The biggest lie told to parents...

Kathy, an R.N. in a major East Coast hospital writes:

One of the biggest lies we've been telling parents for years is, "Babies just don't like being held down." That is so far from the truth. They scream bloody murder, or pass out from the extreme pain of circumcision.

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Foreskin is NOT Garbage! Stickering Trash Bins and Raising Awareness

A new, power-packed little sticker has hit the press, and this time it is specifically for use on trash and recycling bins! The unique idea surfaced when Liz Biggs took a walk around the city with her husband, hand full of stickers, looking for appropriate places to plant them (matching each sticker's theme with its location). Noticing the large trash bins she immediately said, "I'd like a sticker that reads, 'Foreskin is not garbage!'" Her husband loved the idea, and they started to put the pieces together for its creation as soon as they arrived home.

It is a fitting message, indeed. Too often people assume that the prepuce [foreskin] is 'just a piece of skin' - something that could be discarded without notice and never missed. Certainly the majority of parents who opt for infant circumcision are unaware of just how valuable and necessary this organ is for normal development through childhood, and sexual functioning during adulthood. The foreskin is NOT garbage; in fact, it is very valuable!

In a morbid twist, those who amputate the prepuce from newborn babies know this to be true. While some may toss the severed organ into the hospital disposal, many other institutions sell infant foreskin for use in research, generation of new skin for burn victims, or powerful anti-aging lotions and cremes used in high end cosmetics, such as SkinMedica. The foreskin is also a valuable commodity online - with markets in which it can be purchased by anyone with the cash to do so.

The stealing of foreskin from its owner (most often from a newborn baby who cannot yet speak for himself beyond his screams of agony) is one reason Liz' husband, Ron, became involved in the genital autonomy movement. He had his foreskin stolen at birth.

"I have always been unhappy that my genitals were cut at birth," Ron says. "As a child, I would hide under the stairs and look at my scar and cry. It would peel, and my skin bridge would bleed. After finding the movement online it brought back all those feelings again. I was depressed over it for a while, and knew I had to speak out."

Ron and Liz became involved in seed-planting across their area, raising awareness and leading people back to intact information so that babies all across their city are spared the same struggles and loss that Ron survived. They use stampers, stickers, cards, signs and other forms of awareness raising, and reach hundreds each month in the process. Ron continues, "This has been theraputic for me as I know my direct actions will save others from this pain."

Ron and Liz initially produced 6,000 stickers that are making their way to advocates across the U.S. and Canada. As the "NOT GARBAGE" stickers are dispersed, Ron says, "We would love to see these stickers on every garbage can and dumpster in North America. It is a tall order, but if we all work together our message will be out in plain sight for all to see." You can help make this a reality, and order a set of your own here:

If even ONE baby is spared the same pain, bleeding, emotional and physical scars that Ron and millions of other men have had to endure, these efforts will be worth it. We know that through outreach efforts such as this, the realities are that thousands will come to find the information they need before their baby is born, and as a result, not one, but countless, will grow up with intact genitals and respected autonomy.

Ron concludes, "We can do this. We can stop infant circumcision! We have already woke up so many people. My advice to new advocates is to learn as much about circumcision [and the foreskin] as you can. Know your facts and speak out. The circumcision game likes to hide in the shadows. It is time to shine the light right on it."

Got Foreskin? graphic originally by Intact Quad Cities
Volunteer with your local chapter:

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What I thought circumcision was...

What I thought circumcision was...

A Saving Our Sons reader passed this onto us with a note, "I've been wanting to draw this for a while now. Look at how ridiculous my mental image of circumcision was! I can't be the only one..."

When a cutting culture constantly reiterates to people that the foreskin is "just a flap of skin" and that the process of circumcision is "just a snip" this is the mental image that is created. Believing such myths is common, and not far fetched given the way that North American society presents such things. 

The reality is that the foreskin is rich with purpose and reason for being - this organ is vital to normal development in infancy and childhood, and sexual functioning in adulthood. 

The reality is that circumcision is the most brutal way to bring a baby into the world - it is a horrific and painful assault upon the sensitive body of a newborn. An ordeal most adults would barely survive... 

Left: normal intact baby boys
Right Top: circumcised via Plastibell
Right Bottom: circumcised via Gomco

Postcards available for teaching purposes at Etsy:

Foreskin coverage of the adult penis.


Foreskin is Better: From a man who has experienced both

By James Ketter © 2016

I've restored my foreskin.

I cannot restore the lost nerve endings.
I cannot restore the lost blood flow.
I cannot restore the extremely sensitive and vital penile frenulum, or the sexually vital ridged band.

What I have restored is the protective covering and the rolling gliding action of my lost body part. I can tell you unequivocally, having a foreskin with only partial function is vastly more pleasurable, comfortable and satisfying than remaining in the circumcised state.

I know 100% what the circumcised male goes through. The painful erections because of the tight skin. The lack of fine touch sensors making me completely blind to the subtle sexual signals of my partner. Watching my partner wince in pain when my dry member scrapes her vaginal walls because I lack the frictionless rolling bearing that was my foreskin, my missing contribution to our shared need for comfortable sex.

I know what it feels like to suffer from a narrow urethra and meatal stenosis because my exposed glans rubbed the inside of my clothes non-stop throughout the day.

Foreskin is better. 

Light years better. No one should ever have had the right to take this from me. It is MY BODY. It is, and always was, my choice about sexual body modifications. I would no more have agreed to be circumcised than I would have agreed to have the ends of my fingers cut off.

The only reason a man can claim he is cut and he is fine (something I used to cowardly claim as well) is if he never investigates what he is actually missing, and if he blindly accepts the symptoms of genital cutting as the price of being male. The moment he learns that painful and difficult sex is not how he was born, and he learns exactly what he was denied, will be the exact moment he will turn on the people who cut him and demand an explanation.

More and more men are learning the truth each and every day. More and more men are demanding that it is their body and it should be their choice. Circumcision is a sexual body modification that takes the best part of the penis and replaces it with a dry and numb scar.

The future is intact.

It is time to decide if you are on the side of history that honors a person's right to choose what happens to their own body [body autonomy], or the side of history that will be condemned to the dark corners of the history books -- the parts we read and stare at in wonder, not able to understand how human beings could ever be so stupid and cruel.

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