Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision

New to the subject of infant circumcision and the benefits of the prepuce (foreskin)? The following are resources many families have found useful when looking at the subject for the first time. They are meant to be a starting point into deeper investigation and further research available today.

Functions of the Foreskin:

Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis: 

Why did circumcision start as we now know it in the U.S.? Hear from some original doctors on the matter:

Faith Considerations on Circumcision (if this matters to an individual - resources by/for Jews, Christians, and Muslims):

Peer reviewed research (studies published in medical journals):

Are there medical benefits to circumcision? Read national medical statements from around the world:

Physicians' thoughts within the medical field today:

Well researched books written on the subject:

Dr. Ryan McAllister's Georgetown video lecture, Elephant in the Hospital (also included on DVD in the info pack below):

Dr. Christopher Guest's video, Circumcision: The Whole Story:

Intact Care:
Circumcision Care:

The two most common forms of circumcision in North American today: 


Plastibell: [Note that the Plastibell is the type of circumcision most often referred to as a 'no-cutting' or 'no-blood' method.]

Outcome Statistics: Circumcised and Intact:

Men speak on the subject:

Over 250,000 men are restoring some of what was lost to circumcision. It improves sex in a wide variety of ways. Google 'foreskin restoration' and check out any of these resources:

The Real Reason You're Circumcised from College Humor:

8 articles published at Psychology Today:

For those with older sons who were circumcised: 
Public Page: 
Private Discussion Group:
Related items from others with circumcised sons: 

What does this have to do with WOMEN?
Book by same title:

How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life:

Women's Health and Male Circumcision Resource List:

HIV/AIDS and the African Trials: and the HIV resource page:

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone: 

The Info Pack (includes a DVD with several videos and 80 pages of materials) or "Expecting?" New parent packets (materials without the DVDs or full articles):

Informational items:


Email at any time. We have several clinicians who volunteer their time to field questions, and if we're not able to answer, we'll seek out a place to go for further information.

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Forced Retraction of My Son: I Said NO!

By Shaina D. C. © 2016

To the health care "professionals" who forcibly retracted my 9 month olds foreskin: I said no.

I told you I did NOT want you to do that to my son.

I asked for an alternative way to collect a urine sample. I did not consent.

Yet you did it not just once, but twice. After you failed the first time, you sent in a man to do it. After he demanded, I let him, and he told me that my son should have been circumcised because now he is susceptible to getting UTIs.

You said I should be retracting his foreskin often to clean it. You lied to me and said, "When I was young it was mandatory." You are a paramedic. You are approximately 10 years older than me. Yet it seems that you know absoluetly nothing about the normal intact penis and foreskin.

I asked if you were circumcised. You said yes, of course.  I wasn't even surprised. You told me it wouldn't hurt my son. You said, "It's just a little bit."

You lied to me.

I sat there crying while my son screamed in pain, while you ripped his foreskin back, in order to shove a catheter inside him.

Even though I said no. More than once.

You laid on top if my son to prevent him from kicking and flailing from the pain. Did you even wear gloves while you assaulted my son? It was all for nothing... The urine analysis came back perfect. No issues at all.

You lied when you said it would not hurt. Six days later, and my son's penis is still red and inflamed.

He still smacks my hand away if I try to touch it to inspect it. He still screams during every poopy diaper change. You hurt my son. For nothing. Even though I said no. He felt it. He still feels it.

You preyed and targeted an emotional mother, because you didn't agree with her. You guilted her for leaving her son intact, because your pride tells you that your penis is what every penis should look like. You assisted in preforming an unnecessary procedure, without consent from an infant's parent.

You perpetuated the myths used to scare parents into mutilating their baby boys.

I am not posting this to start a debate. I am posting this to inform parents that not every health care professional knows the proper way to care for an infant with an intact penis. I am posting this because I know I am not alone. My son is not alone. This happens daily in hospitals, and many people, including myself, are too scared to speak up again or louder. I regret sitting there in fear while these health care workers hurt my baby. I betrayed my son and I couldn't protect him from the people many think they are safe with...


Happy Father's Day! #DadsSavingSons

Have a special baby-saving dad in your life? Each year we celebrate dads who really make a difference in the lives of little ones around them (2013 / 2014 / 2015). This is your chance to celebrate a father and genital autonomy advocate you know and love ~ and maybe have him win a little something in the process.

Saving Our Sons invites you to share a picture and brief story of the father you know who stands up for the basic human right of genital autonomy. Email to and we will add the son-saving dad in your life to the Real Men Save Babies album.

On Father's Day we will be drawing 10 winners from among submissions who will each win a "Thank you, Dad!" pack of advocacy items. Winners can select a favorite wristband, plus stickers or info cards to spread the #i2 love further in their communities.

Thank you to all the men and their loved ones this Father's Day who are making sure the next generation grows up with all they were born to have. ❤

If you would like to make a donation in honor of the special man in your life, we invite you to do so below or by sending via mail. We will ship "Thank you, Dad!" packs to everyone who donates on behalf of a dad (please feel free to specify wristband and stickers selection).

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
VA Beach, VA 23451

SOS operates exclusively on a grassroots volunteer and donation basis, and we work hard to be at every baby and maternity expo across the U.S. that we are able to fund; to meet with thousands of expecting parents each month; to host free classes for expecting families; to daily respond to letters, calls and email in regards to intact care and circumcision cases; to send professional materials to physicians and nursing staff who are known to be retracting babies and children; and to make a positive, pro-intact presence at every event and demonstration we're able to host, to ensure this topic stays at the forefront of discussion and social change. SOS needs typically outweigh donations, so yours is especially appreciated and will be immediately put to real-life baby-saving use! 

