Most Read of 2019

Taking a look back on this first day of 2020 to the Most Read items at Saving Our Sons throughout the past year.


#10 Cameron Diaz on Circumcision -

#9 Fine Touch Pressure Thresholds of the Human Penis: Intact and Circumcised -

#8 Healthy Baby Boy's Life at Risk Post Circumcision Blood Loss -

#7 If This Stained Circumstraint Could Talk -

#6 Intact or Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis -

#5 Painful Sex: How 8 Months of Foreskin Restoration Makes it Better -

#4 Foreskin, and its 16+ Functions: Not Just Skin -

#3 Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons -

#2 U.S. Hospital Circumcision Rates by State -

#1 Neonatal Circumcision: a video for health care professionals -


Here's to a GREAT New Year of planting seeds, changing lives, empowering parents, and saving babies.

(advocates group, venting allowed)

(educational group, no venting/screenshots)

(compassionate education)

(mainstream general group)

(holistic/natural family living)

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