Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Patch

Have a carved or decorated pumpkin this fall that you're using to spread the message of genital autonomy for all? We'd love to see your creation! Send to and we'll include it in the gallery of spooky goodness here. All submissions will receive a set of "Holiday Info Cards" (view front/back here) for sharing through the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Provide your mailing address when sending in your pumpkin photo if you'd like to receive the intact info cards.

See more related images in the Halloween Advocacy album at SOS here.

Carved by Laura of Intact Virginia

Carved by Sarah of Intact Maryland

Pumpkin painted by Erin of Intact Rhode Island

Both babies born perfect - no need to carve!
By Ashley at The Heady Housewife

Public chalking by Shannon of Intact Hawaii

Created by Kelly of Intact New York

Carved by Lindsey of Intact NoVa

Pumpkin entry from 2012 contest
painter unknown (drop us an email if it is you!)


Circumcision Tool Kits for Educators

✰ Circumcision Tool Kits for Educators ✰

Over the past eight years advocates and educators working alongside Saving Our Sons have hosted numerous expo event booths across North America in an effort to educate new and expecting parents and birth/baby professionals on the realities of circumcision, and the benefits of keeping children intact. One powerful set of tools we have found to be monumentally beneficial in these educational efforts is the circumcision kit. When parents are able to see and hold circumcision instruments in their hands, to know first hand how they work, and to imagine their own baby restrained in the circumstraint, a powerful shift in perspective takes place.

As these educational efforts have continued to be duplicated among Intact Chapters across the U.S., Canada and abroad, we have found that there is a dire need to have 2 full circumcision tool kits that can be passed around between leaders for various expos, events, demonstrations, and educational opportunities in the classroom. We were generously gifted with a circumstraint and materials for use in teaching by the late Van Lewis and his family, and yet we've regularly had to turn people away from borrowing these materials simply because they were already in use. It is our goal with this fundraiser to achieve the funding for two full kits that can be checked out by advocates for any event, in any location, with genital autonomy awareness and education as its foundation.

You can view several of the past events we have been a part of at the Events & Expos Page, and we encourage you to also become involved in local advocacy in whatever fashion fits your unique style. Raising the rate of genital autonomy for all is an important mission, and one that each of us can play a life-changing role in.

Circumcision Tool Kit Needs:
(underlined items are still needed)

2 Circumstraints - one circumstraint graciously funded by Linda with Intact New York; one circumstraint generously given by SavingGreys Martingale Collars with Intact Michigan

2 Circumstraint Posey Restraining Strap sets - $25 each = 50 = one set of straps funded by Linda of Intact New York; one set funded by David B. 

2 Gomco Clamps - $9 each = 18

2 Plastibells - Donated by Rob in New York

2 Mogen Clamps - $12 each = 24

2 Brit Milah Shields - $15 each = 30

2 Retractable scalpels for circumcision - Donated by Rob in New York 

2 Surgical scissors for circumcision - Funded by Alison in Florida 

2 Circumcision probes - $19

2 Hemostat locking clamps for circumcision - $6 each = 12

2 5-piece sets of Life/form glans/foreskin baby models (to demonstrate how infant genital cutting happens in person - this is very impacting in classes/workshops/expos) = $120 = funded in part by Jennifer C.

6 books to accompany the kits as examples at expos (2 sets) = $126

2 custom containers with packing, plus shipping costs for transit between educators and events (30 x 24 x 6) = $140 = 1/2 funded by Permian Basin CPR of Stanton, TX

To sponsor the cost of one item from the above list, or to give in any amount that you are able, please follow the instructions below or use the donate button provided. We will list donors by first name only to maintain privacy for individuals, and link to business sponsors when this information is available. If you are giving toward one item in particular, or wish to be thanked/linked-to in a specific manner, please include a note with your gift or email

THANK YOU for making this powerful, educational effort a reality.

If you prefer to give without PayPal taking out 5%, you may mail to the address below or do so in the following manner:

1) Go to
2) Click the "Send Money" "To Friends/Family"
3) Enter
4) Put in the amount you wish to give
5) Enter a note that this is "For Tool Kit"

If you work in a medical establishment and have one of the above items to donate in leu of funding, please email Or mail to:

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Educational Tool Kit Sponsors:


















Amount Remaining to Fully Fund:
updated 10.17.16

The circumstraint and tools used in the upcoming film, American Circumcision, are courtesy of Saving Our Sons and those who have donated toward these circumcision tool kits for education. If you are a film maker or educator in need of materials for pro-intact awareness raising purposes, email

for helping us fund these kits!

American Circumcision is a film by Brendon Marotta and is not directly associated with Saving Our Sons.
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