Happy Birthday Penn Jillette!

Today Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller, celebrates his 58th birthday. Fitting, then, to take a moment to thank him for speaking up from a clear, research-based position on the subject of circumcision, and breaking down the ins and outs of the practice of genital cutting in America. You can view the entire Bullsh*t documentary on circumcision from Penn & Teller below. After many interviews (with pro-cutting and pro-intact physicians alike) as well as ample research for the show, in the end Penn concludes:
Let’s end this NOW. The first rule of medicine is do no harm. Cutting off the tip of the penis is at the very least ‘a harm.’ Quite possibly f---ing bad - and bad for f---ing! So to all you penis butchers out there: Put down the knife! Step away from the baby! And DO NO HARM.

Penn dishes on the "matching penis" myth:


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