Cameron Diaz on Circumcision

Today on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Cameron Diaz got quickly to the heart of things as she's been doing in all her interviews lately when she turned to the audience and said, "Can we just talk about circumcision for a second?" And continued, "Gentlemen, are you comfortable with circumcision? Are you comfortable talking about that?" With Fallon chuckling in the background and an audience making light of a subject many likely know very little about, Diaz said, "It's funny how many men actually want circumcision for their children... I would think that men would be like, 'No - don't touch it. Leave it alone.' But apparently many men are not comfortable with foreskin..." And Diaz may just be out to change that.

In the new film, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Diaz and co-star, Matthew Morrison, play a couple who venture through many new territories as they move toward parenthood. One of the subjects that comes up - and one which their characters, Jules and Evan don't see eye to eye on at first - is circumcision. Evan is Jewish, but after diving into research on the subject, Jules learns more and more just how unnecessary and barbaric infant genital cutting is.

What to Expect originally included a detailed description of just how infant circumcision happens in North America. This description of circumcision (essentially the same no matter if surgical amputation is done via Plastibell or Gomco clamp) landed on the cutting room floor.

Cameron explained in a CafeMom interview:
We knew [people were skittish] when they made us cut out a bunch about circumcision. To get a PG-13 rating we had to cut out the actual description of circumcision. So apparently it is very uncomfortable for people to hear how it works -- when you have to clamp on the foreskin, pull it over [the glans], and then slice it off. That is apparently really uncomfortable for people to hear. But I think it is important to know. America is the same way about their beef - they just want it delivered in a styrofoam package with saran wrap over it. They don't want to know how it got to you. Same thing with circumcision...
The shocker in this is not that Americans remain ignorant to the realities of circumcision, or even that this big film chance to educate the masses on infant genital cutting was passed up. Rather, it is that describing such truths would earn the film an "R" rating, while at the same time we continue to subject the most innocent of our little ones to such horrors each day...

We DO it. We just don't talk about it.

How many perfect, healthy newborn baby boys will be cut this coming Friday on the day What to Expect is released in theaters? How many of those babies will face one of the many negative consequences of circumcision? How many of their parents will regretfully find this information too late - because no one was willing to share with them? How many American boys will have their bodies permanently altered, and experience a life-long change in function? How many of those boys will grow to be men who would have liked to have their whole penis?

Who is going to speak up?

Diaz tried.

Will you?

Question circumcision. Research genital cutting. Being fully informed will never hurt you... but it may just benefit your children.

Diaz and Morrison CafeMom Interview:

Diaz TODAY Interview (includes circumcision clip from What to Expect):

Diaz on Jay Leno (includes film clip):

Diaz on Jimmy Fallon (includes film clip):

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Books, websites and articles on circumcision and intact care at: Are You Fully Informed?



  1. The shocker in this is NOT ONLY that 200 million American Adults remain ignorant to the realities of FORCED CIRCUMCISION, INCLUDING THE FACT THAT IT IS COLLECTIVE CHILD ABUSE we are facing and that it therefore is ALREADY OUTLAWED, or even that this big film chance to educate the masses on NON-THERAPEUTIC INFANT GENITAL CUTTING was passed up; but IT IS ALSO SHOCKING that describing such truths would earn the film an "R" rating, while at the same time we continue to subject the most innocent of our little ones to such horrors each day... to the number of 2.2 MILLION CHILDREN EACH YEAR BEING MUTILATED in the USA alone … and the mere “discussion over discussion” / “research after research” dynamic is going on and on and on.

    If Diaz would really be interested in ENDING this GLOBAL COLLECTIVE CHILD ABUSE, she would have refused to be part of the movie at all and simply on the grounds of the subject being “cut” form the movie.

    This would have been a CLEAR SHOW of CLEAR MIND and HEART.

    … "Can we just talk about circumcision for a second?"

    “Can we just talk about the Holocaust of Global Collective Child Abuse of Genital Mutilation for a “second”???

    How pathetic!

    … and then the smile on her face and the laughs of the others … How pathetic!

    Here is the uncensored TRUTH about this COLLECTIVE CHILD ABUSE! including the SOLUTION FOR ITS PREVENTION!

    … and this beyond this mere “discussion over discussion” / “research after research” dynamic, and certainly beyond any compromise!

    Violence against a Child is Not a Private Matter.
    … this TRUTH is not a matter for discussion.

    People simply have to be told that >forced circumcision< is already outlawed and that the law will be enforced on any future such inflictions of preventable injury to a child. This is the >Critical Mass Information< in order to End this Collective Child Abuse. “Petitioning” for a “ban” on MGM is the wrong information, because this BAN already exists. “Petitioning” for a “ban” on MGM is misleading information, because this misleads the public to think that >forced circumcision of male children< were NOT outlawed, but were a state guaranteed right to do.

    “Forced Circumcision is countered by first exposing the falseness of its supposed connection to “legality”! Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer; Jerusalem, May 3rd 1985
    Global Cooperative Action beyond mere “discussion” / “research” and “petition”.

    Here is our unified endorsement-text to be signed on our facebook-wall:

    “I _____ ____ agree with and endorse the Official Statement of the Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity and endorse it together with the Symposium’s Universal Demand for Law Enforcement on this Global Collective Child Abuse of Forced Circumcision.
    Signed: _____ _____
    Country of residence: _____ _____

  2. Awesome. This movie is going to reach a lot of people! I wish they'd kept it R rated though... Why are we sugarcoating this for adults yet making newborn babies suffer through it?

  3. Wow! They fact they had to cut the description of a circumcision just to get a PG-13 rating. That should speak VOLUMES to America.

    1. unbelievable... rated "R" for truth about circumcision. American boys are so screwed.

  4. I actually just saw Gangs of New York the other day. Really changed my opinion on Miss Diaz, for the better. I really liked her in it. I was afraid that reading this she would turn out to be pro-circ like tardy sandra bullock. Thankfully, Cameron stays amazing in my books and is probably the most famous person to come out against mgm (Mario Lopez is probably a close second).

    Good job Cameron Diaz!

  5. Now if Paul Rudd and Leo DeCaprio would speak up about being an uncut man in this mutilated country, THAT would be incredible!!!

  6. This will not change my opinion of her. I'm glad she supports keeping baby boys perfect, and whole; but her stance on abortion made me lose complete and total respect for her no matter what (not starting an argument about an unrelated topic. Just saying it doesn't change my opinion of her.) We need more celebrities standing up for human rights.

  7. Thank you God for this baby boy.but you know you did not quite create him perfect. As I know better than you, I will just make a small adjustment, then he will be better.


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