FGM / MGM: A Visual Comparison

By Joseph Lewis
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I've taken the pictures from the recent NY news report, and the blog commentary on the Turkish Circumcision Palace, to create a second visual comparison.

Now, what kind of ignorance, denial and double-think does it take to insist that the following pictures are NOT the same thing?

Just what is it that makes them "different?"

Indeed, the sexes of these individuals may be "different."

But isn't the principle of taking a helpless individual and forcefully cutting his/her genitals the EXACT SAME PRINCIPLE?

And, do the ages of the individuals really matter?

Is the equality situation immediately self-evident?

Or do people continue to delude themselves with double-think?

Question circumcision.

The principle of forcefully cutting up a person's genitals is the same, no matter what age, no matter what sex.

For more information on the prepuce organ ('foreskin' or 'hood') and circumcision, see scholarly resources (books, sites, articles) at Are You Fully Informed?

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