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In order to make a fully informed decision, having easy access to valid, research-based information is key. Working hand in hand with clinicians who volunteer with Saving Our Sons, we deliver accurate prepuce ('foreskin'), intact care, and circumcision information to any expecting parent in need or clients of intact conscious practitioners. There are 6 options below for getting material to your expecting friend/family member. 

The full SOS info pack includes:  
  • 80 pages of articles and research. This material broaches a wide range of sub-categories within intact literature, and responds to all major myths regarding the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision today.
  • Complimentary videos full of helpful, research-based information on the prepuce, its care, and the circumcision decision parents in the U.S. and Canada are allowed to make today.
  • A proper intact care chart for use at a physician's office, daycare, nursery or with a babysitter. We are happy to send along additional intact care cards at your request. These are 2-sided, full color, glossy, and made with heavy card stock so they can be reused (or laminated and kept handy with your baby's diaper bag). 
  • A National Medical Organizations Statements on Circumcision chart that highlights positions on infant circumcision from a variety of respected groups around the world including those in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Finland, India and others. [Not Pictured Above]
  • A Keeping Future Sons Intact card especially for parents who may already have a son who was circumcised. This does not mean future sons cannot remain intact. Many families are raising both circumcised and intact sons, and we hope to support parents in this change of heart. 
  • A "Did You Know?" card full of quick facts about the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision in the U.S. and Canada. 
  • A "Babyface" postcard that contains quick facts on the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision, as well as a full list of websites by subject for doing additional research on the topics of circumcision, intact care, and restoration. 
  • An "Expecting a Boy?" postcard that contains quick go-to resources on the front; circumcision and intact care points on the back.
  • An "Intact vs. Circumcised Outcome Statistics" postcard that highlights the difference between an intact and circumcised newborn baby; shows a photo of what a circumcised infant looks like both from Plastibell and Gomco clamp, and lists statistics and risk factors both for keeping babies intact, and circumcising. [Not Pictured Above]
  • An "Intact vs. Circumcised Adult" postcard that specifies the way the glans must change from being an internal to external organ when circumcision is carried out. This card is also heavy with restoration information for men who may want to look further into this option. [Not Pictured Above]
  • A "Breastfeeding/Circumcision" info card that points out the many ways that circumcision can hamper a successful breastfeeding relationship. [Not Pictured Above] 
  • An "HIV/Circumcision" info card stressing some of the facts pertaining to the HIV trials in Africa and the myths that now flood news media about circumcision as an HIV prevention tool. [Not Pictured Above; This is not included for Catholic families unless requested]
  • A "What does this card have to do with your penis?" postcard with facts, stats and resources for adult men who may be coming into this information for the first time, and in the future may look into restoration options. [Not Pictured Above]
  • [Optional] A Jewish/Brit Shalom themed or Christian themed info card with pertinent faith-based resources for Jewish or Christian families. Email or include a note with your request if you would like a Jewish or Christian themed card included. These are meant for recipients who may be considering circumcision for faith based reasons. 
  • Calmoseptine samples: This diaper cream is the top recommended ointment for use on sensitive and developing skin. It does not interfere with a baby's natural pH or healthy (protective) microflora, and is perfect for use on intact boys when irritation or redness may occur. It is the #1 recommended cream by pediatricians volunteering their time with, and is the cream we use when leading intact care classes around the nation with The Intact Network. Calmoseptine can be purchased at all pharmacies in the U.S. and Canada, and most pharmacies world-wide for about $6/tube. 
  • Contact information and follow-up with families who may have additional questions, or want to talk with a 'foreskin-friendly' physician, educator, or other parents in their local area who have recently been through this decision. 
Each of the items in the SOS info pack has been specially selected by a board of individuals who have served in the professional fields of pediatrics, human sexuality, development, birth and education over the past 35 years. Our pack serves to empower parents in making a fully informed decision for their son before birth, and equipping parents with necessary resources for proper intact care after birth.

The SOS info pack is perfect to share with friends, family and parents (or parents-to-be), as well as birth and baby educators, midwives, doulas, and medical professionals serving expecting clients. If you would like to request an information pack for yourself or someone you know, use the tab below or contact us at We will gladly send a pack anonymously on behalf of those who wish to do so, although information is typically better shared gently and respectfully between trusted parties.

Information packs cost $12 for printing, materials, and supplies; $4 to ship (U.S.), $7 (Canada), $8 shipping to other international locations by weight. You may choose to donate any amount for your pack, but if it is less than $16, you will be placed on a waiting list until the rest of the funds are gathered to ship. If you donate more than $16, the remainder will go to help others.

Be certain that your name and mailing address are correct when requesting via PayPal, or email separately with mailing information.

