HIV in the Circumcised U.S. Up to 500% Higher than Intact Nations

By Jeff Graw, Intact Colorado

In August 2012 headlines across the country read:
Researchers [Johns Hopkins] say that if circumcision rates drop to the level seen in Europe there will be a 12% increase in HIV cases in men.
There must certainly be an AIDS epidemic in Europe then! Yet, compare the HIV statistics between the United States and Europe today. The U.S. circumcision rate was about 80% in the 1970s and 80s; Europe’s rate was less than 10%. So the U.S. should have a much lower HIV infection rate today as our sexually active population has been 'vaccinated' with a high circumcision rate. According to the CIA (they have statistics on everything), the estimated percentage of adults living with HIV/AIDS in 2009 was [1]:

You can see why Johns Hopkins went to Africa to get their statistics. Their very limited studies claim that circumcision reduces the HIV infection rate by 60%. Through most of Europe, where competent healthcare is widely available and hygiene emphasized, the HIV infection rate is 50% (France, Spain) to 500% (Germany, Finland, Greece, Norway, Poland, Sweden) lower than in the United States. So how did Johns Hopkins calculate that HIV rates in the U.S. would increase by 12% if we followed Europe’s lead? Perhaps they need to refine their data models some more.

Another interesting statistic is the comparative death rate per 100,000 people. This ultra-cool website has an interactive world map [2]. Again, with the exception of Portugal, the U.S. ranks much higher than European countries. In fact, the AIDS death rate is 34 times higher in the (circumcised) U.S. than in (intact) Finland... Where’s that headline?

The medical industry in the U.S. is clearly showing us where its priorities are. Circumcision is very profitable and so we press on in our continuation of this 'cure in search of a disease.'

Condoms, not cutting, prevent sexually transmitted infections.


1) Central Intelligence Agency: World Fact Book

2) World Health Rankings



  1. Portugal has a high HIV rate because it has largely legalised recreational drugs. Drug users sharing needles is a major nonsexual way for HIV to spread. Europe is not as emotionally committed to the War On Drugs, initiated by the Reagan administration 30 years ago, as the USA is.

    The correct way to compare the HIV rate in the USA, HIVUSA, with that in another country, HIVX, is:


  2. The War on Drugs has increased HIV rates see TIME MAGAZINE

    It has taken a small number of people with psychological problems (mostly from child sexual abuse and similar issues) and made them all into a new class of criminals - giving them free room and board in prisons at a far higher cost than the therapy they actually need (and a solid set of laws against child abuse with REAL penalties).

    The WOD has INCREASED the rate of new HIV infections

    not decreased it. In countries that embrace harm reduction (instead of prohibition - which Lincoln was strongly against) there have EDUCATION and CLEAN SUPERVISED SHOOTING GALLERIES and also FRWEE NEEDLE exchanges, and do not treat people who have drug issues (which are nearly all caused by emotional trauma like Child Sexual Abuse) as if THEY were the criminals


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