Tote Bags!

The following canvas totes are made of 100% natural 8-ounce cotton. They are 14 x 14 x 3 inches in size, and each tote holds three 1/2-gallon cartons + extra items. They are durable, lasting (we have used ours since 2006 for groceries, packages, gym bags, kids' toys and more) and wash easily with other laundry. Totes that are no longer being produced have the quantity that remains listed under the image. 

NEW: You can purchase any tote in a larger, deluxe size for $3 more. Deluxe totes are 19' x 15' x 6' in size. 

Need a new phrase on a tote? Send us your idea and we'll have graphics made for you. 

UPDATE: Available totes are being relocated to Etsy as we move to a new means of production. They will be up and available by December 30th. We apologize for this delay.

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