Circumcision Gone Wrong: Lance's Story


Note: This article has been removed at the author's request. 
It was one of several that was taken and used by another group without the author's permission or original edits to the text and names.  Please be respectful of others' work and do not copy/paste items without explicit permission of the author/creator/photographer.  Our guest authors have the ability to make edits, additions or changes as they deem necessary, and when others take work without permission, this renders authors unable to make these alterations to their own work.  It is also disrespectful and unethical to do so, and prevents a large audience from benefiting from this work. Help us reach out to parents in need and save little ones along the way by respecting the work that is shared here.

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To learn more about the prepuce (foreskin), intact care and circumcision, see: Are You Fully Informed?

If you have a circumcised son, and are interested in keeping future sons intact, hear from others who have done the same, and join in conversations on pages linked here.

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