12 INTACT Days of Christmas

12 INTACT Days of Christmas!
Words by Danelle Day

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On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

A Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening, 
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening, 
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Seven GA Laws Passed,
Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Eighth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Eight AAP Changes,
Seven GA Laws Passed,
Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos, 
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby! 

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Nine Stores to Card,
Eight AAP Changes,
Seven GA Laws Passed,
Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Ten Foreskin-Friendly Docs,
Nine Stores to Card,
Eight AAP Changes,
Seven GA Laws Passed,
Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby! 

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Eleven Demonstrators,
Ten Foreskin-Friendly Docs,
Nine Stores to Card, 
Eight AAP Changes,
Seven GA Laws Passed,
Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby! 

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 

Twelve Sons Now Saved,
Eleven Demonstrators, 
Ten Foreskin-Friendly Docs,
Nine Stores to Card, 
Eight AAP Changes, 
Seven GA Laws Passed,
Six Men Taking Down Morris,
Five Restoration Devices!
Four Parents Listening,
Three Baby Expos,
Two Info Packs
And a Happy, Healthy INTACT Baby! 

"If boys were meant to have foreskin, we'd be born with it" onesie from Made By Momma

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Happy Holidays!

☃ Saving Our Sons began in 2008, and since that time our work has been led by a handful of volunteers, educators, and professionals striving to empower parents, raise awareness, and make life better for babies and children, and men they become.

While the online Saving Our Sons community has grown to over 90,000, and includes a wide and diverse audience, there is still a very small number handling everything here at 'home base' -- keeping the underlying foundation of SOS a positive, proactive, and pro-intact one.

We operate solely by volunteers and donation, and the past 9+ years are testimony of the baby-saving ripple effect that a small few can have with devotion, action, and a pooling of hearts and resources.

With this in mind, we *love* hearing from families who have found Saving Our Sons over the years and have had their lives touched by SOS in one way or another. It is a blessing to correspond with you, to work together in this global effort, as well as at the grassroots level, and we always look forward to hearing from you. If you are sending greetings at this time of year, we would love to hear from you. ❤

Saving Our Sons 
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We will write back!

❄ Have a blessed holiday season. ❄ 

You Didn't Fail: Thank you for speaking up

By James Ketter © 2016

To all my intactivist friends who know what it is like to try with all your heart to educate expecting parents, to try and spare a child from genital cutting, only to learn later that his parents had him cut anyway...

I thank you. 

You should never, ever feel like YOU failed or did anything wrong.

Let me tell you, as a victim of genital cutting myself, what you did for that baby boy:

You were the only one who spoke for him at his most vulnerable.

Do you know how incredibly HUGE that is?

Do you know how important that will one day be to him?

What it will mean to him?

Let me answer that.

No one spoke out for me.
No one.
Not one single person in my entire family, group of family friends, or even my community spoke even one single word for my sake when I was vulnerable and needed protection.
Not one damn soul.
Not a syllable of protest.

YOU didn't stay silent.

YOU cared enough to make your feelings and facts known.

You were the person who put the needs of those babies ahead of your own.

You were the only one who truly granted them their humanity.

Do you know what I would give to have just one person in my life to have given me a gift like that? Just one single person in my family, or my community, who wasn't complicit, silent, or uninterested in my fate at as a human being. Do you know what it would mean to me to have just one single person in my life who actually TRIED to save me? It would mean the world.

I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about this. I have no one who even tried to speak for me. To everyone else I was nothing more than disposable property. I would kill to have someone like you in my life. Someone who cared. Even if she didn't succeed in saving me. Just to know one single person cared enough to try might be enough to change things for me immeasurably.

You didn't fail.

You are a HERO.

I love you for speaking out. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying so hard. You've given those poor boys a voice when they had none. And that means so much more than you can possibly imagine.

"Any time you speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, you are heroically impacting lives and changing the world." -Danelle Day

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How to put a condom on an intact penis

Most of the world's sexually active men are happily intact for a lifetime. And because the majority of today's parents in the United States are also keeping their sons intact, future generations of men in the U.S. will come into maturity with all they were meant to have as well -- making the following useful information to know.

How to put a condom on an intact penis:

Circumstraint Patent and Origin

By Brian Brown © 2016

Is the Olympic Circumstraint a medieval torture device or piece of modern medical equipment? It is difficult to tell, but one thing is for certain: the grave horrors this board has witnessed pale most other traumas that are needlessly inflicted upon the bodies of newborn babies in North America.

