"But what if he doesn't take care of it when he's older...?!" asked a shocked relative on my wife's side of the family upon learning that our son would remain intact (not be circumcised). Little did she know that I am also fully able to enjoy all that I came into this world with, and, like countless men the globe over, I have never had these mythical troubles that so many Americans fear. As I light-heartedly assured her that day, intact care among men really is as simple as this:

Adult Intact Penis Care

1) Remove clothes.
2) Step into a warm shower.
3) Rinse your body as you otherwise would.
4) With a quick lift of one hand and light massage of the other, take 10 seconds to move around and rinse your (intact) penis, under warm running water. Do you retract fully? Great. Retract, rinse, replace. Do you have partial coverage, or not retract entirely? No problem. Rinse whatever is moveable. Water only. No soap (as that causes drying and irritation).
5) When you've finished washing your hair, cleansing your arm pits (use soap there), or whatever else you do in the shower, step out. Dry off. Job finished.

That is it.

Trust me, this is a task that virtually any man on the planet can handle -- and will likely succeed in just fine even if no one ever tells him what to do! Your son will as well, I promise.

Trust that your son will be just fine. He will know how to bathe.
Every mammal on earth is born with foreskin - and no problems staying clean.

The hardest part of cleaning my foreskin is staying in tune!
via Intact Connecticut

Foreskin is natural, normal, and fun -- and cleans with a little rinse, in infancy through adulthood.

Trust that when your son becomes a man, he will know how to shower. Intact care is as simple as water running over the body.

United States hygiene myths that shame women, and those that shame men.

"I had to circumcise my pig because he couldn't keep his foreskin clean" said no farmer ever!
via Intact Quad Cities

Signs and Banners

*note that not all signs are available via Etsy due to their content regulations and removing certain awareness raising items from their site. If you have a request for something that you do not see, please email us any time.

Upon request for banners/signs, this page has been added. You are welcome to download sign files to have printed locally as well. Email to receive high resolution files for your own production.

If you would like to order through the company that makes our signs, the following are those that are currently available, and the amount they cost to have produced (standard 10 day shipping is included). There is no profit made on these signs, nor are they sold, made, or shipped from SOS. They exist exclusively for awareness-raising efforts and are gathered here as a means of helping advocates get the resources they need for education and awareness purposes.

The signs are outdoor/all-weather high quality, double sided, and in full color. The banners are extra thick, outdoor/all-weather high quality, single sided, in full color with metal grommets across the top and bottom for hanging or mounting. Signs and banners are made to last for many years worth of outdoor and indoor use.

All signs and banners will be delivered directly to you in approximately 10-12 business days. They will arrive via UPS or FedEx. Please include your mailing name and address for FedEx when ordering. Expedited shipping is available (5 day, 3 day) but costs more to have produced.

To order new: email with your sign/banner selection and mailing information or include a note via PayPal. To pay for signs/banners:

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To borrow signs: If you would like to borrow a set of signs for the cost of shipping each way, email with your selection. We can ship up to 8 signs for $15. A deposit will need to be made on the signs that would cover their replacement should they not be returned, and this deposit is refunded in full when the signs are shipped back. You may choose keep one or all of the signs, and in this case the amount would be deducted from your deposit. 

Info cards, magnets, bracelets, pens and other intact awareness raising items can be found here

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A special THANK YOU to the parents who have sent in photos of their beautiful babies below for this educational effort! 

LARGE SIGNS: $24 each 
(10 day shipping included)
27 x 18 inches in size
All signs are outdoor, heavy duty, double-thick, weather proof quality (similar to a yard sign).
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Each sign can have one different image on each side.

(Note: Sign holders will not go into vertical signs)

(Note: Sign holders will not go into vertical signs)

(Note: Sign holders will not go into vertical signs)

(To request a different color or original design, email

(Chapter can be changed)

(Website can be added to the following signs)

This sign is a 2010 creation of James M.

SMALL SIGNS: $18 each
18 x 12 inches in size
These signs are identical to the large signs in construction, but they are smaller in size.
Some were created for children to hold/carry during marches and demonstrations.

All banners are heavy, outdoor, weather-proof vinyl and come with metal grommets in place. They last for several years worth of use and roll up easily for shipping/carrying. See How to Hang a March Banner for instructions on use. The amounts listed are what we pay to have these banners produced.

4 FOOT BANNERS: $40 (shipping included)
(To add your local chapter or change wording, email

6 FOOT BANNERS: $45 (shipping included)

currently borrowed by Intact Minnesota

Above banner for outdoor pro-intact tabling event

Chapters on banners below can be changed:

 8 FOOT BANNERS: $53 (shipping included)

SOS Odyssey Traveling Billboards
8' x 4' - $102 (shipping included)
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Groups borrowing are responsible for shipping and return.
You will need to build PVC framework for this size (directions will be emailed).

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