Most Read of 2015

We've had a power-packed year at Saving Our Sons throughout 2015! With over 100 expos and events, reaching thousands of people in 27 U.S. States, Canada, and Australia, the number of babies saved this year has been greater than any other, and the ripple effect is powerful. We are seeing a shift toward an intact nation once again! If you'd like to become involved in local leadership, and have a passion for research-based advocacy and gentle education, find your Chapter, and email to become involved. If you have a heart for supporting SOS and the work we do every day to advance genital autonomy for all, please join in our efforts:

Here at the SOS home page, these are the top 10 most read items of the year. Thank you for planting seeds, and saving babies and the adults they become. See you in 2016!

10. Neonatal Circumcision [A Video for Healthcare Professionals] -

9. Frail and Broken: Painful Memories of My Son's Circumcision -

8. If this Stained Circumstraint Could Talk -

7. Cameron Diaz on Circumcision -

6. Intact or Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis -

5. The Plastibell Lie -

4. Painful Sex: How 8 Months of Foreskin Restoration Makes it Better! -

3. Fine Touch Pressure Thresholds of the Human Penis -

2. Should I Circumcise? The pros and cons of infant circumcision -

1. U.S. Hospital Circumcision Rates by State -


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