Pictured above is the original blueprint of the circumstraint - a retraining board used most often for forced genital cutting of infants. Although the design has changed since its inception in 1953, the intent has not - it is an effective way to immobilize a small infant. 

The patents reads (in part): 
An infant immobilizing device particularly suited to the performance of circumcision and other operations upon small infants for which general anesthesia is not necessary or advisable.  
...substantially complete immobility is achieved.  
[The size is ideal.] This is true since operations of this type are usually performed in the first two weeks of life but not until the infants weight has increased to about seven pounds. It is found, therefore, that a retaining depression 10b cupped approximately to fit an average eight-pound infant will do well for the majority of cases. 
While fairly close conformity of the depression walls to the body contour is desirable to minimize freedom of movement of the child, nevertheless a small amount of clearance from the infants body along the depression walls is not objectionable in that regard and is actually preferred to an excessively tight fit creating discomfiture for lack of air circulation around the skin. The walls of the depression should extend well up around the sides of the body members to furnish lateral restraint against physical movement, but should otherwise leave the body exposed as much as possible for access by the surgeon.

Interestingly, the patent makes no mention of the sex of the child that this device is appropriate for. In post-war America, it was perfectly legal to immobilize any infant for the purpose of cutting their genitals – male, female, or intersex. Females finally gained legal protection in 1997 from this medieval practice in the United States. Isn’t it time we extend the basic right of genital autonomy to all? 

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Author and genital cutting survivor, Patricia Robinett, speaks about her own forced circumcision: youtube.com/watch?v=50BaM7H2GLI 

An anonymous nurse describes the horror of genital cutting upon the circumstraint: SavingSons.org/2012/06/if-this-stained-circumstraint-could.html

FGM Bill of the United States: DrMomma.org/2016/03/female-genital-mutilation-fgm-bill-of.html

Olympic Circumstraint patent: google.com/patents/US2751268

Also by Brown: 

Circumstraint Product Description

Born Perfect Cloth Diaper

We've teamed up with Stink Bombs Cloth Diapers to create the perfect fluff for your little one! The Saving Our Sons Born Perfect cloth diaper is up for pre-sale at a discounted rate of $12.99 February 15 - March 1.

Each colorful, fully adjustable with snaps, pocket diaper comes with one microfiber insert. Shipping is $3 per order (for as many diapers as you'd like). SOS Born Perfect diapers will ship at the conclusion of Genital Integrity Awareness Week (approximately 4 weeks post-presale).

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Add $12.99 per diaper + $3 shipping per order going to the same address when figuring your check-out total. If you are donating beyond the cost of your diaper(s), please include a note. We'd love to hear from you, and will respond via email.

Saving Our Sons
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After pre-sales have concluded, SOS Born Perfect diapers retail at $14.99 and will be available through Etsy at Stink Bombs Cloth Diapers or Saving Our Sons, where Stink Bombs will donate a portion of each sale back to the baby-saving work of Saving Our Sons.

We look forward to seeing your little cutie in their new BORN PERFECT fluff!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Cloth diapering families are welcome to join the intact-friendly Cloth Diapering Group on Facebook.

Channeling Righteous Anger for Effective Baby Saving

It takes a lot of deep breaths, and stepping away after seeds are planted, but in the end we will save FAR more babies if we can rein in the blood-curdling passion so that it is channeled in an effective, rational, calm manner.

If the end goal is "SAVE ALL THE BABIES!!!!!" it must be done in a fashion that is very cautious, planned, purposeful, and professional and/or gentle (audience dependent, and audience aware).

Inside I am deeply outraged with every fiber of my being that newborn babies every day are sexually assaulted with a blade. I can viscerally feel their pain, knowing what it is like to be a survivor of similar horrors. It is one of the very reasons I began this work over 24 years ago. But if I spill this anger over onto everyone I meet, and come across as an intense, crazy person, then people tune out, turn away, shut down, and nothing beneficial comes of it all. This is how babies are lost.

The key is figuring out how to do the most good, for the most people, to save the most babies, and process our internal (righteous) anger and passion along the way. Humans do not respond well to negative aggression, but they do (more often than not) respond to positive empowerment.

-Danelle Day

Above sticker available at Etsy for seed-planting in your area.


From Peaceful Birth to Circumcision Trauma

By Rosemary Romberg,
author of Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma

In his book, Birth Without Violence, Frédérick Leboyer M.D., highlighted for a 1970s nation just how calm and at peace babies can be when they are handled gently at birth and beyond. 

