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Thank you for your gift to Saving Our Sons. Your donation will immediately be put to use to provide materials to those who otherwise cannot afford or access them, but have written (or had a relative/friend write) asking for resources. Many of these requests come from those who do not have internet, so research is more difficult to do. A lot of the families are living on a low income and do not otherwise have materials close at hand. Being able to empower parents in this way ensures their son is cared for in a pro-intact manner (both by staying intact and avoiding forced retraction). Gifts are first used to cover urgent requests and those for babies in the NICU when time is short. 

Donations may also be used to supply the ever important maternity and baby expos that take place each month across the U.S. and Canada. Currently, SOS has the ongoing need of approximately $25 per day for items that are sent (without cost) to expecting families, and to physicians and clinics in need of proper and current intact care (and forced retraction) information. Our goal is to never have to turn someone down who requests that items be anonymously sent. Any donation, of any amount, is put immediately and exclusively to the educational goal of saving babies from genital cutting and equipping medical personnel with intact care resources. 

We ship a small info set of pregnancy and new baby items FREE to anyone who emails to request. Subjects include circumcision, intact care, foreskin functions, breastfeeding information, babywearing, and baby sleep resources, as well as general new parent items (gentle discipline, mothering, fathering, etc.). Requests can be sent to SavingSons@gmail.com and a portion of gifts to SOS are used to cover the ongoing costs of producing and mailing these items out.

One Time Gift of Support:
If you prefer to give without PayPal taking out 5%, you may do so in the following manner:

1) Log onto www.PayPal.com
2) Click the "Send Money" tab at the top of the page
3) Enter in SavingSons@gmail.com
4) Put in the amount you wish to give
5) Check "I'm sending money to family or friends."

By mail to:

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

I will sponsor: 


You may also choose to sponsor (above) with an easy monthly or annual gift. For as little as one dollar a month, these resources enable us to provide much needed materials to families who would otherwise go without, to keep a team of professionals close by to answer questions, to plant seeds of information in hospitals, physician's offices, childbirth education classes, Ronald McDonald Houses located near hospitals, baby expos, and to get general baby care items into the hands of mothers and fathers who'd otherwise not have them. We have the unique opportunity to reach out to many new parents today, and only with your help is this achievable.

SOS Supporters are welcome to join the private SOS group on Facebook for dialog and discussion with other advocates: FB.com/groups/SavingOurSons.  If you are also an advocate for other aspects of gentle parenting, you are invited to join the Peaceful Parenting discussion group as well: FB.com/groups/ExplorePeacefulParentingWe also invite you to read a sampling of feedback and letters received here.

Thank you for being a part of something that makes a generations-long difference! 

Items will ship to the next person on the list - bottom to top - as donations come in OR be given immediately to those parents with a baby boy in the NICU if this urgent need arrises. If you would like to sponsor a particular family on this list for $16, please include a note or email SavingSons@gmail.com 

F-- New Jersey, first son badly 'botched' (friends hope to save second son)

K-- New Jersey, first baby boy expected

K-- expecting, requested by relative, lives in GA

J-- first boy; husband wants to cut; GA (no reliable internet for video sharing)

B-- first time mom to be in IL

N-  requested by grandma; first baby in IA

M-- expecting first boy; Austin, TX (requested by neighbor)

L-- teen mom in NM (lives in a foster program at the moment; requested by LC who is working with her)

There are currently 52 intact care/forced retraction physician packages requested by families across 19 states in need of funding (8.15.15). Physician's Intact Care / Retraction packs are approximately $4 each after mailing. | Fund physician don't retract packs here

Intact Houston - $53 (8.15.15 update) - BLO | Support Houston Here

Intact Idaho - $156 (8.15.15 update) - BabyPalooza | Support Idaho Here

Intact Hawaii -- $148 need (8.15.15 update) - New Baby Expo, Oahu | Support Hawaii Here.

Intact Louisiana - $175 need (8.15.15 update) - AAP, ACOG Demonstration Materials | Support Louisiana Here

Intact Florida -  $384 need (8.15.15 update) - Green Baby Expo, Miami; PPN Central Florida WBW Expo. Support Florida Here

Intact Virginia - $440 need (8.15.15 update) - Baby & Child Expo; Big Latch On Booths x3; Healing Life Festival | Support Virginia Here 

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2015 - Washington D.C. (Annual Event)  Genital Integrity Awareness Week Sponsors 


AAP Conference Demonstration for Genital Autonomy - $1179 remains (8.15.15 update) | Sponsor the AAP Demonstration Here | Event Page |

International AIDS Conference Demonstration & Tabling for Genital Autonomy - $1565 remains (8.15.15 update) | Give directly to materials and support for the AIDS Conference | 

Men's Health Week - Washington D.C. (Expenses: $2K - Annual Event) [Give directly to Men's Health Week Efforts Here].

K-- for friend living with her after parents kicked her out for becoming pregnant; hoping to convince her to keep her son on the way intact, MI / given by Jessica, Intact Michigan

H-- expecting first baby, requested by single friend, OH / given by Lindsey M.

