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Upon requests for banners/signs, this page has been added. We are always happy to send banner/sign files so that you can print your own as well. Email to receive files for your own production.

If you would like to order through the company that makes our signs, the following are those that are currently available, and the amount they cost to produce (standard 10 day shipping included) with our non-profit discount. There is *no profit* made on these signs, nor are they sold, made, or shipped from SOS. They exist exclusively for awareness-raising efforts and are gathered here as a means of helping advocates get the resources they need for education and awareness purposes.

The signs are outdoor/all-weather quality, double sided and in full color. The banners are extra thick, outdoor/all-weather quality, single sided, in full color with metal grommets across the top and bottom for hanging or mounting. Signs and banners are made to last for many years worth of outdoor and indoor use.

All signs and banners will be delivered directly to you in approximately 10 business days. They will arrive via UPS or FedEx. Please include your mailing name, address and phone number for FedEx when ordering. Expedited shipping is available upon request (5 day; 3 day).

To order: email with your sign/banner selection and mailing information or include a note via PayPal. To pay for signs/banners:

1) Log onto
2) Click the "Send Money" tab to "Friends/Family"
3) Enter in
4) Put in the amount for the signs/banners you are ordering

OR send by mail to:

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Info cards, magnets, bracelets, pens and other intact awareness raising items can be found here

If you need a different size or have an idea for a banner you would like, email

A special THANK YOU to the parents who have sent in photos/graphics of their beautiful babies below for this educational effort! 

* Note: All banners are heavy, outdoor, weather-proof vinyl and come with metal grommets in place. They last for several years worth of use and roll up easily for shipping/carrying. See How to Hang a March Banner for instructions on use.

4 FOOT BANNERS: $40 (shipping included)
(To add your local chapter or change wording, email

6 FOOT BANNERS: $45 (shipping included)

(above: chapter can be changed or removed)
(above: chapter can be changed or removed)
(above: chapter can be changed or removed)
(above banner for tabling event)

 8 FOOT BANNERS: $50 (shipping included)

LARGE SIGNS: $21 each 
(shipping included)
27 x 18 inches in size
* Note: All signs are outdoor, heavy duty, double-thick, weather proof quality (similar to a yard sign).
They are each printed in full color on both sides (this costs slightly more but ensures a sign is seen from both sides). You can place thin, round wooden or metal rods into the horizontal signs for ease of holding. You can also get a yard sign holder for $3 additional (horizontal signs only). These signs do not bend, but can be shipped or carried flat and last for several years.
Each sign can have a different image on two sides.
Email to customize with your local chapter/change text.

(To request a different color, email

SMALL SIGNS: $15 each
18 x 12 inches in size
These signs are identical to the large signs in construction, but they are smaller in size.
Some were created for children to hold/carry during marches and demonstrations.
Please include $3 additional for graphics work when making changes to the URLs


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