Happy Holidays!

☃ Saving Our Sons began in 2008, and since that time our work has been led by a handful of volunteers, educators, and professionals striving to empower parents, raise awareness, and make life better for babies and children, and men they become.

While the online Saving Our Sons community has grown to over 90,000, and includes a wide and diverse audience, there is still a very small number handling everything here at 'home base' -- keeping the underlying foundation of SOS a positive, proactive, and pro-intact one.

We operate solely by volunteers and donation, and the past 9+ years are testimony of the baby-saving ripple effect that a small few can have with devotion, action, and a pooling of hearts and resources.

With this in mind, we *love* hearing from families who have found Saving Our Sons over the years and have had their lives touched by SOS in one way or another. It is a blessing to correspond with you, to work together in this global effort, as well as at the grassroots level, and we always look forward to hearing from you. If you are sending greetings at this time of year, we would love to hear from you. ❤

Saving Our Sons 
P.O. Box 1302 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

We will write back!

❄ Have a blessed holiday season. ❄ 

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