SOS Lost Accounts

July 2018 Update: Saving Our Sons has been the target of online bullying for a second time. We have lost our second Google account, as the result of a few individuals mass-flagging materials at Saving Our Sons. We are taking steps to raise funding to move all host materials to non-Google domains to ensure this does not happen again, however, the cost of private hosting is significantly more, and the process of moving 11 years worth of material is a very large endeavor. If you benefit from Saving Our Sons and would like to support the work we do - both grassroots, on the ground, with expos, events, and education, and our online presence, please see the SOS Support page. We cannot do this alone.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we re-build once again. During this time there will be photos missing from the website that were housed on our Google account. If there is an article missing images that you wish to share right away, please email SavingSons (at) and we will rebuild that article immediately.

Saving Our Sons has recently been the target of online bullying. As a result, our primary Google account, all related email, and some public photos are currently unable to be accessed. If you’ve emailed SOS, recently requested materials from SOS, or were a 2017 Genital Integrity Awareness Week supporter, and you’ve not heard back or received items via mail, please forward or resend your email to SavingSons{at}

This also applies to photographers who have sent photos with permission to use; parents who've written with stories or photos to share; guest authors with materials you're interested in publishing at, those wanting to honor sons in "Our Sons" album, etc.

Thank you for your patience as we work to rebuild, reconnect with everyone, and we are very sorry for this extreme inconvenience.

Note: This also impacts countless photos at We will be working to replace photos and graphics as quickly as we are able. If you see an article with missing photographs after this week, please email the link to SavingSons{at}

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