He Didn't Cry: Babies in Shock

Posted in honor of Griffin Starr, who entered this world perfect, suffered infection and breathing difficulties, and was taken from the NICU to be cut this weekend. May your suffering and loss not be in vain. May many more, in your honor, be spared what you endured at the hand of those who refused information for your sake. See below for photo credits.

This little one is not screaming. He is not sleeping. But he has gone into shock: a semi-comatose state that the human body slips into in order to physically survive extreme pain and trauma.

After the cutting of his genitals is complete, this little baby may sleep for many hours a day over the next several days or weeks (much more than is normal or healthy for a newborn, and similar to the deep depressive-state sleep that adults often slip into after trauma). He may experience severe 'colic' for weeks and months to come, as his body attempts to heal itself and deal with the very real pain and suffering of both a festering amputation wound, and post-traumatic stress. His cortisol levels (stress hormones) remain high. His metabolic brain functioning has changed. He may have trouble nursing or gaining weight, and he has a significantly greater risk of being deemed a 'failure to thrive' case. He will likely experience pain to a heightened degree in the future, even into adulthood. And his normal sexual functioning is forever impacted as a result of this alteration in form.

There are many side effects to the genital cutting of a human baby. Today, 68% of U.S. parents, 91% of Canadian parents, and the majority of the rest of the world keep their sons intact from birth. Please, be fully informed for the sake of your child.

Photo Credit:
This photo was originally printed in the December 1981 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. It was one of several images published in an eye-opening piece on the realities of infant circumcision. The horrors of this image are mild in comparison to the other photographs highlighting the brutality of genital cutting. Rosemary Romberg, author of Circumcision: Painful Dilemma, purchased the slides from the Saturday Evening Post in order to ensure they remained publicly available. She has the photos displayed on her website, Peaceful Beginnings, and granted DrMomma.org permission to post here.



  1. i see a tear in his eye

  2. This is so awful and heartbreaking, when will people stop hurting there children

  3. who would do surgery on an infant suffering from breathing difficulties in the first place....obviously no anesthetic,,,,,

  4. This breaks my heart... and it is very real! I did not circumcise my son, but he ended up needing a surgical revision of his posterior tongue tie and lip tie bc he couldn't eat and wouldn't gain weight. It was a laser treatment (the best way to do that) and they said he would be able to nurse afterward only if we didn't give him the numbing gel, bc it would have made his whole mouth numb. Well, he was so much like THIS after the surgery that he wouldn't nurse anyway. :'( I wish I could go back and give him the gel...and I am CERTAINLY grateful that we did not circ him! For a while after the surgery I kept saying "I am so glad it went well for him, I cried more than he did!"

  5. It is fine to harm a baby because he won't remember it, but it is a crime to drug and rape a female even though she will not remember it. I do not see the logic in that both should be a crime, you are harming a person and a man can get a circumcision later on if he wants to but I am sure he would not want to loose pleasure. If you think the parents have a right to that choice what about all the male babies circumcised do you think they wanted that, NO they did not and parents should NOT have the right to mutilate them for cosmetic reasons


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