Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision

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Thank you for your gift to Saving Our Sons. Saving Our Sons carefully assesses the impact of every single dollar spent, to ensure gifts are used in the most wise way possible. By doing so we are able to make the most effective use of any donation for the sake of babies and future men saved!

Saving Our Sons is now able to accept support via Venmo: @SavingSons (last four -5116)

Your donation will be put to immediate, real-life, baby-saving use in one of the following ways: 

*Maternity, Baby, and Family Expo Registration and Materials, freely given to thousands of expecting and new families (Saving Our Sons has on-the-gound intact chapters in every U.S. state, Canada, Australia, the U.K, Africa, South Korea, and Puerto Rico). We register for and attend as many maternity, baby and family expos as we are able to raise funding for. This impact is thee most significant way to change the greatest number of new parents hearts/minds who would otherwise never receive the intact message. Expositions play a vital role in saving babies from genital cutting, and ensuring tomorrow's men remain intact, and the need for SOS expos is great. Example: the cost of one temporary billboard ($4-8K) would otherwise cover between 40-60 full maternity and baby expos, where SOS volunteers meet one-on-one with thousands of expecting mothers at each. Expo booths are by and large the most impacting steps we can take toward a future intact nation.

*Intact Info Packs, books, USB videos, intact care items, materials sent to those who've requested but cannot otherwise access them (or those who've had a relative/friend request items be sent). Most pressing are the needs for reaching families whose babies are in the NICU and remain intact, but undecided about circumcision. Our materials are quality and proven - they do change minds and hearts for those who go through them. 

*SOS Odyssey Rallies and the Intact Traveling Billboards! We reach many thousands of people with each stop along the SOS Odyssey, and the Traveling Billboards are impossible to miss. For these to happen in your area, we only need funding for gas and lodging for hosts. In most cases, $1K covers 6-8 large cities, with over 200,000+ seeing the intact message - often for their first time! SOS Odyssey FB page. To give directly toward the Traveling Billboards, and tell us you'd like the Odyssey to come to your state, please note your city/state: The advantage of the SOS Odyssey and traveling billboards over a temporary, stationary billboard is that it is not ignored, is seen by thousands for a fraction of the cost, and is delivered in a pro-intact manner that we've found opens minds/hearts and evokes positive, powerful change. 

*Awareness raising rallies for genital autonomy. Saving Our Sons hosts respectful pro-autonomy rallies and info tables in front of major conventions (AAP, CDC, ACOG, International AIDS Conference, College of Nurse-Midwives) and in large cities and high traffic areas (Men's Health Week, Genital Integrity Awareness Week, The Grand Intact Stand). During these rallies we take a professional, educational approach to awareness raising and pass out hundreds of informational items each day, having countless one-on-one constructive and respectful conversations with passerbys and conference attendees. The ripple effect is great! Physicians are people too, and most have a vested interest in the wellbeing of their patients, and their personal, ethical practice. 

*Prevention Care and Don't Retract Packs for physicians. Between SOS, The Intact Network's State Chapters, and Peaceful Parenting, we receive approximately 15 reports each week of physicians or clinical staff who are forcibly retracting children, or encouraging parents to do so with their baby. These packs are put together by clinicians volunteering with SOS and the Medical Professionals for Genital Autonomy, and they are well received - often making a real change in patient protocol. We also send Prevention Care packs to physicians when a new family is going to start using their care services, so that they are well informed on intact care and normal development ahead of time. We would like to ship regardless of a family's ability to cover the $4 cost, but need people to come on board and support this effort. Also at Etsy.

*Continuation of the,, and websites and the re-direction of circumcision domains back to pro-intact material. Continuing the compelling content that comes from Saving Our SonsThe Intact Network, Peaceful Parenting, and all the Intact Chapters (Intact Texas, Intact Michigan, Intact Virginia, Intact Connecticut, etc.) - regularly reaching an audience of over 350,000+ individuals, and providing advocates with gentle, research-based resources they can be confident in sharing with friends, family, clients and patients. 

By giving to Saving Our Sons, you are ensuring that every dollar goes directly into saving a baby from genital cutting. We change the cultural mindset about the intact male body and foreskin to be one that is positive and productive, and empower forward momentum as we become an INTACT nation again! 

Thank you for being an important part of this SOS mission.
Meet some of the little ones saved by SOS here.