If you are able to sponsor an info pack for another family on the waiting list, please visit this page to view current families waiting.
Via check by mail to:

 Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
*include email so we can send shipping notice

By credit card:


Info Pack Replacement Sets
(for those lending the info pack to clients)

Especially for Educators & Birth Practitioners
Info Pack Replacement Sets
These are the cards normally included in the info pack,
(minus the Christian and Jewish themed cards which are only included upon request).
View each closely on the info cards page.
*International postage more by weight

To U.S. Addresses:
4 Sets = $6
6 Sets = $9
10 Sets = $15
20 Sets = $28

Credit card by email:

Check by Mail:
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Expecting? Combo Pack

The Expecting? combo packet of informational items is significantly smaller than the full circumcision info pack (no DVDs or full articles), but is perfect for sending to any and all expecting friends/family. Materials are professionally made and serve to plant seeds of information on each of the following topics: circumcision, intact care, breastfeeding, babywearing and healthy baby sleep (i.e. no 'cry it out'). These items are mailed directly from Peaceful Parenting and include a thorough amount of material on circumcision and intact care, while at the same time covering other parenting topics that will impact a baby's life. 'Keeping future sons intact' themed info is included to ensure those who may already have circumcised boys find they have community and can be empowered to make a different decision the next time around. The Expecting? pack can be mailed anonymously - simply include an individual's name and address for shipping, or email with this information. Indicate if you would like additional Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon or Catholic items added to the pack.
$5 (materials/postage)

Via email for credit card to

By Mail: 
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Don't Retract Info Packs

For clinicians may be requested here: or by clicking the Don't Retract Pack tab at the top of this website.

Quick Request
($4 to cover materials/postage)
Include your physician's name/mailing address

Breastfeeding Mom's Pack

The Breastfeeding Mom's Info Pack was created to send to an expecting mother who plans to nurse her baby, in situations where you'd like to give her something to meet her needs, plant seeds of intact info, and encourage her in the gentle care of her baby on the way. 

These packs include:
  • 1 'peace love momma milk' bracelet (small or standard size)
  • 5 lanolin samples
  • $5 in Lansinoh coupons
  • 1 Calmoseptine sample
  • 1 'wean me gently' poem and natural weaning facts postcard
  • 2 'thank you for breastfeeding' cards
  • 1 Latch-On card
  • 1 'new parent?' card that specifically has links for those expecting boys
  • 1 feeding-on-cue (no 'cry it out') card
  • 1 breastfeeding/circumcision informational card
  • 1 breastfeeding mini journal, 'how big is a baby's stomach' chart, and helpful tips booklet
  • 1 Expecting a Boy? postcard with quick go-to links on the front and intact/circumcision care on the back
The bracelets are dearly loved by nursing moms everywhere and come in regular adult size, or small size for those with smaller wrists. The lanolin samples and coupons are heartily used and appreciated by new nursing moms. The poem is a favorite (read here) and the informational cards have been useful in leading mothers to more information for many years - saving countless babies along the way. You can view all cards in detail here. Materials/postage: $8

(for narrow/small wrists)

Wondering what breastfeeding has to do with circumcision? View this article with statements from LLLI:

Postcard by Mail

The Expecting a Boy? postcard (with care information on the reverse) and Babyface postcard (with quick facts and resources on the reverse) are sent in a blue envelope to your expecting friend/family member. Your friend will have our contact information for further questions/dialog, but this will be anonymous of who requested (unless you wish to be named, or include a note with the postcards). 

Be certain your friend's name/address is included in a note, or email with this information.
$1+ donation to help cover postage. 

By email: 

By Mail:
Saving Our Sons
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Email or Facebook

Information is almost always best received by professional materials in-hands. This sparks further curiosity in a way that leads people to investigate more deeply. The next best thing if you cannot get materials into someone's hands is to email or message them yourself with 1-2 quality links that lead to more information. The resource page at SOS is an effective starting point that has saved many babies: It is also the landing page if you only share the SOS website ( If you're unable or do not wish to email or message on Facebook yourself, email and we will respectfully message your friend, anonymous of who requested.

We send one copy of the Expecting a Boy? postcard via email (pictured above), as well as 1-3 quality links that will lead the reader to further information, and are specific to that individual's family/faith/location. Saving Our Sons messages are professional, courteous, and we will get information to your friend/family member and answer any corresponding questions. We will not pester, harass or otherwise bombard your friend. 

Please include the following information when requesting that items be emailed/messaged: 
  • Name
  • Email or Facebook URL
  • Faith-based information (is this person Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, etc.?)
  • Past child information (does this person already have a son who was circumcised?)
  • State or country that this individual lives in (so that we can connect them with a local leader/group for further dialog and connection if they wish) 


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