What I thought circumcision was...

What I thought circumcision was...

A Saving Our Sons reader passed this onto us with a note, "I've been wanting to draw this for a while now. Look at how ridiculous my mental image of circumcision was! I can't be the only one..."

When a cutting culture constantly reiterates to people that the foreskin is "just a flap of skin" and that the process of circumcision is "just a snip" this is the mental image that is created. Believing such myths is common, and not far fetched given the way that North American society presents such things. 

The reality is that the foreskin is rich with purpose and reason for being - this organ is vital to normal development in infancy and childhood, and sexual functioning in adulthood. 

The reality is that circumcision is the most brutal way to bring a baby into the world - it is a horrific and painful assault upon the sensitive body of a newborn. An ordeal most adults would barely survive... 

Left: normal intact baby boys
Right Top: circumcised via Plastibell
Right Bottom: circumcised via Gomco

Postcards available for teaching purposes at Etsy:

Foreskin coverage of the adult penis.


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