Foreskin is Better: From a man who has experienced both

By James Ketter © 2016

I've restored my foreskin.

I cannot restore the lost nerve endings.
I cannot restore the lost blood flow.
I cannot restore the extremely sensitive and vital penile frenulum, or the sexually vital ridged band.

What I have restored is the protective covering and the rolling gliding action of my lost body part. I can tell you unequivocally, having a foreskin with only partial function is vastly more pleasurable, comfortable and satisfying than remaining in the circumcised state.

I know 100% what the circumcised male goes through. The painful erections because of the tight skin. The lack of fine touch sensors making me completely blind to the subtle sexual signals of my partner. Watching my partner wince in pain when my dry member scrapes her vaginal walls because I lack the frictionless rolling bearing that was my foreskin, my missing contribution to our shared need for comfortable sex.

I know what it feels like to suffer from a narrow urethra and meatal stenosis because my exposed glans rubbed the inside of my clothes non-stop throughout the day.

Foreskin is better. 

Light years better. No one should ever have had the right to take this from me. It is MY BODY. It is, and always was, my choice about sexual body modifications. I would no more have agreed to be circumcised than I would have agreed to have the ends of my fingers cut off.

The only reason a man can claim he is cut and he is fine (something I used to cowardly claim as well) is if he never investigates what he is actually missing, and if he blindly accepts the symptoms of genital cutting as the price of being male. The moment he learns that painful and difficult sex is not how he was born, and he learns exactly what he was denied, will be the exact moment he will turn on the people who cut him and demand an explanation.

More and more men are learning the truth each and every day. More and more men are demanding that it is their body and it should be their choice. Circumcision is a sexual body modification that takes the best part of the penis and replaces it with a dry and numb scar.

The future is intact.

It is time to decide if you are on the side of history that honors a person's right to choose what happens to their own body [body autonomy], or the side of history that will be condemned to the dark corners of the history books -- the parts we read and stare at in wonder, not able to understand how human beings could ever be so stupid and cruel.

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