2016 Winners
(Drawn at on Father's Day / Check back to see winners!)
All fathers honored at: 


You Didn't Fail: Thank you for speaking up

By James Ketter © 2016

To all my intactivist friends who know what it is like to try with all your heart to educate expecting parents, to try and spare a child from genital cutting, only to learn later that his parents had him cut anyway...

I thank you. 

You should never, ever feel like YOU failed or did anything wrong.

Let me tell you, as a victim of genital cutting myself, what you did for that baby boy:

You were the only one who spoke for him at his most vulnerable.

Do you know how incredibly HUGE that is?

Do you know how important that will one day be to him?

What it will mean to him?

Let me answer that.

No one spoke out for me.
No one.
Not one single person in my entire family, group of family friends, or even my community spoke even one single word for my sake when I was vulnerable and needed protection.
Not one damn soul.
Not a syllable of protest.

YOU didn't stay silent.

YOU cared enough to make your feelings and facts known.

You were the person who put the needs of those babies ahead of your own.

You were the only one who truly granted them their humanity.

Do you know what I would give to have just one person in my life to have given me a gift like that? Just one single person in my family, or my community, who wasn't complicit, silent, or uninterested in my fate at as a human being. Do you know what it would mean to me to have just one single person in my life who actually TRIED to save me? It would mean the world.

I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about this. I have no one who even tried to speak for me. To everyone else I was nothing more than disposable property. I would kill to have someone like you in my life. Someone who cared. Even if she didn't succeed in saving me. Just to know one single person cared enough to try might be enough to change things for me immeasurably.

You didn't fail.

You are a HERO.

I love you for speaking out. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying so hard. You've given those poor boys a voice when they had none. And that means so much more than you can possibly imagine.

Also by James Ketter:

Foreskin is Better: From a man who has experienced both

I Researched Circumcision! ...Did you REALLY?

Meatal Stenosis: Growing up with circumcision pain

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Carding a Store: Tips for Effective Seed Planting

I tried (MGM Memorial)


The biggest lie told to parents...

Kathy, an R.N. in a major East Coast hospital writes:

One of the biggest lies we've been telling parents for years is, "Babies just don't like being held down." That is so far from the truth. They scream bloody murder, or pass out from the extreme pain of circumcision.

Related reading:

If this stained circumstraint could talk:

On the ethics of registered nurses assisting in infant circumcision:

The Plastibell Lie:

The day I withdrew from nursing school:

Circumcision: a male R.N.'s perspective:

If you're a nurse in practice today, or would like to share past experiences, write to Your identity will be kept private.

Foreskin is NOT Garbage! Stickering Trash Bins and Raising Awareness

A new, power-packed little sticker has hit the press, and this time it is specifically for use on trash and recycling bins! The unique idea surfaced when Liz Biggs took a walk around the city with her husband, hand full of stickers, looking for appropriate places to plant them (matching each sticker's theme with its location). Noticing the large trash bins she immediately said, "I'd like a sticker that reads, 'Foreskin is not garbage!'" Her husband loved the idea, and they started to put the pieces together for its creation as soon as they arrived home.

It is a fitting message, indeed. Too often people assume that the prepuce [foreskin] is 'just a piece of skin' - something that could be discarded without notice and never missed. Certainly the majority of parents who opt for infant circumcision are unaware of just how valuable and necessary this organ is for normal development through childhood, and sexual functioning during adulthood. The foreskin is NOT garbage; in fact, it is very valuable!

In a morbid twist, those who amputate the prepuce from newborn babies know this to be true. While some may toss the severed organ into the hospital disposal, many other institutions sell infant foreskin for use in research, generation of new skin for burn victims, or powerful anti-aging lotions and cremes used in high end cosmetics, such as SkinMedica. The foreskin is also a valuable commodity online - with markets in which it can be purchased by anyone with the cash to do so.

The stealing of foreskin from its owner (most often from a newborn baby who cannot yet speak for himself beyond his screams of agony) is one reason Liz' husband, Ron, became involved in the genital autonomy movement. He had his foreskin stolen at birth.

"I have always been unhappy that my genitals were cut at birth," Ron says. "As a child, I would hide under the stairs and look at my scar and cry. It would peel, and my skin bridge would bleed. After finding the movement online it brought back all those feelings again. I was depressed over it for a while, and knew I had to speak out."

Ron and Liz became involved in seed-planting across their area, raising awareness and leading people back to intact information so that babies all across their city are spared the same struggles and loss that Ron survived. They use stampers, stickers, cards, signs and other forms of awareness raising, and reach hundreds each month in the process. Ron continues, "This has been theraputic for me as I know my direct actions will save others from this pain."

Ron and Liz initially produced 6,000 stickers that are making their way to advocates across the U.S. and Canada. As the "NOT GARBAGE" stickers are dispersed, Ron says, "We would love to see these stickers on every garbage can and dumpster in North America. It is a tall order, but if we all work together our message will be out in plain sight for all to see." You can help make this a reality, and order a set of your own here:

If even ONE baby is spared the same pain, bleeding, emotional and physical scars that Ron and millions of other men have had to endure, these efforts will be worth it. We know that through outreach efforts such as this, the realities are that thousands will come to find the information they need before their baby is born, and as a result, not one, but countless, will grow up with intact genitals and respected autonomy.

Ron concludes, "We can do this. We can stop infant circumcision! We have already woke up so many people. My advice to new advocates is to learn as much about circumcision [and the foreskin] as you can. Know your facts and speak out. The circumcision game likes to hide in the shadows. It is time to shine the light right on it."

Got Foreskin? graphic originally by Intact Quad Cities
Volunteer with your local chapter:

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