Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Carving Pattern

To learn more about the genital autonomy symbol, please visit:

To read of how the genital autonomy pumpkin carving pattern came to be and see some photos of pumpkins peaceful parenting readers have sent in, see Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Carving.

You may need to click to open our image in a new window, save, and print as large as you need for your individual pumpkin size.

UPDATE: These sketches and pumpkins were carved in 2009. At the time there was no other existing symbol to represent our core beliefs of genital autonomy and advocacy in this area. Pumpkins were carved for fun, as a family, and shared with the community. As of 2013, the NOCIRC Child Symbol is a trademarked symbol. Per their request, please refrain from using the symbol in the future, for any reason, including family pumpkin carving at home, as it is reserved for their exclusive use. 

A copyright free symbol, created by Megan Oregon in 2011, and signed into the public domain for use by any and all advocates of genital autonomy is available to use for future pumpkin carving family fun. 

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