How to Frame a March / Demonstration Banner

The purpose of this post is to provide a brief, easy tutorial for one of the most simple and effective ways to mount the banners we use at demonstrations, rallies and marches. This framework set up was contrived by David Wilson of Stop Infant Circumcision Society, and is one we've used for several years. You can find discounted signs and banners available through the printer that Saving Our Sons uses at this page.

Items Needed:

7 PVC pipes - 3 cut to the height of your banner; 4 cut to fit 1/2 the length of your banner each
4 corner PVC connectors
2 PVC t-connectors
4 corner secures tabs (these come with the banners we have made)
4-8 zip ties OR 4 screws, 4 washers and a drill
clear packing tape (optional)

Step One:

Secure corner tabs into corners of your banner with tabs sticking out. These can be cut off or ignored if you are using the center hole to hang (recommended). Punch a hole in the center of the tab.

Step Two: 

Measure your banner in inches from corner hole to corner hole. You will need piping that fits this length and height. Purchase 3 pieces of PVC pipe (approximately 1/2-1 inch in size for a banner up to 8 feet) that fit the height of your banner. Purchase 4 pieces of PVC pipe that are each 1/2 the length of your banner (hole to hole). The PVC frame will be behind the banner's edge, so it is important to measure hole to hole, and not edge to edge. 

Step Three: 

Lay out your PVC pipe as it fits around the outside of your banner, and one down the center. Attach the 4 corner pieces and 2 top and bottom connector pieces. This center piece helps to secure the banner, keep it upright, and gives something to hold onto in the middle. Connect all piping. 

Step Four:

Lay your banner upside down, with the frame around the back side of the banner. Secure the corners to the frame. You can use zip ties through the holes and around the pipe (1-2 per corner) for fast and easy securing. These will be cut when you take the frame down, so purchase a bundle that can be used if you'll be using the banner frame more than once (and bring a scissors or knife and small trash bag with you to the rally site).

A second option for securing the corners - and one that works slightly better for a secure fit, but takes a bit more prep and time is to use 4 screws and washers for the corners. Drill a hole that is slightly smaller than your screw in each corner of the PVC at the same location as the hole on the corner. Lay washers over holes to reinforce and screw screws in.

Step Five:

You may or may not wish to reinforce the top and/or bottom center of your banner with a strip of clear packing tape. Depending on the length of your banner, this may or may not be needed.

We recommend bringing along a small bag to keep all your parts, rubber bands for rolling/securing your banner, and tape to tape together the PVC pipe when it is not being used for easy storing.

Now you are set. Have an excellent march! And send us a photo - we'd love to see you in action. ✰

Danelle Frisbie in front of the U.S. Capitol during Men's Health Week, 2012


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