Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision

New to the subject of infant circumcision and the benefits of the prepuce (foreskin)? The following are resources many families have found useful when looking at the subject for the first time. They are meant to be a starting point into deeper investigation and further research that is widely available today. If you only have a short period of time to spend on this topic, a blue star marks films with physicians' statements who are in practice today, as well as medical professionals' materials.

★ Functions of the Foreskin:

★ Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis: 

★ Foreskin and its 16+ Functions (not 'just skin'):

Why did circumcision start as we now know it in the U.S.? Hear from some original doctors on the matter:

Faith Considerations on Circumcision (resources by/for Jews, Christians, and Muslims):

Peer reviewed research (studies published in medical journals):

★ Are there medical benefits to circumcision? Read national medical statements from around the world:

Physicians' thoughts within the medical field today:

Well researched books written on the subject:

Dr. Ryan McAllister's Georgetown University video lecture, Elephant in the Hospital (also included on DVD in the info pack below):

Dr. Christopher Guest's video, Circumcision: The Whole Story:

Whose Body, Whose Rights? Award-winning circumcision documentary:

The Real Reason You're Circumcised from College Humor:

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t Circumcision Episode:

★ Intact Care:
Circumcision Care:

The two most common forms of circumcision in North American today: 


Plastibell: [Note that the Plastibell is the type of circumcision most often referred to as a 'no-cutting' or 'no-blood' method.]

Outcome Statistics (Circumcised vs. Intact):

Facebook conversations by men:

Over 250,000 men are restoring some of what was lost to circumcision. It improves sex in a wide variety of ways. Google 'foreskin restoration' and check out any of these resources:

8 articles published at Psychology Today:

For those with older sons who were circumcised: 
Public Page: 
Discussion Group:
Related items from others with circumcised sons: 

What does this have to do with WOMEN?
Book by same title:

How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life:

Women's Health and Male Circumcision Resource List:

HIV/AIDS and the African Trials: and the HIV resource page:

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone: 

If you'd like to join a community of parents (many with both circumcised and intact sons) to ask questions while making your decision, you are welcome to the Intact: Healthy, Happy, Whole group. Everyone is welcome to this safe-space community group.

The Info Pack (includes a DVD with several videos and full length articles); the smaller Expecting Pack; Postcards for friends; or have a professional exchange online correspondence:

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The Penis: Sex Education 101 with Marilyn Milos


Educational Intact Penis with Foreskin

Custom crocheted intact penis with functional foreskin for education and awareness raising, available at Etsy. Each individually hand made by Anu.

Sandra Bullock on 'Penis Facials' - Face Cream from Infant Foreskin

May 17, 2018 Sandra Bullock joined Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, and as pre-planned talk topics go, she must have chosen to discuss her skin care regimen on national television -- a ritual that includes the injection of ointments made with neonatal foreskin.

In 2010 Bullock, who is not Jewish, circumcised her newly adopted baby boy at home with a mohel, and called it "the greatest moment I have ever had in my life."

Transcript of today's interview is as follows, beginning at Minute 2:45.

Ellen: Okay, let's talk about this facial that you're obsessed with. Did you get the whole cast of Ocean's 8 to do this?

Bullock: Not everybody.

Ellen: Good. Smart move.

Bullock: Just those that I thought would appreciate it.

Ellen: Okay. Explain what it is.

Bullock: Well, it's this way in which one forces - through micro-needling - like a little roller with these...pushes through the skin and ruptures the collagen, and then boosts it. You look like a burn victim for a day, but then it pushes the serum...

Ellen: What are you pushing into the skin?

Bullock: Well, you push in whatever the facialist would like to insert into your pores.

Ellen: But what is it?

Bullock: It is an extraction from a piece of skin, that came from a young person, far, far away, and they somehow figured out how to extract --

Ellen: It is foreskin from a Korean baby. That's what it is. Who comes up with this?

Bullock: I don't think... It's not like I'm lying there with little pieces all over my face.

Ellen: Who thinks of collecting it and having it for -- "we'll do something with this someday..."

Bullock: And why didn't we come up with that?

Ellen: You'd be rich.

Bullock: So, I call it the penis facial. And I think when you see how good it is to your face, you too will run to your local facialist and say, "Give me the penis." It's going to happen. That's what you're going to say.

Ellen: I'm never going to say that. I'm never going to say that. It's never going to come out of my mouth.

Bullock: How about you just...maybe just make it smaller...

Ellen: No. I don't even understand why that is a thing that you'd put into your skin. Why do you want that? You know what's going to happen? Penises are going to start growing out of you... You're going to have little tiny-- That's what karma is going to do. You're going to have tiny, baby, Korean penises...

Bullock: Little penises. I'm here going, "let it not be a whisker or a peen." Okay, we're all good. Well, so be it. So be it.

Ellen: If I must have Korean penises growing out of my...

Bullock: It was worth it. It was worth it. We're going straight to hell. Straight to hell.

Ellen: I'm not. I didn't do it. You are.

Bullock: Yeah. I'm going to get backstage and Laila's going to go, "Mama, why's there a penis on your face?"


Circumcision Profit Flow Chart

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What is lost to infant circumcision is far more than 'just skin.'
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