AB 768 Hearing: California Lawmakers Push Forced Genital Cutting on Babies

Image courtesy of the Barefoot Intactivist
Still photos from physician's circumcision training video here.

Hearing Footage Part One: 

Hearing Footage Part Two: 

Related Reading: 

Legislative Analysis of the Bill *Note this analysis is full of myths, half-truth, and corrupt propositions and declarations that are not research based in the least. It shows just how pro-cutting the legislative board is.

AB 768 Press Conference

AB 768 Committee Hearing

California Politicians Make False Claims - Write the Governor

Foreskin-Restoration Thread

AB 768 Approved

Bill Passes to Protect Genital Cutting


Legalize Foreskin California

California: CHANGE Chapter

San Francisco MGM Bill

Bay Area Intactivists 

NOCIRC (chapters throughout California)

Assemblyman Mike Gatto's Facebook Page - page admins continue to remove pro-intact comments and research based discussion, so save a copy of what you write before posting.

Volunteer in your state with the MGM Bill.

Start a Peaceful Parenting Network chapter in your community and host meet-ups, workshops, and film nights on intact information.

Help administer your state's Whole Network chapter.


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