Four New Traveling Billboards

We are nearing Genital Integrity Awareness Week, and the start of a spring season that will hold many SOS Odyssey dates, as well as numerous rallies and events in other formats. To fill in the gap and meet the positive, pro-intact, awareness raising need, there are four new traveling billboards we would like to have made.

Each will be high quality, extra durable/thick, outdoor vinyl that stands up very well to weathering and lasts many years. They are made with vibrant high colors for visibility a far distance off, and built with metal grommets and solid detachable framework. This allows them to be borrowed by intactivists across the nation, and travel well to a large variety of events. Each costs $150 total to be professionally produced with all materials, and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of Americans this year -- starting with the SOS Odyssey: Delaware, moving onto the Hospital of Central Connecticut, and then to Washington D.C. and beyond.

Please help us get these into production! We will update below each one, and have it sent in as soon as funds are raised. Each contributor will be named on the back side of the traveling billboard that you give toward. Click the banner image to give, or if you prefer to donate without PayPal taking a percentage, send via "friends/family" to with a note about how you'd like your gift allocated.

Thank you for helping make these giant banners a reality!

Remaining to fund: Fully Funded!
A special THANK YOU to Jason O. who covered 2/3 of this banner!
☆ Jason O.
☆ Max R.

Remaining to Fund: Fully Funded!
Give toward this banner
A huge THANK YOU to Max R. who covered the costs of this traveling billboard!
☆ Max R.

Remaining to fund: Fully Funded!
Give toward this banner.
A special THANK YOU to Max R. for covering 2/3 this banner!
☆ Max R.
☆ Christina B.
remaining from IntactPride domain donation

A graphics team is currently working on the most impacting celebs banner possible to reach the intended audience: young people in their high school/college years who will be tomorrow's parents. If you have thoughts on who SHOULD be included on this banner, please drop your comment on the SOS Facebook page, or send a note anytime to
Remaining to Fund: Fully Funded!
A special THANK YOU to Melinda S. who covered 2/3 of this banner!
☆ Melinda S.
☆ James V.
☆ Luis M.
☆ Arielle R.
☆ Hella O.
☆ Tesha H.
☆ Jennifer R.
☆ Alexis M.

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