Thank you for your gift to Saving Our Sons. 

Your donation will be put to immediate, real-life, baby-saving use in one of the following ways: 

*Intact info exposition registration and materials, freely given to thousands of expecting and new families (Saving Our Sons has on-the-gound intact chapters in every U.S. state, Canada, Australia, the U.K, Africa, South Korea, and Puerto Rico). We register for and attend as many maternity, baby and family expos as we are able to raise funding for. This impact is thee most significant way to change the greatest number of new parents hearts/minds who would otherwise never receive the intact message. Expositions play a vital role in saving babies from genital cutting, and ensuring tomorrow's men remain intact, and the need for SOS expos is great.

*Intact Info Packs, books, DVDs, intact care items, materials sent to those who've requested but cannot otherwise access them (or those who've had a relative/friend request items be sent). Most pressing are the needs for reaching families whose babies are in the NICU and remain intact, but undecided about circumcision. 

*Awareness raising demonstrations for genital autonomy. Saving Our Sons hosts respectful demonstrations in front of major conventions (AAP, CDC, ACOG, International AIDS Conference) and in large cities and high traffic areas. During these demonstrations we take a professional, educational approach to awareness raising and pass out hundreds of informational items each day, having countless one-on-one conversations with passerbys and conference attendees. The ripple effect is great!

*Don't Retract Packs for physicians. Saving Our Sons receives approximately 15 reports each week of physicians or clinical staff who are forcibly retracting children, or encouraging parents to do so with their baby. These packs are put together by clinicians volunteering with SOS, and are well received - often making a real change in patient protocol. We would like to ship regardless of a family's ability to cover the $4 cost, but need people to come on board and support this effort

*Continuation of the website and compelling content that comes from Saving Our Sons on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond - reaching an audience of over 65,000 individuals, and providing advocates with gentle, research-based, respectful resources they can be confident in sharing with friends, family, clients and patients. 

By giving to Saving Our Sons, you are ensuring that every dollar goes directly into saving a baby from genital cutting, changing the cultural mindset about the intact male body and foreskin to be one that is positive and productive, and empowering our movement forward as we become an INTACT nation again! 

Thank you for being an important part of this SOS mission.
Meet some of the little ones saved by SOS here.

One Time Gift:

Easy Monthly Donation:

By mail to:

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

To give without PayPal taking a percentage:

1) Go to
2) Click "SEND" at the top of the page.
3) Enter and the amount you wish to give.
4) On the next screen, click "This is to friends or family." 

Sponsor a Son
The following expecting families are those in need of a sponsor. If you would like to provide materials  for a particular family on this list, please include a note with your gift of $16 or more, or email We connect these families to a local educator and ensure they receive materials in hands (usually this is in the form of a book, info pack, DVD, and small supplies for their new baby - a welcoming gift packed with intact information)

D-- father trying to convince fiancé to keep son intact, Florida

A-- first time mom, feeling pressure from boyfriend and parents, Tennessee

F-- New Jersey, first son badly 'botched' (friends hope to save second son)

K-- New Jersey, first baby boy expected

Saving Our Sons' Intact Chapters
The Intact Network's state chapters of SOS use donated funds to register and host intact booths at maternity and baby expos locally, meeting with thousands of expecting families in the process.  Chapters are not currently 501c3s, and work only by local volunteers with a heart for babies.

* Intact Rhode Island - $200 need - RI Pride 2016 | Support Rhode Island Here 

Thank you to one generous donor who'd like to remain anonymous for enabling us to host events in Virginia, Texas, and Idaho this year! 

Upcoming Events

Men's Health Week - Washington D.C. 2016 (Annual week-long June event) | Support Men's Health Week / Thank you to one gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous for hosting Men's Health Week events this year

Genital Integrity Awareness Week - Washington D.C. 2017 (Annual week-long March Event) | Support GIAW |

Worldwide Week of Genital Autonomy - Washington D.C. 2017 (Annual week-long May Event) | Support WWWGA / [2016 ACOG and WWWGA took us over donations by approximately $400, we will be working to pay off this additional unforeseen cost for materials; it was a powerful week at the White House and Washington Convention Center!] 

Past Family or SOS Sponsors
The boys born into the families you've sponsored thank you!

One gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous has done so much to ensure Saving Our Sons has had the funding to accomplish maternity and baby expositions and clinical events in 2016. We thank you on behalf of the countless lives you've positively impacted as a result.

Courtney S.

Anu M, Intact Michigan

Danielle J, Intact Indiana

Lindsey M.

J, Intact Idaho

Debbie, Intact Rhode Island

Jessica, Intact Michigan

Lisa T.

The Hilton Family

Jennifer B.

Kelly, Intact New York

Dana, Intact New York

MommyMilk Creations

Indigo Sews

Erin of Intact Vermont

Intact Rhode Island

Cool Beans Boutique

Indigo Littles

Cutting Pixels: Video Game Hand Cut Paper Art

Emily K.

Kari D.

Anna L.

Julie S. 

Art by Cedar

This Little Piggy Photography

Know Better, Do Better Birth Services 

Intact New Mexico

Intact Virginia

Tora S. 

Crystal M. 

Michelle H.

Marigrace M.

Heather C. at Overhaul Birth 

Belle G.

Global Enfant

Nature Nurture

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