Genital Mutilation Doesn't Only Happen to Women

By Michael Dulin

This is how William and I spent the day in Washington D.C. yesterday. The public's reaction was consistent with what I experienced in Detroit with my friend, Glen - ZERO resistance to our message.

Our signs and T-shirts only state a fact, and because we aren't using the "C" word, our message doesn't challenge anyone's beliefs in religion or medicine. No one made any excuses. The quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped us in reminding people that equal justice and human rights are everyone's business.

At one point we had to duck into the National Gallery to get out of the rain. In the museum, we had to check our banners and signs, but because of our t-shirts, people approached us with words of support and encouragement. A security guard even put his job on the line to speak with us about our shirts and what they represent.

Education does not have to be painful.

Genital Mutilation isn't only done to females. William and I know because it was DONE to US.

Yesterday, William and I let other men know they are not alone.

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Join Dulin and others in Washington D.C. at Genital Integrity Awareness Week.


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