Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Patch

Have a carved or decorated pumpkin this fall that you're using to spread the message of genital autonomy for all? We'd love to see your creation! Send to and we'll include it in the gallery of spooky goodness here. All submissions will receive a set of "Holiday Info Cards" (view front/back here) for sharing through the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Provide your mailing address when sending in your pumpkin photo if you'd like to receive the intact info cards.

See more related images in the Halloween Advocacy album at SOS here.

Carved by Laura of Intact Virginia

Carved by Sarah of Intact Maryland

Pumpkin painted by Erin of Intact Rhode Island

Both babies born perfect - no need to carve!
By Ashley at The Heady Housewife

Public chalking by Shannon of Intact Hawaii

Created by Kelly of Intact New York

Carved by Lindsey of Intact NoVa

Pumpkin entry from 2012 contest
painter unknown (drop us an email if it is you!)



  1. Merci beaucoup, SAVING SONS, pour votre travail. Je pense qu'il vaut interdire chaque circoncision avant l'âge de 18 ans. Peut-être faudrait-il arrêter de parler de 'genital autonomy' afin de vraiment garantir 'genital intactness'?

    Every circumcision harms. His body, His choice ... to be a "tolerant" adult and let a minor (a boy, or a girl) decide to be mutilated? No, we should ban any circumcision on a boy (or girl) under the age of 18 years. Say NO to genital autonomy and YES to genital intactness.

  2. Campaign against Juvenile Genital Cutting,, (regardless of gender) Wales UK.


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