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Sponsor a Son
The following expecting families are those in need of a sponsor. If you would like to provide materials  for a particular family on this list, please include a note with your gift of $18 or more, or email We connect these families to a local educator and ensure they receive materials in hands (usually this is in the form of a book, info pack, DVD, and small supplies for their new baby - a welcoming gift packed with intact information) If you HAVE a need, please email as well. :) 

A - first baby, WI

K - second boy, mom wanting to convince dad (WV)

M- single mom in VA

*Note: NICU babies who have been born, with parents still deciding take precedence as they are closest to being cut. We try to get materials to their parents first.

Saving Our Sons' Intact Chapters
The Intact Network's Chapters use donated funds to register and host intact booths at maternity and baby expos, meeting with thousands of expecting families in the process.  Chapters operate by local volunteers with a heart for babies and donations to Saving Our Sons.

Intact Minnesota - Twin Cities Birth & Babies Expo - $74 remaining need (Updated 11.28.23) | Support MN

Intact North Carolina at NC Pride Intact Booth (Duke University Campus) - $85 remaining need for registration/materials (Updated: 11.28.23) | Support NC

Intact Oklahoma - Tulsa Baby Expo - $105 remaining need (Update: 11.28.23) | Support OK

Intact Idaho - BabyPalooza - $75 remaining need (Update: 11.28.23) | Support Idaho

Intact Virginia - MommyCon DC; Chesapeake New Baby Expo, HR Pride, World Breastfeeding Week Intact Info Booth - $485 remaining need (Update: 11.28.23) | Support Virginia

American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Conference / Rally for Genital Autonomy; $50 for materials remains (Update: 11.28.23) | Support the AAFP Rally for Genital Autonomy

Upcoming Events

Many maternity and family expos across the nation where we set up Intact Booths! Please give to Saving Our Sons to support these events. 

SOS Odyssey: Traveling Rallies - Details & Support

Genital Integrity Awareness Week - Washington D.C.  (Annual week-long March Event) | Support GIAW | 

Worldwide Week of Genital Autonomy - (Annual May Event) | Support WWWGA / [ACOG and WWWGA took us over budget this past year with a remaining balance of $390 to pay off so we can look ahead to next year!  Updated: 11.28.23] 

Men's Health Week - Washington D.C. (Annual week-long June event) | Support Men's Health Week 

To share with friends and family:

THANK YOU to our recent sponsors saving babies from genital cutting!

B - first baby, currently in the NICU (Madison, WI) / given by Earth Mama Birth & the SoShe birth app

L - preemie baby boy at CHKD, mom still deciding (VA) / give by Earth Mama Birth & the SoShe birth app

Intact Info Stampers

All items can be found at Etsy
Please request custom phrases via message at Etsy.

All stampers available in black, blue or red ink
Click any given image to be taken to its Etsy listing.

*All stampers available in BLACKBLUE, or RED self-inking*

Genital Autonomy is a Human Right.
Say NO to circumcision.

No medical organization in the world recommends infant circumcision.
Bring your whole baby home.

Be Wise - Don't Circumcise!

All babies are born perfect! Say NO to circumcision.

Snuggles, Not Scalpels

Circumcision? YouTube: Elephant in the Hospital

Google: American Circumcision

Foreskin is NOT a birth defect.

Love him, Don't cut him.

Bring your WHOLE baby home.

*All stampers available in BLACKBLUE, or RED self-inking*
Click image to be taken to stamper's Etsy listing.
Break the Cycle - say NO to circumcision

Foreskin is Fabulous!

No Disease? No Consent? No Surgery!

Boys Aren't Born Broken

Boys are Born Perfect, too!

Love Babies?

Defend HIS Freedom - Say NO to circumcision.

Slice Pizza, Not Babies
say NO to circumcision

Genital Mutilation doesn't only happen to girls.

Genital Mutilation isn't only forced on females.

Male Genital Cutting: I did NOT consent.

Circumcision: I did NOT consent

His Body • His Choice
say NO to circumcision

Nobody Wants LESS Penis


Question Circumcision

Whose Penis, Whose Rights?

Men DO Complain
say NO to circumcision

Breastfeeding for All.
Circumcision for None.

Human Milk and Intact Bodies for All.

All stampers available in blackblue or red ink.
Select color of your choice by clicking the Etsy image above.
Intact Info Stamper lasts 2-3 years with normal use. Self-inking mechanism.
Available in BLACKBLUE or RED ink.

Please request custom/new phrases at Etsy.

Check by mail with note of your request to:
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach VA 23451

[Note: The Where's George? (US) and Where's Willy? (CAN) websites discuss the reasons stamping money is legal. This stamp can also be used for a variety of other items. Stampers only work on paper bills - ink does not stick to plastic bills in Canada, for example.]

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