After the beautiful, peaceful home birth of my 3rd son in 1977:

In the days that follow, my baby sleeps and nurses peacefully and never leaves my side. I had always thought that newborn babies were squalling little bundles of appetite and nerves that did not become cute or enjoyable until they were about two to three months old. But this little baby evokes an ethereal tranquility that I have never seen before. He drifts between sleep and wakefulness and makes little smiles just like the pictures in Dr. Leboyer’s book -- totally happy and trusting of this world.

After his circumcision one week later:

My baby’s screams fill the entire building!

The nurse leads us back into the room.

My baby is lying on the table. A diaper is half around him. The end of his penis is bright red!

There is blood on the diaper!

He is crying pitifully -- a high-pitched wail that I have never heard out of him before.

I pick him up, and embrace his tiny body close to mine. “Oh, no! Don’t hold him like that!” the doctor warns me. I shouldn’t put pressure on his wound. So I cradle him in my arms as the doctor leads us into another room. As soon as we sit down I start to nurse him.

Weeks later, my baby was to start cooing and smiling, like all normal, healthy babies. But I was never to see those beautiful, mystic, Leboyer newborn-baby smiles again. He was past his pain, but my own heart was to ache about this for a long time.

Again and again I was to ask myself, “Why?” Why did I have the courage and resolve to go outside the medical system and have a homebirth, but was unable to question this?

Why was it so important to me to have his birth be totally peaceful in so many ways, with dim lights, soft voices, and no silver nitrate, and then turn around and do this?

Why, when I had been a childbirth educator for several years, when I have gone out of my way to educate and inform myself about so many things concerning birth and babies, when I am probably more knowledgeable about most of these matters than 99% of all parents, did I still know virtually nothing about circumcision...?

Research the functions of foreskin - the reason all babies on earth are born with this organ - and the realities of circumcision.

• Functions of the Foreskin: http://www.DrMomma.org/2009/09/functions-of-foreskin-purposes-of.html

• Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis: http://www.DrMomma.org/2011/08/intact-or-circumcised-significant.html

• Foreskin and its 16+ Functions (not 'just skin'): http://www.SavingSons.org/2015/09/foreskin-and-its-16-functions-not-just.html

Hear from more parents who share their circumcision regret and the aftermath of its impact on their babies: http://www.DrMomma.org/2010/05/i-circumcised-my-son-healing-from.html

All women should feel this...

"Remind me to thank your mom again for not circumcising you... all women should feel this!"

The creator of this meme remains unknown, but there is powerful cultural mind-change that occurs when we start sharing the real BENEFITS that come to adults - men and their partners - when the body is kept the way it is meant to be for a lifetime. Everyone deserves to experience sexual pleasure in the way they were designed to experience it -- with fully intact genitals for themselves and their partner(s).

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Penis 101: How circumcision changes form and function: DrMomma.org/2009/10/change-in-how-intercourse-works.html

Nawal El Saadawi, Champion for Genital Autonomy of All, Passes Away at Age 89

"Male circumcision is a problem too. I am against that as well, as a doctor." -Nawal El Saadawi
"Male circumcision is a problem too. I am against that as well, as a doctor." -Nawal El Saadawi 

Nawal El Saadawi, who has been a lifetime warrior to end FGM, passed away today at age 89. Eleven years ago she specifically addressed the topic of ending MGM as well in an interview (below), and repeatedly through her life's work, she expressed that she wholeheartedly believed that the genital cutting of all children was equally as horrific, dangerous, and in need of being stopped. Nawal was a champion for the genital autonomy and protection of all babies and children, regardless of sex or age. 

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Intact: Healthy, Happy, Whole community learning group

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Nawal was a champion for the genital autonomy and protection of all babies and children, regardless of sex or age.

News Excerpts

Egypt’s trailblazing writer Nawal El Saadawi died on Sunday at the age of 89, after a lifetime spent fighting for women’s rights and equality. The feminist author of more than 55 books first spotlighted the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) with The Hidden Face of Eve in 1980. 

A trained doctor, El Saadawi also campaigned against women wearing the veil, polygamy and inequality in Islamic inheritance rights between men and women. She died in a Cairo hospital after a long battle against illness. 

Born in October 1931 in a village in the Nile delta, north of Cairo, El Saadawi studied medicine at Cairo University and New York’s Columbia University. The novelist, who wrote regularly for Egyptian newspapers, also worked as a psychiatrist and university lecturer. One of the leading feminists of her generation, El Saadawi’s 1972 book Women and Sex unleashed a backlash of criticism and condemnation from Egypt’s political and religious establishment, resulting in the activist losing her job at the health ministry. 

