Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision

New to the subject of infant circumcision and the benefits of the prepuce (foreskin)? The following are resources many families have found useful when looking at the subject for the first time. They are meant to be a starting point into deeper investigation and further research that is widely available today. If you only have a short period of time to spend on this topic, a blue star marks films with physicians' statements who are in practice today, as well as medical professionals' materials.

★ Functions of the Foreskin:

★ Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis: 

★ Foreskin and its 16+ Functions (not 'just skin'):

Why did circumcision start as we now know it in the U.S.? Hear from some original doctors on the matter:

Faith Considerations on Circumcision (resources by/for Jews, Christians, and Muslims):

Peer reviewed research (studies published in medical journals):

★ Are there medical benefits to circumcision? Read national medical statements from around the world:

Physicians' thoughts within the medical field today:

Well researched books written on the subject:

Dr. Ryan McAllister's Georgetown University video lecture, Elephant in the Hospital (also included on DVD in the info pack below):

Dr. Christopher Guest's video, Circumcision: The Whole Story:

Whose Body, Whose Rights? Award-winning circumcision documentary:

The Real Reason You're Circumcised from College Humor:

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t Circumcision Episode:

★ Intact Care:
Circumcision Care:

The two most common forms of circumcision in North American today: 


Plastibell: [Note that the Plastibell is the type of circumcision most often referred to as a 'no-cutting' or 'no-blood' method.]

Outcome Statistics (Circumcised vs. Intact):

Facebook conversations by men:

Over 250,000 men are restoring some of what was lost to circumcision. It improves sex in a wide variety of ways. Google 'foreskin restoration' and check out any of these resources:

8 articles published at Psychology Today:

For those with older sons who were circumcised: 
Public Page: 
Discussion Group:
Related items from others with circumcised sons: 

What does this have to do with WOMEN?
Book by same title:

How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life:

Women's Health and Male Circumcision Resource List:

HIV/AIDS and the African Trials: and the HIV resource page:

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone: 

If you'd like to join a community of parents (many with both circumcised and intact sons) to ask questions while making your decision, you are welcome to the Intact: Healthy, Happy, Whole group. Everyone is welcome to this safe-space community group.

The Info Pack (includes a DVD with several videos and full length articles); the smaller Expecting Pack; Postcards for friends; or have a professional exchange online correspondence:

Informational items (cards, stickers, bracelets, etc.): or at Etsy:

Please feel free to email at any time. Several clinicians volunteer time to field questions, and if we're not able to answer, we'll seek out a place to go for further information.

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The Penis: Sex Education 101 with Marilyn Milos


Why Me?

By J.N.B. © 2018 

Why me?

Why was I one to be strapped to this board, against my will, fighting, struggling to get away.

Why was I one, unable to defend myself, to be subjected to that fierce horror of the blade.

Why am I one who never got to experience all that I was meant to experience -- never to feel in a way I was meant to feel.

Why am I one who must live with the consequences of another's action upon my body.

Why am I one who battles the knowing, and the unknown, all at once.

Why am I one told to let it go. To man up. Told it doesn't matter.

Why this board.

Why this way.

Why me?


More Men Speak

Healthy Newborn Baby's Life at Risk Post Circumcision Blood Loss

Author's name removed for the sake of family's privacy. Shared with permission.

Almost 4 years ago we went through the most horrifying day.

We took our son to have him circumcised. As they took him back, we were told we had to wait in the waiting room. We waited for what seemed forever... Finally, they brought him out, wrapped in his blanket. We put him in his car seat, and headed home.

Upon getting home and proceeding to take him out of his car seat, we noticed the car seat had blood all over the bottom, and all over his blanket. Immediately, we got him out to look, only to find blood coming out of his diaper, all over his legs. We removed his diaper, and he was full of blood, with continuous bleeding from his penis.

We hurried in a panic to put another diaper on him, and jumped back into the vehicle to head to another hospital.

They immediately took him back.

