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UPDATE: A sincere thank you to Kirk and each individual who contributed toward this domain acquisition! We have made the needed goal and will be completing the purchase this month (December). Again, thank you for helping to see that both and are secure! It means the world to us to know that so many of you value the work we pour our hearts, resources, and time into for the sake of the next generation of boys and the men they become.


Please join with us in the mission to purchase the SavingSons(.)com domain!

Please help in any way you are able, and invite fellow intactivist friends to do the same, so that this domain is secured forever going into the intact and well-informed future!


(1) .com directs people more heavily in Google searches than .org, leading more people to intact information

(2) mistyping .com instead of .org would not make a difference as both would lead expecting families to pro-intact materials

(3) SavingSons(.)com would be secure from being bought out by someone with the intent to misdirect/confuse expecting families with pro-cutting information

(4) the numbers of people Saving Our Sons is able to reach would be even greater = more babies saved from forced genital cutting, more future adults enjoying the intact bodies they were meant to have for a lifetime!

We will keep the fundraising image updated above,
and also keep updates pinned at the main Saving Our Sons Facebook page

By mail: 
Saving Our Sons 
PO Box 1302 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

>>>>>> THANK YOU!!! <<<<<<<<<


This domain is owned by a company, is considered "premium" and valued at $3295. They are reducing the amount to $2700 for Saving Our Sons to purchase. We've been in negotiations with them for over a week to get this down as much as possible. THANK YOU for helping make this happen!

Mother Loses Baby to SIDS and Cautions Parents to Protect Their Own from Circumcision

The following is a letter to Saving Our Sons:

I want to thank you for all you do in educating people about the cruel and unnecessary act of male genital mutilation. You work to open so many minds on this archaic process built on lies.

I recently lost my second son to SIDS at 24 days old. He was a beautiful healthy baby boy who tragically passed away in his sleep. The medical examiner found absolutely nothing wrong with him. He had an extensive autopsy, and all reports showed nothing wrong.

The hospital I birthed him at kept asking me over and over again if I was going to have him circumcised. Everytime my answer was a clear NO! A day later as I nursed my sweet, perfect baby boy, a nurse came into my room and said, "I am here to take him for his procedure."

I asked, "What procedure?"

She answered, "His circumcision."

I said, "He is NOT being circumcised."

She replied, "Well, he is on the board out in the nurse's station to be circumcised."

I said, "Absolutely not! I don't know who put him on that board but I have clearly stated over and over he is not to be circumcised."

She turned red in the face and apologized. She said someone must have made a mistake.

My point is that a parent has to be diligent in making sure that even though they say NO to genital cutting, that is not done 'by mistake.'

After losing my baby boy I realized that I had to speak up and say something. I am having a difficult time as it is, and if he had suffered that unimaginable pain in his short life I would never be able to live with myself. I just want to warn other mothers and fathers. Some parents send their babies to the nursery to get some rest, and if they take them to circumcise, then the parents would not know until it is too late.

One thing I take solace in is knowing my son never had to experience any suffering, including circumcision. If I had not questioned that nurse he would have been wheeled away to face mutilation that no baby boy deserves.

❤ Audrea

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