She was jailed for two months in 1981 by the late president Anwar Sadat during a wide political crackdown in which several intellectuals were detained. While imprisoned, El Saadawi wrote about her experience in Memoirs from the Women’s Prison, writing on a roll of toilet paper using an eyebrow pencil smuggled in by a fellow prisoner. The writer became a target of Islamist militants, with her name on death lists that included Egyptian Nobel literature laureate Naguib Mahfouz, who in 1994 was stabbed in an attempt on his life. “This refusal to criticise religion … This is not liberalism. This is censorship,” she said. 

Speaking to the Guardian in 2009, she said: “I regret none of my 47 books. If I started my life again I would write the same books. They are all very relevant even today: the issues of gender, class, colonialism (although of course that was British and is now American), female genital mutilation, male genital mutilation, capitalism, sexual rape and economic rape.” 

After undergoing female genital mutilation at the age of six, and seeing the damage it could do during her work as a village doctor, she campaigned against the practice. “Since I was a child that deep wound left in my body has never healed,” she wrote in an autobiography. 

El Saadawi also established and led the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association, as well as co-founding the Arab Association for Human Rights. El Saadawi moved to North Carolina’s Duke University in 1993 due to death threats. After returning to Egypt, she ran for president in 2005 but abandoned her campaign after accusing security forces of not allowing her to hold rallies. In 2007, she was condemned by Egypt’s highest Sunni Muslim authority, Al-Azhar, for her play God Resigns at the Summit Meeting – in which God is questioned by Jewish, Muslim and Christian prophets and finally quits. Her views resulted in her facing several legal challenges, including allegations of apostasy from Islamists. 

Despite challenges from authorities, the writer said in 2010 that she was motivated to keep going by the daily letters she received from people who say their lives have been changed by her writing. “A young man came to me in Cairo with his new bride. He said, I want to introduce my wife to you and thank you. Your books have made me a better man. Because of them I wanted to marry not a slave, but a free woman.” 

In 2005, El Saadawi was awarded the Inana International Prize in Belgium, a year after she received the North-South prize from the Council of Europe. In 2020, Time Magazine named her on their 100 Women of the Year list. Egypt’s culture minister, Inas Abdel-Dayem, mourned El Saadawi’s passing, saying her writings had given rise to a great intellectual movement. 

El Saadawi married three times, and is survived by a daughter and a son.

The Global Dispatches (2010 Interview): http://www.theglobaldispatches.com/articles/nawal-al-saadawi

What are you working on at the moment? 

I write an article every Tuesday for an independent daily in Cairo called Al Masry Al Youm, it is an opposition paper. I also wrote a novel while I was in Atlanta in Georgia, called “My life across the Ocean”. This is about my experiences in America and should be published in Arabic towards the end of this year. I am also starting a new novel which is working away in my brain! Last year I published a book entitled “Zeina” which is already being widely translated. 

I have heard that your grandmother had a strong influence on your life, is this true? 

It is true. My grandmother was a strong influence on my life, she was the mother of my father, a peasant woman with a strong personality. She had very strong ideas about life, religion, God and colonialism. She used to tell me that God is justice, he is not a text or a book. My grandmother was illiterate but she knew that God was justice. She took on everyone, the Mayor, King Farouk. She was a great influence on me. She had a very strong character. 

You have recently been living in the United States 

In 1993, I went to Duke University to teach. This was because my life was threatened and my house in Cairo had been surrounded by security guards. I had been put on a death list and the Muslim fundamentalists in Egypt (and elsewhere) had vowed to kill me. So I became a professor at Duke University. When I went to the South of the United States I did not realize that this was the Bible Belt, the “fundamentalist” area of America. The Southern fundamentalists are even more fanatical than the Muslim fundamentalists! They are very right wing, pro-Israel, they adore the Republicans, and they are very reactionary. They use Christianity for political ends too. I wrote the play “God resigns at the Summit Meeting” while I was teaching at Duke University in the USA. I wrote it in Arabic but nobody wanted to publish it, and then my publisher in Cairo took it because he was publishing my collected works for an international book fair so he published everything including “God Resigns” but he did not know what he was publishing because he was illiterate. My publisher burnt the manuscript because he received a visit from the police who told him to destroy it. They also threatened to destroy his publishing house if he went ahead with publication. My publisher died soon afterwards as he lost a lot of money in this affair and it destroyed him. It was very sad. 