The doctor entered in to find that a blood [vein] had been cut during circumcision. By this time he has went through 3 diapers of blood, and was running a 101 degree fever, and he was not very alert. The doctor tried 5 times before finally getting the blood [vein] to clot and quit bleeding, only then to notice the circumcision wasn't even 'complete' or done properly.

He called the other hospital and demanded they have someone come look at what had been done at their facility. My son ended up needing the circumcision completed and three stitches on the top of his penis to fix what was 'botched.'

I will never forget the doctor telling the other doctor from the hospital where my son was circumcised, "Whoever did this, botched this baby..." I was so angry, upset and confused. Still to this day nobody had to pay for the responsibilities of what happened to my son, and he is forever scarred on his penis.

Please consider this when making a decision. The diaper photo on the right above was after they got the bleeding almost to a stopping point.

Daily we struggle with wonder about whether this will cause him insecurity, or if he will have trouble with erections later in life...

Veins and arteries most at risk of being severed during infant circumcision. A newborn baby only needs to lose 1 ounce of blood to hemorrhage, and 2.3 ounces of blood to die. This is not a risk most parents today wish to take. There are no risks in keeping babies intact. 

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Healthy Newborn Dies Post-Circumcision Hemorrhage

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*Prevention Care and Don't Retract Packs for physicians. Between SOS, The Intact Network's State Chapters, and Peaceful Parenting, we receive approximately 15 reports each week of physicians or clinical staff who are forcibly retracting children, or encouraging parents to do so with their baby. These packs are put together by clinicians volunteering with SOS and the Medical Professionals for Genital Autonomy, and they are well received - often making a real change in patient protocol. We also send Prevention Care packs to physicians when a new family is going to start using their care services, so that they are well informed on intact care and normal development ahead of time. We would like to ship regardless of a family's ability to cover the $4 cost, but need people to come on board and support this effort. Also at Etsy.

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Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2018 takes place March 28-April 3 and we need your help to make this year's Washington D.C. event a powerful one! As advocates travel to D.C. to participate, and floods of tourists the world over gather in D.C. for the height of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, we strive to have intact materials on hand to reach a large number of people at our nation's capitol. These are items that parents and professionals, young and old, from all backgrounds and locations in life will want to take home with them for further review. Making this happen takes a significant amount of planning, organization, and resources on the part of many people, and it also takes financial support.

If you have never been to GIAW in D.C., here's a quick snapshot of a day's event:

We are standing with a dozen others in front of the U.S. Capitol, with giant pro-intact signs that draw people in, and can be seen from the streets all around the Capitol's bus route. A group of 200 senior high students come up, interested in what we have to share. Teachers shuffle students along for group photos, and we have mere minutes to plant seeds of information, respond to quick questions, and get interesting materials into hands of these future parents -- materials they eagerly take with them because their curiosity is spiked! Students grab things to take back on the bus (bracelets, cards, stickers, buttons), and look things up on their phone on their way to their next destination... This happens every single hour. Multiple times a day. Sun-up to sun-down. The need is great for GIAW. The impact is monumental. And we need your support in this important effort.

We will also be hosting two booths with free materials on the West Lawn:

The Men's Health table includes a variety of restoration devices for men to hold, learn about, and explore their options; information on adult sexual health, and the impact that genital cutting and restoration has on adult men and their partners.

The Baby Health table includes instruments used in infant circumcision, information on the purposes of the foreskin, intact care materials, and resources for parents to pass on to friends and their home care provider. This table also has items for our young visitors because families who stop to talk often have children who want things of their own (child sized bracelets, stickers, bubbles, coloring pages, etc.).

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Allocation of GIAW 2018 Funds
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$800 new signage that will continue to be used throughout the year for rallies, expos, events, and future GIAW dates. We especially need a few of these to be new signs for kids to hold as ours are several years old and we have approximately 24 children attending GIAW with their families for most of the week this year. Children love to participate alongside their parents. 

