Post Circumcision Tools and Discarded Newborn Foreskin

The above photograph depicts circumcision tools post-surgery by Gomco clamp. This image was captured by a labor and delivery nurse working in an OB unit who writes:

"I had a bad day at work - lots of stupid circumcision related bullshit, so in a fit of rage I thought you might be able to use a verifiably real photo I took recently after circumcision. The baby screamed the whole time, in spite of a dorsal penile block. His foreskin is on the sterile field to the right in this photograph. The red on the tools and gauze is blood. I was sitting in the room next to the nursery charting. [The father], after reading his bible today, wanted to wait until the baby was 8 days old. The bible apparently never told him to marry the baby's mother though... I know I will be savaged for not throwing myself over the baby. People don't understand how unproductive that would be as a nurse. Everyone would think I was just some psycho.

I don't participate in circumcision surgery. I just work in the OB department. I know they're going on, but I don't take part. And every once in a while I influence a parent to not do it. Many [colleagues] have said they wouldn't circumcise their own boys if they had it to do all over again. Hopefully my next workday will be better.

The good news is that more and more parents are choosing to [keep their sons intact] than ever before. They really are! Use the picture to gently educate."

Learn more about how circumcision is performed in North American hospitals and clinics today: 



  1. There are a whole lot of tools used for "just a snip," huh? So barbaric!

  2. And people claim it's NOT barbaric.....I beg to differ!

  3. The cutters devote a lot of effort to remove the best part of a young male's penis with no thought as to what he would have wanted. Unless the judiciary protect boys against the deluded, the greedy, and the gullible, the nasty procedure will continue in North America. The nurses might be able to help by hiding the evil implements just before they were called for. A kind of guerrilla action.

  4. That makes me sick. :( I'm so thankful I left my boys intact.

  5. I am going to use this photo as a meme, whenever someone talks about a "snip"
    (as well as my usual text:
    * With a Gomco, Winkelman or Mogen Clamp, or a traditional barzel, it's sliced - and a Mogen may slice more than just the foreskin, which has led to successful claims worth millions and the Mogen company going out of business.
    * With a Plastibell or PrePex it's crushed and allowed to die.
    * With an Accu-circ it's chopped.
    - but never "snipped".)

  6. My boys was circumsized and never did they use all the tools in this pic.....

    1. The tools pictured are after a Gomco circumcision surgery. The other form is a Plastibell circumcision surgery:

      There is also the Mogen, but most hospitals no longer use this as too many complete glans (head) amputations of the penis have occurred with the Mogen.

      All circumcision surgeries involve probing, cutting, and amputation of part or all of the prepuce organ (foreskin).


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