The authorities have tried to isolate and censor you before have they not? 

Oh yes! I wrote my book “Women and Sex” in the 50s but I could not find anyone to publish the book until the 60s, but it was banned in Egypt so I had to publish it in Lebanon in 1970. As a result of publishing this book and some other articles, I lost my job at the Ministry of Health. At the time I had also set up a magazine called “Health” which I edited and the Minister of Health closed this magazine as I was dealing with issues like female circumcision, women’s problems and the issue of virginity. 

Do you see yourself as a doctor, an author, or a feminist, or all of the above? 

The unifying force in all my work is a mixture of feminism and a strong sense of social justice – a mixture of many things. I am a doctor but I do not separate medicine from politics and economics, they are all connected. I do not separate poverty from sickness, or mental illnesses from physical illnesses. Poverty, politics and neo-colonialism cannot be separated either. Patriarchal systems, multinationals and the oppression of women are all inter-connected too. I teach that they are all connected. I teach creativity and dissidence. Dissidence itself is a creative act. When a law is unjust you have to break it. For this reason I see feminism as humanism. 

Is Female Genital Mutilation still an issue in Egypt? 

It certainly is! Female genital mutilation is still a serious problem in Egypt, despite the fact that a law was passed to ban this practice, the number of circumcisions has not decreased. The rate of circumcisions amongst young girls is 97%. The government is not serious about banning this practice, nor is the media, they don’t care about the health of young women or girls. It is a corrupt government – they don’t care. They only passed the law to avoid a scandal after a film was shown of a young girl being circumcised and bleeding to death. They are not serious about it. I am still censored on Egyptian television when I speak about this issue in Egypt. Male circumcision is a problem too, I am against that as well, as a doctor. There has been no progress on this front. 

How do you explain the decline in interest in feminism worldwide? 

There are differences between feminism in Muslim countries and feminism in Western countries. Western feminists are more concerned with class, race and gender oppression but they have a different outlook for one important reason: they were never colonized. They do not link feminism to colonialism. There has been a backlash against feminism over recent years as a result of the rise of right-wing politics. There is a direct connection. The defeat of socialism is also responsible but so is the connection between right-wing groups and religious fundamentalists. 

Certain countries in Europe are trying to legislate against the burqa and the use of the veil in public places. How do you feel about that? 

I agree the veil should be banned. And there should be no religious separation in schools. There should be no veils and no nakedness either. The veiling and the nakedness of women are two sides of the same coin. It is the same oppression at work. When I see naked bodies of women being used for advertisements and to make profit I am horrified. They try and sell make-up to women who are poor. I disagree with this. Men are always fully clothed and go unveiled, Why?! 

There have been some recent political developments in Egypt with the extension of the state of emergency for another two years. 

This is something I am against, clearly, as I am part of the opposition. We need democracy, we do not need emergency laws – we are not living in a state of emergency. The government uses these laws to protect itself. There is a great deal of corruption in the government so they need these laws to protect themselves. These laws are dangerous and anti-democratic. 

How do the younger generation in Egypt react to your work? 

It depends on who they are. If a woman is veiled she will see me differently but I judge my popularity through my books. I sell a lot of books throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world. I have had 47 books republished and I have a lot of readers, so that is why I feel secure. The government and the fundamentalists want to isolate me and neo-colonial powers in the USA are against me, but the people who support me are the huge number of my readers throughout the world. I have been translated into 30 languages. My readers protect me!

Nawal El Saadawi believed male circumcision was equally as wrong as female circumcision, and that coming together in solidarity for the genital autonomy of ALL would benefit both women and men across the board.
Nawal El Saadawi believed male circumcision was equally as wrong as female circumcision, and that coming together in solidarity for the genital autonomy of ALL would benefit both women and men across the board.

Archived Biography of Nawal El Saadawi

Nawal El Saadawi is a world renowned writer. She is a novelist, a psychiatrist, and author of more than forty books of fiction and non fiction. Her novels and her books on the situation of women have had a deep effect on successive generations of young women and men over the last five decades. 

As a result of her literary and scientific writings she has had to face numerous difficulties and even dangers in her life. In 1972, she lost her job in the Egyptian Ministry of Health because of her book “Women and Sex” published in Arabic in Cairo (1969) and banned by the political and religious authorities, because in some chapters of the book in which she wrote against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and linked sexual problems to political and economic oppression. The magazine Health, which she founded and had edited for more than three years, was closed down in 1973. In September 1981 President Sadat put her in prison. She was released at the end of November 1981, two months after his assassination. She wrote her book “Memoirs” from the Women’s Prison on a roll of toilet paper and an eyebrow pencil smuggled to her cell by an imprisoned young woman in the prostitutes ward. From 1988 to 1993 her name figured on death lists issued by fanatical religious political organizations. 