K-- Kansas City, first son, using a midwifery center for birth that performs circumcision; family without internet access, due end of Feb / given by J, Intact Idaho

N-- first son, Des Moines area, Iowa, would be first to remain intact in the family that they know of, brother/grandparents/church pushing for circumcision, due beginning of April / given by J, Intact Idaho

R-- first baby in Houston area; grandparents saying "circumcise" and mom needs support / given by J, Intact Idaho

T-- 3rd son; open to new information; requested by sister, NE / given by J, Intact Idaho

J-- requested by friend; first baby, RI / given by J, Intact Idaho

L-- family expecting first son in RI / given by Debbie, Intact Rhode Island

B-- twin boys due Feb; AR / given by Jessica, Intact Michigan

S-- 4th baby, curious for more; husband wishes to circumcise; MI / given by Jessica, Intact Michigan

*NICU urgent need (ME, IA) / given by Lisa T. (update: one of these NICU babies has gone home intact; one is still in the NICU, but his parents plan to keep him intact!)

R-- first baby expected in Jan; WI / given by Anonymous (Thank you!)

M-- third baby, first son, Oklahoma / given by Anonymous

K -- friend in OH, due Dec / given by Anonymous

S-- cousin, first baby, CA / given by the Hilton Family

B-- teen mom due in Oct, Wisconsin / given by Jennifer B.

N-- for an expecting friend in Tennessee / given by Lisa T.

S-- expecting in Virginia (first baby) / given by Kelly, Intact New York

T-- mother in Texas requesting for self prior to next baby / given by Kelly, Intact New York

K-- expecting friend in Alabama / given by Kelly, Intact New York 

W-- requested by cousin in Tennessee (first baby) / given by Dana, Intact New York

A-- SAHM requested for self and to share with local mom's group, PA / given by MommyMilk Creations

C-- expecting mom in Wisconsin (currently unemployed) seeking to persuade husband / given by Jessica S.

B-- first baby boy - Iowa / given by Indigo Sews

M-- father would like to convince the mother of their expected baby to keep him intact, Mississippi (no internet at her house for sharing online) / given by Lisa T.

N-- working with expecting teens, TN / given by Erin of Intact Vermont

K-- mom in RI / given by Intact Rhode Island

M-- friend due w/ second son in April, MI / given by Cool Beans Boutique

S-- new (expecting) mom in IA / given by Indigo Littles

New Orleans - Materials used for the AAP, ACOG and additional demonstration events in LouisianaSupport Louisiana Here / sponsored in part by Cutting Pixels: Video Game Hand Cut Paper Art

B-- first time mom, lost job (PA) / given by Emily K.

N-- would like to keep next baby intact, but facing pressure from fam (MI) / given by Emily K.

C-- for friend in Illinois (contributed all she had $4) / given by Emily K.

A-- for an expecting friend, from mom who is currently without work (OH) / given by Kari D.

J-- first boy in 3 generations expected in Jan (NC) / given by Anna L.

K-- doula working for free with teen moms (CA) / given by Julie S. and Art by Cedar

M-- expecting father, to convince girlfriend in MI / given by Art by Cedar

Bluegrass Maternity Expo (Stephanie, Kentucky) -- Attendance: 400 expecting mothers and their families in the Louisville area. / given by Mariabug's Auctions, Mary D., This Little Piggy PhotographyKnow Better, Do Better Birth Services 

University of Texas Medical Branch Public Symposium on Circumcision (Emily, Ashley, TX) - pro-intact registration/materials for symposium. / given by Intact New Mexico, Intact Culpeper VA, Tora S. and Crystal M. [Give directly to this U of TX effort here.]

Gentle Birth w/ Gloria Lemay (Cindy, Tennessee) -- Total Need: $65; Attendance: 50 expecting parents, midwives, doulas [To give directly to TN click here.] / given by Little Piggy Photography, Chicago / given by Kimberly M. and This Little Piggy Photography 

M-- for use at baby expo, meeting with expecting parents in Indiana / given by Mama's Felt Cafe

M-- mom facing pressure from relatives, Georgia / given by doula, lactation & childbirth educator, Michelle H.

M-- volunteer/non-profit doula serving the RDU area /  given by Mama's Felt Cafe

G-- mom in Mississipi / given by Marigrace M.

Birth Uncut Event -- "More Business of Being Born" film release and VBAC professionals panel discussion; reaching 500+ expecting mothers, families, birth professionals and advocates; funds needed $85 / given by Heather C. at Overhaul Birth and Mama's Felt Cafe

K-- grandfather in Arizona, concerned for his grandson soon to arrive / given by Belle G.

B-- family expecting second son in Wisconsin (would also like to hear from others who kept 2nd intact) / given by Global Enfant

A-- expecting sister in Virginia / given by Global Enfant

H-- NICU nurse volunteering with new parents of preemies in Illinois / given by Global Enfant

M-- teen mom-to-be in North Carolina / covered by Mama's Felt Cafe

G-- for friend in Alaska / covered by Nature Nurture

L-- friend in California / covered by Made by Love with Love Herbal

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