Child taken on holiday to be circumcised

It is not only girls who are taken out on "holiday" to be circumcised; in many parts of the globe boys also travel out of town with family to have their genitals cut. This publicly celebrated (and publicly shared) event occurred in Turkey. 

Forced genital cutting at any age is unethical and damaging for a lifetime. Research the benefits of keeping ALL children intact.

• Should I circumcise my son?

• History of female genital cutting in the United States:


End Note: At Saving Our Sons we work tirelessly to end violence and aggression against ALL children and babies. This was originally shared at the Saving Our Sons FB page, and was removed by Facebook the same day after it was viewed over 1 million times, though the original (public) post is still live with many additional photos. It appears that these things can be done to children, but the questionable ethics cannot be discussed.

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