Pediatrics in Brevard Cuts Babies for Just $250

Despite the fact that no medical or health organization in the world recommends infant circumcision, it is not advised by the AAP, AAFP, or any other pediatric society, and it is considered "cosmetic" surgical amputation and therefore not covered by insurance or Medicaid in many states, Pediatrics in Brevard (Florida) offers a special deal... For just $250 staff will cut off a part of your son's penis for you (and spare you the criminal charges you would face if you cut him yourself as Keemonta Peterson did last October). Ignoring the need to fully inform parents of the many functions of the foreskin, and the benefits of keeping children whole and intact as they come into this world, Pediatrics in Brevard banks on the lowest rate we've seen across the nation to strap, restrain, slice and dice newborn babies. And this is America?

Pediatrics in Brevard website:

This sign is hanging by the scheduling desk at the 1755 W. Hibiscus Blvd. clinic in Melbourne,
FL 32901. Phone: 321.724.5437

For additional information on the prepuce organ ("foreskin"), intact care, and circumcision see: Are You Fully Informed?


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