Have a carved or decorated pumpkin this fall that you're using to spread the message of genital autonomy? We'd love to add your #i2 pumpkin to the patch! Send a picture to or upload to Saving Our Sons on Facebook. All submissions will receive a set of Holiday Info Cards or stickers (pick your favorites here) for seed-planting throughout the coming seasons. Email your mailing address when submitting your pumpkin photo if you'd like to receive these items.

Sampling of photos from past years' Intact Pumpkin Patches

Photo from Christina at Intact Iowa

Photo from Danielle at Intact Indiana

Last Halloween 2015, Jonathon Conte, of the Bay Area Intactivists, submitted a photo of the goodie bags he put together to hand out. He wrote, "Not a pumpkin, but it's Halloween advocacy," and added, "Although I don't think anything contained in our Halloween treat bags is inappropriate for children, I just wanted to make it clear that children are not the primary audience for these. The vast majority of people participating in [our local event] are adults." If you are handing out goodies this Halloween, and have an adult audience coming by your house, party, or other event, consider including cards or stickers with your stash. You'll plant seeds of information with a whole new audience.

Halloween and other themed info cards available at:

By Anthony at Intact Massachusetts

By Brian at Intact Connecticut

By Brittany at Intact Utah


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