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A collection of informative graphics that you are welcome to use in your advocacy and education.

"There is not one single medical reason to circumcise a baby." -Dr. Christiane Northrup

WHY put our son through excruciating pain in his first days in our arms, for an unnecessary surgery that can result in severe side effects, including death, all to alter his penis in such a way that he will have less protection in childhood, and experience less pleasure as an adult?

Be his voice when he has none.

Circumcision of multiples, equals multiple mistakes. -Dr. Elizabeth Noble

We wouldn't cut their babies... why cut ours?

I support: equal rights, children's rights, human rights.

A brief history of circumcision in physician's own words:

"It is virtually impossible to witness infant genital cutting and not recognize this act as a form of sexual assault." -Danelle Frisbie
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Saint Patrick's Advocacy Tees from Made By Momma

Smegma: from the Latin and Greek words for SOAP: Skin cells, oils and natural lubrication - something that all women and all men normally produce that is healthy and clean.
Red Foreskin is not an emergency... What to do instead.

"It's best for the family..."
It is not the 'family penis.'

 Onesie and Baby Tee from Made By Momma

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