Cosmopolitan Magazine Shows a Little Foreskin Love

Included in the Oct 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine is this brief blurb about 'pleasing' the intact and non-intact man. It is more accurate than a lot of other mags we've seen as of late. 

A couple notes:

1) It is *INTACT* (not 'uncircumcised' - just as we are not 'undead' - we all arrive into this world with intact genitals. That is the norm, the baseline). Here's hoping in future issues, Cosmo will take note and call it like it is.

2) The frenulum, unfortunately, is damaged in many cases of genital cutting. As a result, even this part of the genitals has been impaired on many circumcised men, at a time in life they were yet able to defend themselves.


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