$800 printed materials to give away at GIAW 2018. This week-long event functions as an expo, with booths of items that are entirely free for the public, meeting with people across the West Lawn from sun-up to sun-down each day for 7 days. Having enough professional literature on hand is crucial to GIAW's success. 

$300 Easter egg hunt on the West Lawn for children - we would like to ensure all children visiting the US Capitol can participate and that there will be enough to go around; we will also have child-sized advocacy bracelets, and a variety of #i2 themed stickers for children (Pokemon, Wonder Woman, and Intactosaurus). 

$200 flags for passing out along the march route, and giving away at the White House. Each flag will have intact information attached to it. These are *very* popular in DC and frequently chaperone groups who will not allow students to take other materials from GIAW leaders will allow them to accept and take home flags (getting intact material into their hands). 

$600 bracelets and buttons to give away throughout the week. These items are key in that they are the most requested items, especially by students - tomorrow's parents. We need materials that young people desire to hold onto, take home with them, and spark interest enough to check out the websites/share with friends. Awareness is key!

$60 two new full-color, full-page books of intact celebrities - one for the men's health booth, and one for the front West Wall of the Capitol where the most conversations take place.

$40 replacement plastibell, gomco, and mogen clamps for educational use (previously taken from an expo booth) 

$200 demonstration glans/foreskin models (in two skin shades) to highlight the normal adhesion of the foreskin to the glans/shaft in infancy, and the probing, severing, and cutting that must take place for infant circumcision to be achieved. These models are highly useful in one-on-one or small group education at expo booths.

If GIAW funds are raised beyond those needed, we will have intact material packs available to go home with people (U.S. advocates, leaders, teachers, and the international educators who visit the Capitol during GIAW and often ask for things to take back with them).  

Lanyard Options to Select From:
• Royal Blue: Genital Autonomy is a Human Right
• Violet: All Babies are Born Perfect
• Hot Pink: Foreskin is Fun & Functional
• Deep Aqua Blue: Boys are Not Born Broken

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Iceland to Ban Infant Circumcision, Introduces 6-year Jail Term for Offenders

As reported by the Truth Command

While many Americans may be circumcised, largely as a result of the prevalent Judeo-Christian tradition in the country, that isn’t the case everywhere else. And if a new law passes in Iceland, circumcisions in the country will become not just rare, but illegal.

A new proposed legislative amendment would ban the practice of childhood circumcision, making circumcision of a child illegal, and punishable by up to six years of prison time. The bill, which is supported by members from at least five different political parties (including, among others, the Pirate Party, the Left Green, and the Progressive Party), calls for amendments to the current criminal code in the country.

In fact, the proposed legislation clearly states “[Anyone found] removing sexual organs [from any child or woman], in whole or in part, shall be jailed for six years.” And unlike many health and public safety laws in the United States, there isn’t an exemption on religious grounds, as the draft makes clear. As the draft notes “While it is certainly the rights of the parents to give their children guidance when it comes to religion, such a right can never exceed the rights of the child.”

This is part of a growing trend in Europe, as Danish doctors have recently also spoken out against childhood circumcision. As the bill notes, “Circumcision involves permanent interventions into a child’s body that can cause severe pain, also such an operation involves a risk of infections and other problems.” As a result, the bill states that while the child may eventually decide they want to be circumcised, they cannot do so until the age of consent, “to understand what is involved in such action.” In Iceland, the age of consent is 15.

While the rate of circumcision in Iceland is currently rather low, it is not unheard of, and there is still some debate surrounding the issue—and not just in Iceland. In addition to Danish doctors who have previously spoken out against circumcision, there is also a movement underway in Norway, as the Progress Party (FrP)—the country’s third-largest party, and more commonly known for their anti-immigration policies—chose to support a bill outlawing childhood circumcision before age 16.

While it remains to be seen if the bill in Iceland can pass, there’s certainly some momentum behind it.

Photo credit: Exploring Iceland

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Foreskin Facts Postcards (oversized) available at Etsy

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