Hello Orgasm! How Foreskin Restoration Improved Our Sex Life

By Rebekah Hoff © 2013

Many women in the United States today have never seen an intact penis, and this is one factor that plays into the number of babies still being circumcised - it is the only thing people know. I want to share my story because it does not seem to be a point of view that comes up often.

My husband was circumcised 'high and tight' at birth and he is now restoring his foreskin. It's a frustratingly slow process. He has been restoring for about 2 years now, using the TLC Tugger and cross-taping mostly. He still looks circumcised—that is, if he is not using a tugging device or tape his glans is still not covered as it hopefully will be when he's done.

But the difference in his sexual function has been incredible. Where the skin used to be very tight, now it is all completely movable, and there is enough slack to pull over the glans even when he is erect! He has regained a lot of sensitivity because while he is tugging during the day, the glans is protected for many hours (losing the callusing and regaining this sensitivity). The texture of his penis is now softer, smoother, and looks healthier than before. When he has the protection of a full foreskin all the time it'll be even better.

Masturbation and intercourse also feel much better to him now because of the increased sensitivity and the difference that a gliding mechanism of slack skin makes. But one of the best parts is the difference it's already made for ME. It used to be that after sex I would always be sore. During sex I would feel discomfort and sometimes even pain, especially if it went on too long. I would get more and more dry the longer it lasted, and I would just want it to be over. I'm sure a lot of women know what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong - sex has always felt good to me, but it was also accompanied by post-sex discomfort, sometimes even into the next day. And I never, ever was able to have an orgasm from intercourse alone. I thought I just wasn't able to.

Now I have intense orgasms through intercourse alone easily, and every single time! I never feel pain of any kind. It's truly amazing! And this is only with a partially restored foreskin, still not anywhere close to being intact. My husband has, just in recent months, started to notice a big difference in his level of sensitivity and enjoyment, but I experienced a huge difference much sooner. After a couple months of restoration I could feel the difference. It's obvious that it's the foreskin that makes the difference for me—I've been with the same man for many years, and nothing has changed except that he now has more slack skin, but it's like being with an entirely different (more exciting!) partner. Giving oral sex is so much easier and more fun for me now as well - he responds more to every touch, and the gliding skin is so much fun to play with!

Ladies: that moving skin is there for a reason—to make sex easy and pleasurable for both partners. I just want to make sure that other women know how much better it is, not just for men, but for their female partners as well!

Circumcised men: know that any amount of foreskin restoration you do may honestly feel like a huge hassle, and progress may be slower than you want it to go. But my husband and I both agree that it has been well worth it. It will improve your sex life dramatically.

New parents-to-be: you are giving your son an unmeasurable gift when he remains intact and fully functional. It is something that will positively impact him for the rest of his life, well into adulthood, and when he is a man, he and his future partner will thank you for it!

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  1. I'm glad someone finally posted about this. Men (and women) need to realize why the foreskin is so important.

  2. roger desmoulins2/14/2013 2:02 PM

    When I was in college, I overheard quite a few of my women contemporaries say that sex was overrated or even outright bad. Back in the day, I blamed male selfishness, ignorance of foreplay, and the radical feminism of the era. When I met my wife, she told me that many women cannot climax unless they fondle their clitorises while being penetrated. But posts like the one above strongly suggest that American circumcision should bear a fair share of the blame for the sexual dissatisfaction of American women.

    Add to this the men who go at it too fast and too hard, because that's the only way they can ejaculate, and we have the makings of a major tragedy.

  3. I love that she mentions how much better oral sex is for her to perform on him. All these pro-cutters act like going down on an intact man is disgusting, or difficult. Myth debunked! It's actually more fun and less work for the woman, because he can actually feel all the sensations.

  4. Can he now experiment the little orgasms in series?

  5. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i4skinhealth/id408258486?ls=1&mt=8
    Also see academia.edu for a nursing case study with a couple who preserved their marriage through foreskin restoration.:
    Will send a pdf of the article if you can't get to it - send an email address to bmwhite41@gmail.com


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