If I say I've researched circumcision...

If I say, "I did my research and I am still circumcising!"
What I am really saying is:

I know that no medical organization recommends infant circumcision.
I know there are no medical or health benefits of infant circumcision.
I know all mammals on earth (male and female) are born with foreskin.
I know the foreskin has many important functions at all stages of life.
I know that the pain of infant circumcision often results in PTSD.
I know that trauma in the newborn period can alter my baby’s brain.
I know that intact nations have lower rates of infections and cancers.
I know that intact babies are easier to ‘clean’ than circumcised babies.
I know that removing the foreskin decreases pleasure in adulthood.
I know there are over 250,000 men restoring, who regret circumcision.
I know that most men in the world are happily intact for a lifetime.
I know my baby could suffer complications as a result of circumcision.
I know my baby could be one of those who die this year from circumcision.
I know that all risks can be avoided by keeping my son INTACT.

...and I am still circumcising him!

Reconsider your baby's fate, for his sake.


Pros and cons of circumcision: a reference page to research.

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