Penile Probing for Circumcision

To perform male genital cutting (circumcision) on a baby boy or child, the prepuce (foreskin), which is tightly adhered to the glans (head) of the penis for protection, must be probed, separated, and sliced from the glans. This step is necessary for the amputation of the healthy, functioning organ removed in male circumcision. It occurs in a manner similar to the way we would need to probe, separate and slice fingernails from the fingers if they were 'routinely circumcised' from the body.

MEN SPEAK on forced male genital cutting:


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  1. These little knocks typically circle the leader of your penis. It would seem that a covering that circumvents your sexual organ. The shade of these knocks is white and it would appear that white heads.pearly penile papules treatment


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