HBO "Girls" Star, Jemima Kirke, Says NO to Circumcision

By Danelle Frisbie

HBO Girls star, Jemima Kirke, is expected to welcome her second child into the world this November - and be it a girl or boy, her baby will remain intact.

In an interview appearing in New York Magazine's November 5th issue, Kirke chats candidly with friend and former roommate, Jane Moseley. The baby topic inevitably comes up - Kirke and her husband, Michael Mosberg, decided to wait to find out the sex of their baby until the big day.

During the interview, a copy of Brooklyn Family is open on the kitchen table to an article that has a heavily myth-based, pro-cutting slant titled, "Circumcision: Small Cut, Big Decision." Kirke says the magazine is not hers and Moseley poses the question: If baby is a boy, will Kirke circumcise?

Kirke has obviously thought about this subject before and like most of her London-born peers quickly says, "No!" She continues, "I don’t like the idea of mutilating a baby. And that’s what it is. Let’s just call a spade a spade."

Moseley doesn't appear to be entirely convinced, "There’s far worse that could happen..."

"Not that I could choose to do," concludes Kirke. And how right she is.

So come November, whether big sister, Rafaella, welcomes a sister or brother to the family, one thing is certain: this baby is in protected hands.

For further resources on intact care and circumcision see: Are You Fully Informed? 
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  1. concerned cynic10/30/2012 3:14 PM

    Contrast Ms Kirke and Snooki!

    RIC strikes British parents of her generation as very weird and as sexually off-putting. It's not an option in British hospitals. There are outpatient clinics that will do it, catering to Muslim parents, but NHS will not cover the cost.

    RIC is cosmetic sexual surgery, based on a cluster of myths about hygiene, sex and STDs. The AAP's recent Task Force report was an attempt to give those myths medical support.


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