Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne of One Direction: "I am NOT circumcised."

In this B105 (AUS) interview, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, members of the hugely popular band out of London, One Direction, state matter of factly that they do indeed still have all that they were born with. Their influence on the next generation of young adults is great, and they stand in a position to both influence future mothers-to-be on the circumcision decision, and normalize the intact male in U.S. pop culture as well.

Still think being intact will hurt your son's social status?



  1. I would love to print this off and stick it into every one of the One Direction teen icon books/magazines I see all over the shelves these days. Most of those future mothers going gaga over these young men have no idea...

  2. But, but, using this as a reason *against* circumcision is exactly the same as using the "get cut because dad is" or "have him circumcised because his friends will be"... why does this issue always bring out the hypocrites? I 'm all for not cutting baby boys - it's their right to make their own decision - but geez, people: make up your minds and stick to it.

    Don't blame one party for using the a lame excuse and then appropriate it for yourself because just it suits your viewpoint. You can't have it both ways.

    1. Anon -

      I don't believe this is being used as a reason to keep boys intact - that's just kind of a self-given. But it is an example of being 'foreskin positive' in the media limelight (something we need more of just to break through the negative stereotypes that go along with the foreskin/intact male). When people - especially teens and tomorrow's generation of parents - see the normal male body as a POSITIVE thing, we will see less pressure to destroy it in infancy...

    2. We didn't keep our sons intact because 'everyone else is doing it' -- but it doesn't hurt to have more intact representation in pop culture. Nixes the 'it's gross' commentary by naive individuals.


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