Top 10 Most Read of 2016

We're saying so-long to 2016, and looking ahead with positive aspirations for a fresh, new 2017!

In case you are new to Saving Our Sons, or missed one of these much-appreciated items along the way, the following articles are the 10 most read at this past year. It is our hope that you find something empowering or useful while you're here at SOS.

A resource list for parents new to the topic

And the #1 most read item at Saving Our Sons this year is a piece put together by our friend and fellow baby-saver, the late Jonathon Conte. His passing in May 2016 was heartbreaking for so many people whose lives he touched, yet his influence and impact lives on. Note that U.S. hospitals are not required to keep data on newborn genital cutting, and this makes current year-to-year rates difficult to obtain.


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