The Cut

© Connie Yeager

My son was cut today
I did not question why
I did not understand
What was happening to my guy. 

My son was cut today
They took you from my arms
I trusted the doctor
That did you bodily harm. 

My son was cut today
I did not get to see
The tears or hear him crying
Out for his mommy. 

I am sorry, my son,
That I let you go
I hope some day you forgive me
For not being whole. 

Please, before you make
A decision based on lies
Get informed of the facts
If only had I... 

~Connie Yeager


Read from more parents whose sons were circumcised.

Circumcision and intact care information at Are You Fully Informed?

Join in the Saving Our Sons conversation.



  1. I feel your pain mama....every single day for the past 16 years...I feel your pain <3

  2. I'm so glad I knew of this site and the information that it offers before my boys were born. I'm also incredibly glad that my first child was my daughter, if she had been a boy, she probably would have been cut because I did not know any better. My sweet little identical boys are intact, despite insults and rude, crude comments from members of my own family. I don't care what anyone says, they will NOT be cut without a legitimate medical reason, which I know is rare.

  3. I understand the rude comments. Ppl have been very rude to me/my son. If only ppl who educate themselves, then less little boys would be scarred. Its such an awful practice and ppl are ridiculous.


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