On 15 June, 1991, the government issued a decree which closed down the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association over which she presides and handed over its funds to the association called Women in Islam. Six months before this decree the government closed down the magazine Noon, published by the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association. She was editor-in-chief of the magazine. 

During the summer of 2001, three of her books were banned at Cairo International Book Fair. She was accused of apostasy in 2002 by a fundamentalist lawyer who raised a court case against her to be forcibly divorced from her husband, Dr. Sherif Hetata. She won the case due to Egyptian, Arab and international solidarity. On 28 January, 2007, Nawal El Saadawi and her daughter Mona Helmy, a poet and writer, were accused of apostasy and interrogated by the General Prosecutor in Cairo because of their writings to honor the name of the mother. 

They won the case in 2008. Their efforts led to a new law of the child in Egypt in 2008, giving children born outside marriage the right to carry the name of the mother. Also FGM is banned in Egypt by this law in 2008. Nawal El Saadawi was writing and fighting against FGM for more than fifty years. Her play “God Resigns At the Summit Meeting” was banned in Egypt during November 2006 and she faced a new trial in Cairo court raised against her by Al Azhar in February 2007, accusing her of apostasy and heresy because of her new play. She won the case on 13 May 2008. 

Nawal El Saadawi had been awarded several national and international literary prizes, lectured in many universities, and participated in many international and national conferences.

All babies are born perfect. Say NO to circumcision

Jewish Father, Nev Schulman, of MTV's Catfish Keeping Son Intact

Jewish father and MTV celeb, Nev Schulman of "Catfish: The TV Show" shares why his son, born last week, is going to remain intact on Failing Upwards:

Full Podcast at: https://player.fm/series/failing-upwards-1543907/snippin-dicks-with-mtvs-nev-schulman Minute 14:50-17:05. Note: Adult Language and content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

J&L = podcast hosts Jimmy and Larry 

Nev: Does anyone still have their thin layer of penis?
J&L: You mean Foreskin.

Nev: I'm about to have a son any day. My wife could be going into labor right now...

J&L: So here's the question: are you going to cut your son's d*ck?
Nev: That's the thing - I just assumed yes, because I thought that's what everyone does. There's now a trend --
J&L: An anti-circumcision movement
Nev: YES. A very real thing. People are saying there's no real reason for it. It's genital mutilation. It's traumatic. However, I have heard that circumcision somewhat, or maybe greatly, decreases sensitivity. Which to me would be a great reason for circumcision, because I cannot imagine being more sensitive down there than I already am.
J&L: My cut d*ck feels pretty great. As a man whose had sex before, it feels pretty great...

Nev: Can you imagine if it felt even better, how hard it would be to not orgasm. But I'm basically letting my wife make the call and it looks like we're going to go UNcircumcised [intact]
J&L: Interesting. Bucking the trend. Well, that IS the trend...
Nev: Right.
J&L: So is your son going to see his father's penis... "What's wrong with my wee-wee, Papa?" That's obviously going to be his first d*ck reference - is your penis. And he's going to look at his and think that he's a f*cking freak.
Nev: I'll have to come up with something. Well, this is just what happened - that skin shriveled up, I got old...
J&L: "I'm the freak!"
Nev: Yeah...

Nev: I recently watched BirdBox. Have you guys watched that?
J&L: I only like the memes.
Nev: Right. Well, I only watched it because I'm in it for a second. My wife and I are in a painting... so Sandra Bullock's character is an artist. At the beginning of the movie she is working on a big painting, with a bunch of people in it, and me and my wife are in the painting.
J&L: Is that something you'd like to hang...
Nev: No, no...

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• Foreskin and its 16+ Functions (not 'just skin')
• Intact vs. Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis

End note: Being intact and having all one was meant to have through adulthood does increase pleasure, however, it also increases control and ability to self-regulate sexual experience and pleasure for both a man himself, and his partner. It does not lead to premature ejaculation or inability to control oneself - just the opposite. And later in life, post-40s/50s, having the prepuce intact and all that a man is meant to 'bring to the table' allows him to avoid the ubiquitous erectile dysfunctions seen in the United States.

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